Caravan Awnings Anti-Flap Kit Installation Video

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Caravan awnings are fantastic way to extend your caravan area, provide shade from the sun and protect you from the rain. But when the wind whips up you are looking for ways to stop your awning from flapping around. Have you considered an Anti-Flap Kit?
Hi guys we love our awning to catch the . rain office keeps the sun office but it . can be a little bit stressful when the . weather turns bad. we like to - this anti flat kick bar and . a few curved rafters to reduce flapping . and also strengthen the ottoman . structure so this system is super easy . to install the anti flat bar and the . curved rafter both have this little clip . on one end and this pin on the other end . the clip goes in the little stainless . steel bracket and the pin goes in a hole . that we drilled in the morning about so . to install the bracket or the anti flat . rafter simply measure 20 mil in from the. edge of the canvas and 20 mil . down from the canvas and that is the . center of the bracket at the position of . the hole in the awning barrel where the . peterkin goes in is same as the top 20 . mil down from the campus 20 mil in it . from the edge of the canvas that's where . you drill a hole so when you've done . those couple of simple steps then it's . time to fit the kick the anti flat . rafters come in two parts for easy . storage so you simply slide them. together walk it up slide the pin into . the hole tighten it up and the canvas . has naturally fallen into the groove . then all you do is tighten these cam . lock levers that plants the canvas down . tight and reduces all that flapping to . fit the curb roof rafter simply place . the clip in the bracket slide the pin . into the awning barrel and tighten the . knob this kit also comes with the added . bonus to be able to slide your annex . walls and your privacy screens into it . which means no gap for the sun to stream . through so as you can see this anti flat . kit and curved rafters that we got from . chemic mate . and massive difference to the ordnung it . takes out all the excess slack ensures . that there's no pulling on the canvas . when it's raining and we can just . explore worryfree happy travels . .

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