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Today we are going to look at paying just $86 a year to the Quechan Indian Tribe just outside of Yuma, Arizona to camp on their land for an entire year. With their Casino very nearby you can take your trash there and use their restrooms. Yuma is just 10 miles away and is a large town with all the supplies you could need. Just a mile or two south is the Mexican town of Algodones which is one of the safest places in all of North America. There you can get very cheap meals, dental, prescription medications and eyeglasses. A Passport is required to cross the border.
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Caption: Hey everyone today i want to talk to you . about camping one of the things that i . love about my life is that i get to camp . for free year around almost always on . public land such as national forests or . blm that's where i like to camp but . there are other places to camp for free . some people go to the slab city which is . a public land some people will go to . corps of engineer campgrounds or . national wildlife refuges there are more. options i spend on nearly all my time in . the arizona desert on blm land or or on . national forest land in the summer so . those are the ones i like and do the . most often now what i do is called . dispersed camping now not just me but a . lot of us do this dispersed camping and . what that means is you stay for free . without paying anything now you're all . familiar with campgrounds you default. into a state park or national park or . national forest or even maybe some of . you to blm land and national and then . campground you're going to campground. there's a host there's an iron to you a . lot of you get reservations anymore any . rate you pay for the privilege of . camping there and there's a host who. cleans up after you and tells you all . the rules well that's not what i do . i never almost never do that i've spent . less than $20 $30 in the last ten years . on camping i just don't enjoy that kind . of camping i want to be alone i want to . be free i don't want to have a host . breathing down my deck i don't want to . have neighbors packed in tight like . sardines around me so i just don't do . that what i do is dispersed camping it's . a legal technical. option that the federal government . offers on nearly all public land there's . a few exceptions but not meeting and you . can just go and set up your camp and . anywhere you go so you go down unless . there's a sign that says no dispersed . camping and i do see those signs . occasionally especially the closer you . are to a big city or a major. metropolitan area . so unless there's a sign i just assumed . all public land is open to dispersed . camping there will be signs sometimes. but not on so you drive down the road . you'll find a nice campsite . that's your camp it's just that simple . you pull over you set up camp every so . often i'll see signs that say camp only . in designated areas that means that you . can disperse camp but they have chosen . where you can camp and you have to camp . there i generally avoid those areas but . i have been in them occasionally . so i camp for free almost always in in . dispersed camping on public land let me . add that very few national parks have . public land that's rare a few do not . many. that's rare you're going to be no sleep . most lee national forest or blm land . those are both very common but there are . places where you could pay next to . nothing or very cheap to camp and i'm in . one of those right now . i'm on indian land now that's kind of . odd but all over the west there's tons . and tons and i'm sure in the east too . but on the west coast there's just tons . of indian land reservations money land. that was set aside and given to the . indians and they can camp on it it's . theirs they own it then in a way they. become their own sovereign nation in . that land and so they do what they want . with it it's theirs to manage i am on . cue tchen indian tribe land i am just 10 . miles from yuma arizona in california . i'm actually in california i'm across . the colorado river and just south of me . a few miles is not even a few miles i'm . going to show you in a video i'll turn . around i'll show you where all these . things are just south of me as algodones . and you've seen me and talk read about . me and see me and videos talked about. algodones i go to algorithms every year . i just went in and got a year's supply . of my high blood pressure medications . and so that's what i'm doing here and i . can't to come down here and i can't for . a few days on i'm right now on huge and . land and while we were here we went out . and visited some people and we found . people here that are paying eighty six . dollars a year to the indian tribe and . that allows them to camp here for free . for the four eighty six dollars for free . for the rest of the entire year now most . of them don't stay year round it's just . too hot i mean this place wow . yuba is hot i mean 120 is not . exceptional yuma is the warmest place in . arizona i think by far one of the . warmest in the entire country death. valley's hotter but not by a whole lot . yuma's really hot. yuma also has an extreme amount of . sunshine yuma has more sunshine than any . other place in the country more days of . sunshine . i believe it's over 300 days a year you . will get sun in yuma everyone thinks . florida is the sunshine state it is not . it rakes like 15th in the net ends of . all the states and how much sunshine . they get all the rest above it are in . the desert southwest yuma's the most . sunshine arizona new mexico southern . california they have the most sunshine . per year but sunshine of all cities in. the united states yuma has the most so . that's one reason to come here is you . get a lot of sunshine i mean if you're . using solar you got an abundant solar. that's not going to be a problem you can . also go south just walk across the . border and eat in yuma in algodones in . mexico every day you could eat it's just . not even 1/2 mile drive you can walk . there i could walk there in probably . half an hour from here across the border . eat drink come back so i get all the low . cost of mexico and all the safety of . america it's really quite an opportunity . for $86 most of the folks here do leave . in the summer it's just too hot but it's . really a great thing and i imagine the . local indian tribe the kitchen i do keep . track and do want you to pay although i . would think they'd be slow my experience . has been with the indians they're a . little slowed by things but eventually . they'd catch you not just 86 dollars a . year why not just pay it go in and say . hey i want to stay and it's really . really an amazing opportunity so let me . look around i'm going to zoom out and . and spin around and you can see where i . am and get a better idea for this land . so let me spin around and i'll zoom in . and out and i'll try to hold the camera . steady as i can and we'll just . well i can do great opportunity here to . live really cheap really really cheap if . that's what you want to do let's take a . look so let me give you the tour of the . area right now we're looking at the q . casino which is right on the corner of . the of the freeway when you get off the . freeway so that's the q casino and then . i'll just go over here so that's our . camp and here nearby are other people . camping these are just campers i don't. think most of them will be here . year-round so this road is a california . 86 it goes up to the freeway and then . south to algodones and i'm going to pan . around and you can see all the traffic . on it on there to and from algodones and . now i'm pointing a pretty much due west. yuma is right over there not even ten . miles away. so from an yuma is a large city very . large city you can get pretty much . anything you want in yuma best by like . three walmart's it's a big city . everything you want is going to be there . and so that makes this a really good . place to camp it makes it cheaper . because you can buy everything you want . for a good price and that's the . all-american canal there's actually a. fishing in that this stocked and a lot . of birding and wildlife here because . it's a canal and you can see all the . reeds i'll fact i'll spin around here . and show you some birds and you can . actually fish in there i believe because . this is q chin land that one of the guys . that lived here told me that because . this is q chan land they can issue their . own fishing licenses so by staying here . for eighty six dollars a year you can . also fish in the canal pretty sweet as . you can see if you're a birder there's . there's good birding here any time . you're in the well along the water in . the winter in the southwest . you're going to have birdie so if you're . a burger this would be a very good place . for you continuing our . or we're continuing along the . all-american canal it's not the colorado . river. it's just nearby now here we are . actually looking at mexico what we're . seeing here is the nation of mexico . that's the cue very distance just below . the horizon is the cube parking lot you . park there and go into mexico and just . over here is the border crossing so it's. from here to there it's not more than . two miles it's an easy walking distance . that tower is in mexico so it's just . down there i mean really really close . okay and i told you that there were . people here that lived year-round now . i'm going to zoom in again and pan . around and show you them so here's one . of them this guy's paying the $86 year . as much as he wants he could be here . twelve months out of the year if he can . endure the heat and he's probably in a . pickup with a shell i don't think he . could endure the heat i think i would be . leaving but maybe he does and now we're . coming into . or is everybody out i think we're about . there it's the road yeah yeah they're . there okay i'm so i'm going to zoom in . and you're going to see the white dots . that's all they are here at this . distance so dead center in the frame is . one of them just to the right of him is . another guy camping that's probably a . big rig fifthly oh there's several to . three little ones in there oh there was. one of them in this temple . so there's dead center one two three . there's dead center but i think there's . and there's more than you can see a lot . of these you only see the top of the . biggest rigs over the brush a little . cluster there and there are many more . you know the vans you can't see at all . they're all too low to be able to see . and so i think there's we walked over . there there's a good twenty or thirty . people living over there not not . year-round because it gets too hot . although i guess a few do they run their . generators and endure that and then over . here you can't see them there are more. in the brush i've walked it so i know . and one little more there's another guy . and that's about all you can see there's . just a lot of people there and then . we're back we've done a complete circle . to the q big q casino now they if they . could these folks could always go over . there and dump their trash at the q . casino they could use their restrooms so . it's not like you don't get anything for . for your money you just get the right to . be here all year and not be harassed and . be within very good distance of some . very good shopping very very good . shopping yeah easy walk into mexico or . drive into yuma. you can see the freeway behind us we're. just that close to the freeway we got . good internet here although i think down . in the valleys which a lot of these . people are it gets really poor because . below line-of-sight where we are we get . pretty decent interweb you can tell it's . noisy you hear road noise and road noise . is an issue because of the colorado . river in the all-american canal it . distributes the water so their fields . everywhere they grow crops year round . it's december no its january 2nd right . now and this is a common sight all . around yuma. it's a bus actually there's a couple of . know you can't see mine the tree that . came in from mexico . full of migrant workers not migrants . they people who live in mexico they . cross the border every day they go . through the border checkpoint they show . their passports the path the passport . guards doing ahead check people go . through people come back and they have . work visas they come here and work we . desperately need mexicans to work for us. americans aren't out there doing the . back-breaking labor of harvesting crops . there you have it we're at the kitchen . indian land $86 a year you can't for . very close to yuma to mexico to really . cheap dental really cheap prescription . drugs so we'll talk again and i'll do . this as a series i'll go around we'll go . to new mexico and talk about the new . mexico park pass . i'll start showing you more of my . dispersed camping. i'll give me i'll try to make it so you . know how to find places let me recommend . you go to my blog i've talked about this . at great great length i talk about . details of maps and how to find places . and google the mv um and on and on and . on things you've never heard of before . at in the description i will have links . if you go and search those leaks out . you'll get most of the information you . need from my blog so there you have it . thanks for watching i hope you enjoyed . it you learn something you're inspired i . can do this i can pay eighty six dollars . a year for a pleasant place to live . imagine that you can do it all you got . to do is get in the vehicle and come . down here and you can do it so until . next time subscribe to our channel like . us on youtube share this on public media. on all your social media so that others . can learn about . - you can do this i promise you so we'll . talk to you later. and until then a happy trail. 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