Croatia Full Of Life – new promotional video 2018

Visit the city where Marin Čilić found his love!
Visit and discover Mario Mandžukić’s Slavonia and its tremendous food and wine
Visit the National Parks approved by Ivan Rakitic
See a concert in Pula’s Arena – approved by the 2Cellos
Visit the birth town of Luka Modrić
Hit the basket on Dražen Petrović’s court like Dario Šarić
See one of the most beautiful Croatian buildings in the birth town of Dario Šarić
Visit one of the sunniest coast lines in Euope and find out who is the biggest Croatian musician in Croatia and it’s not Maksim Mrvica 😊
Enjoy coffee on any of Croatia’s squares like Zrinka Cvitešić
See the Grič cannon fire off in the city of Mateo Kovačić
You will never walk alone on any of Croatia's hiking trails maybe you will meet Dejan Lovren
When you want to lift your spirits sky high, come to Croatia!
You have to see this video. when you come to croatia we have to . visit the city where i have found my . love do roenick . and you have to visit my slow warning . [music]. you have to visit our national parks . you have to taste our food . and see a concert this place . we have to learn the game in the local . playground like we did . i hit the basket on his court in our . city shivan . [music]. and visit one of the sunniest coastlines . in europe . [music]. you have to enjoy coffee on any of our . squares and see the most beautiful . creation building . you have to listen to the biggest . croatian musician. see organized . and see the goods cannot fire off in my . city. you will never walk alone on these. hiking trails. you have to party all night . all day. klein like that . swim here. cycle that . sale everywhere . when you want to lift your spirits by . high you have to come to croatia . croatia full of life . [music]. .
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