Dole Whips, Tiki Room and a Disneyland Legend – | 01/13/18 pt 2

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A much needed trip to the Tiki Room is our future. For one, we need some of that Dole Whip deliciousness. We'll also be talking about some Tiki Room updates coming, but that's tomorrow. Oh, and don't forget Maynard! We'll get some Maynard in the pre-show AND as our Tiki Room host. A Disneyland legend.
Dole Whips, Tiki Room and a Disneyland Legend - | 01/13/18 pt 2
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Caption: [music]. you don't see her around much . where did she just walks around right . she just walks around i think i've never . seen her at like fantasy faire why . oh my gotta talk you must us twirling . villainous feed . what are we doing here that's right same . things before i just want to get an. update on small world but there's just . the same walls as before ose register . says that they are working on the cube . but i don't think they know anything oh . steve register where i said there's this. tree right here but i feel like there . was definitely some tree action right in . this little area right here because we . never could see the astral or the old . astro orbiter thing up there before . right we never could have seen that . because those are . in trees there have been . that just looks more unimpeded than it. used to be the views don't take away my . trees this land . please articulate why dreams . [music]. sarris decided she does not want to look . in shirts that make her think . i know it's completely out of context . but then if i don't laugh at the end of . the beam i'm upset . we saw shirt vijaya it was a big . training it was a picture of a chicken . on his shirt and then the text of their . shirt said my pet makes breakfast did . you see the one you saw the one word but . no yeah i prefer my puns intended good . man i find it oh look it's the . three until we want to try this now . down with the evil queen i wrote it this . this whole town square thing it's making . me sad let's go this way to frontier . land this is really making me sad hey . we're in frontierland thank you very . much actually when i said somebody i. really meant specify so what are we . doing in frontierland i know i brought . us here but i don't know why guys i wish . you to know that this show is going to . be pretty much off the rails all day . today we have very little in the way of . playing none of us are . like we're just kind of trying to go . through the park the park is happening . to us today that is for sure there's . nothing particularly civic to this week . there's a few things we're gonna be . going to tiki room later but there's . just a lot of walls did not specify we . already did. pirates last week . i guess we're just gonna hang out at big . thunder then until our fast pass will . get here. seven minutes then all right i think we . could do that we got fast passes for big . thunder mountain railroad hurry . i heard him it's pretty go yes we're. gonna do that but but seven minutes we. can't get wild for seven minutes . this is where sarah found out she was . mayor of frontier lane at one time . so remember that one time when we had a . town meeting with willem up here . and you were you were both mayor mayor . meyer i have been elected mayor yeah you . ever that with the big bullhorn thing . you. yelling everybody thought i have been . elected mayor and everyone away our . seven minutes are up fresh-baked. seven minutes have expired is that what . you get in the closet but like i spin . the bottle kind of thing ya know i've . never done that because i had no friends . oh it was more like seven minutes of . awkward awkward silence and in the . comfortable space . oh dear . quite a backup in the best pass . you guys hear that. bob ride coming up . we should be able to be golden nuggets . [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. are you flying. [music]. [applause]. [music]. unlike . [music]. they've got 'told which the paper . umbrellas in them hey i want to do it . come on take me to where they got the . lips please it's really warm out and i . need something refreshing and that's . what a dull whip is i think we're gonna . go to the tiki room and talk a little . tiki room and then get it all with you . do you like the lips okay good that's . what i like to get to . they were here in the bench on it just . like that oh it's magical look at that . line it's always line guys eight degrees . today just saying it's january enjoy . that there's a huge queue for the dole . whip but look who's gonna do you think. you'll be our host do you think manor be . our host think about us and how you . crave for entertainment oh would you do . it as entertainment it's like water and . mikazuki . and they're famous cars like part of . your answer in your life okay you can . live with their entertainment yo the . legal stuff you know phil again wales . reflectively drink you jump it destroys . and laser beam action you know it . bounced off those weather balloon things . is starts fires up like a crazy stuff . are you doing that for me or my . like they have my head like a peanut and . destructive for some as washing the stab . wounds. yes simmering in gurgling and yeah like . a bowl of chili . [music]. nyong'o agriculture my land so good to . me i got time for sport . i fly kite me number 1 kite flier i . don't have teeth than me . i find electricity. [music]. unexpectedly awesome i think because it . doesn't look like it should be and with . maynard wherever he is he's out here . somewhere he's gonna be our host vader's . gonna be our host so we gotta make sure . when we go in i want to get these seats . right here . facing this dark in there i want to make . sure i can see her so he can tell us all . this jokes that's a place we put your . garbage ladies hold on burglars . does need to janet teague rule brought . to you by our friends at doe now to do . allow munchie munchie and we do love . drinky-drinky . however as far as little plastic cup. before nice spoon little napkin put . these things at the end of the show . please take with you through all the. good candid to get to doorway the rasa . way outside your fire tiki trash can you . would sort these items into it he will . send them on a journey to the land . [music]. and i doctors every single one of them . have their own beat if you push against . a door something magic . [applause]. german people i have here you rascal you . let's put on the show . [music]. [music]. we've got lots more videos for you to . see so grab a churro and check out some . of our other videos and have your mind . blown by how much fun we're having we . truly are the best of disney baked fresh . daily don't forget to subscribe to our . channel and we'll see you next time . fresh baked . .

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