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Dear ladies and gentlemen thank you for entering the description section of dream job reality check. It is here that you will learn a little bit more about the video that is probably playing above.
Some things that I would like to highlight is that if you love what you are doing that nothing is ever really like being at work. This doesn’t mean that life isn’t difficult maintaining a weekly upload schedule and sailing around the world. There have been arguments, squalls, pirate attacks, shark encounters, coconut attacks, post argument make up bliss and hours of sleeplessness. This is sometimes before breakfast.
I guess for me there were a few things that stick in my mind that might be the catalysts for this video. Early on when we had come across people in the Pacific, specifically Travis and Mark and Jose and Gina and they had mentioned getting into sailing because of some of our videos and how they maybe made it seem easier than it actually was. Also listening to my friends and family back home who were under the impression that we were just sailing around on holiday which just is not the case at all.
Sailing from A to B in your home in a foreign country with your “car” (tender) surrounded by salt water of varying levels of violence needs a certain level of attention most boats have a Captain and several crew. Filming this and making videos is another thing entirely and usually people on land have reliable internet and can order broken microphones online. We work crazy, ridiculous hours, there are only two of us but we love it. We hope you love the content we make. Thank you so much for following. Riley and Elayna 💛
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Caption: But you're not what's up everyone we . really wanted to make this video for you . guys today just to give you a bit of an . insight as to how we operate for anyone . who might be thinking of starting a . youtube channel and sailing around the . world or they're just curious what . having the time of our lives but there . is a lot to consider so we've tried to . try to nail down all about for you . behind the scenes on the scenes look . that good boy why are you up . eyes their mouths tear that's not good . continuities why she's a good way that . alright i think it's a good way though . i've explained it to friends and family . in the past is i've never met people . sailing around the world that didn't . think that that was a full-time job and . i've never met a couple making youtube . videos that didn't think that that was a . full-time job this deal that's really . bad. it really sets you saying see how you're . feeling that's what you're dealing with . when you throw it all in together there . is a stack that you it's an absolute . mess so what you tried to do is to . construct an average work week for you . listing all of their jobs but honestly . one week can be us sailing in the middle . of the ocean with dolphins and then the . next we can be you know dodging the. meltemi wind taking shelter . we're cooped up inside and knowing each . other look like both ace ventura and . princess leia and next minute someone . comes in two anchors on top of anchor . and we're driving out to sea hitting . sophia nearly a saviors have to be . rescued and then we spend the next few . days like recovering mentally and. physically so yeah . this is what we've come up with so . youtube is a rough average week yeah way . thing very average monday what monday i . don't get it. it's just that classy walk with you to . thing yeah they do it monday we're gonna . point diet point i'm spending a whole . day editing so this includes me having . done a bunch of file dumping from the . previous week a bunch of footage . organized into files and i started to . piece together the story on monday what . are you doing with it. maintenance this is where i come to hang . out - malaina . every now and then i'll just sort of go . make sure she knows that i'm working . hard down here now . maintenance is a big thing on board so . it doesn't matter if you got a new boat . well obviously all the ones require more . but you still you need to stay on top of . everything because you know definitely . that if you're not looking after it . later on it'll be worse so that's a . large part of what i do whether with . one-man show and a reasonably big boat . there is still quite a bit to look after . so that's one of my major job choose . deep it's my second day of editing . cheers deep tuesday second day of . editing this is where i'm adding in . voiceovers and music and trying to pull . it together odd jobs anyone that's got a . sailboat and has sailed away from home . knows about the odd jobs i'm generally . walking around with google translate . trying to find some obscure piece of. equipment or non-existent hardware store . yeah wednesday so i will process the . episode now i'm going to go into town to . upload it this hasn't been easy over the . years we've done some ridiculous things. to get a video uploaded so we're usually . using a cafe or restaurant wi-fi or . sometimes we have sim cards local sim. cards within the last bribed a . schoolteacher on a chewer motion island . yep what else have we done heater laptop . under a jetty there's a lot of hiding . hiding laptops in places or you know . just making sure the waitress is a . really nice lady and we'll watch the. laptop all day so as well as are . playable so we're going to make sure . that it's gonna pop up on a monday and . have all the details ready the title . thumbnails etc okay so it's thursday and . that's all well and good but we haven't . actually sold anywhere yet along with . the masons and all the other stuff i've . had to do earlier in the week i've got a . check. whether research our next destination. plan a route maybe check us out of the . country make sure we've got enough water . food fuel we're out of water. do you wanna make some water here or . honestly you do not want to have to some . of you might know how to be what it is . to organize the kids to go away for the . weekend. that's pretty much my thursday now . thursdays i would say i'm helping out . the mad captain bunch so it's a very . stressful day i've also got to clean . house i always try and clean before we . go um do any laundry them uh need to be . done i might do some food prepping if. i'm feeling super motivated yeah after . we provision yeah and yeah provisioning . which we do together because i can't . hold all the bags back to the boat by . myself friday friday we leave in south . it's awesome fun yeah it's a really good . day . so let's imagine that we're gonna sail . 150 nautical miles it's a very small. distance considering elena and i have . done over fifty thousand nine miles to . yemen area so that's a very small one . and we usually do a lot longer but for . the purposes of this video let's imagine . it 150 that's an overnight sail so we're . gonna be sailing all of friday having . left in the afternoon days on plot lines . and then we'll arrive saturday probably . 24 hours of sewing you know arrive will . be very tired and we'll be lucky to sad . day afternoon clean the bike and get . some food into us and then slow and also . always on the first night i don't sleep . a wink so honestly the longer sails are . better for me because i mean i get into . the groove but an overnight sail for me. i'm ruined so sunday we're usually . exploring a new place trying to meet . some people see what there is to do . around the place and we're getting some . more content for you guessed it tomorrow . which is monday and i'm editing again . back to editing that's our sunday these . sounds like we're complaining of it well . the point that i'm really trying to make . is that between the boat which is like . looking after a small child and the . videos there's just there is a lot going . on yeah we are really busy but we . absolutely love what we're doing it . gives us we were doing it anyway we're . we're doing it anyway and yeah we're . just so happened to bring a camera into . the situation and thing and to be . uploading it you guys to see which we . absolutely love but the videos don't . make themselves but doing all of this it . gives us like a sense of purpose i would . say i'm not speaking for myself do you . feel like i know absolutely being away . from home for so long like you need i'm . doing something yeah for sure . yeah like at times it's it's got me to . climb the mountain where i probably. could have easily just like yeah yeah it . keeps you motivated keeps you inspired . like the fact that i'm able to share my . good and bad experiences with someone it . turns a terrible situation into. something. good like which i just think is an . incredible thing so for those of you out . there who might be thinking of doing . this i am saying hell yes go for it . now you kind of know what's involved on . our end thing would know go for a like . it's so much fun and it's very . achievable like we've taught ourselves . everything we go but there is mountain . exactly what yeah. mountains of work we've got it you got . to enjoy it and if you don't like doing . that stuff then you won't like it yeah . it's not gonna change anything . totally but my motto is if we can't do . it they can do it like we didn't even . know how to use a camera still coming . back no it's a good luck so we've gone . into the evening now obviously elaine . has asked me to speak a little bit more . about my role on board as the captain so . using this anchorage as an example of . the six weather models that we're. currently running 5a saying that we're . all good one is saying that the wind . might swing from the north far enough . around to the south that it will make . this anchorage untenable that's a big . drama you don't want to be leaving . particularly from here in the middle of . the night i'm not going to stay up all . night because it's still pretty unlikely . but what i will do is be setting an . anchor a lot and be sleeping out here . and i mean that's a small problem but it . does upset your sleeping patterns and. your rhythms and that is just constantly . happening and it's just a good example . of how what we do is a 24-hour thing and . each day has its own little challenges . if you don't know what you're doing like . i didn't and i would encourage you to . get out there and do it because it's . good fun you need to be learning quickly . i was reading books i was asking people . i was flatly refusing to turn the engine . on and i was very happy to get to a . point where i thought that if something . bad would happen i would be unlucky . rather than stupid that may still be up . for debate but yeah there is logistics . is quite difficult every bit of . equipment on board is up to me to keep . running and it's up to me to replace or . fix or whatever needs to happen so . logistics of getting parts sent to each. different place that we've been to . i found quite difficult that's not my . sort of cup of tea neither is . bureaucracy paperwork i've never been. good at ultimately that all rests in my . hands as well as safety the safety of . everyone who comes on board anything at . all that happens ends up being my fault. which is it's okay . that's my job this is that everything . you sink down i'll then go do that you . reckon i think so . can i give that video i cook dinner and . make noise well yeah . [music]. .

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