Eating BRUNCH at Taiwan 7-ELEVEN

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On my way to the Philipines so decided to make a stop at 7-Eleven in Taiwan for some brunch.
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Caption: [music]. hey guys it's mike chen i am in taipei . taiwan i feel like i've been here a lot . this past year anyway i'm just passing . through our mom i went to the . philippines for the first time ever . really excited about that but i do have . like a 10 hour layover here in taipei so . i figured i go get something to eat . outside of the airport and a lot of you . guys been messaging me asking me to kind . of explore the the 7-elevens scene in . taiwan because i like the u. s. you're . having 11s are like the greatest thing . you can buy your train ticket some of . them you can do your laundry and a lot . of people here actually go to 7-eleven . for breakfast lunch and dinner . guess which one of those appeals to me . the most anyway i didn't want to go all . the way into taipei so i found one of . the biggest 7-elevens and toluene . sitting right near the airport so i'm . gonna go and let's go eat out of local . 7-eleven yeah all right if anybody ever . told me that i would specifically leave . an airport just to go eat out a 7/11 i . would never believe it but here i am and . i'm actually really really excited. how was another country with a ton of . motorbikes and again i think i'm gonna . have to go this like i mentioned is one. of the biggest and supposedly one of the . prettiest seventy 11s in toluene city . gorgeous big windows looks very bright . inside you get these like individual . sort of booths i can already smell . something that's fried in there and it. smells good this place this is beautiful . oh so you read she pop up oh really so . this is like slightly carbonated coffee. hey peace i never had . she said it should taste like dark beer . i never had dark beer before but . carbonated coffee slightly carbon. interesting oh thank you some nice here . um all right let me show you guys around . somebody lemon up korres is known for . their snacks and they have a ton of it . so this is like a bunch of japanese . snacks here like stationary look at this . this is like so interesting they got . they got moochie stuff here you can fly . computer games here of course a lot of . hello kitty stuff did you know she's not . a cat oh i think i need this this is . this is a soup base for hotpot i might . need to take this home check it out . vacuum packed rice you know what's great . about this is that look at this you can . stack it like books you're so your rice . is nice and organized and just looks . neater and this this is one of my . all-time favorite aisles they're instant . noodle i'll check it out. look at this they're like dozens of . types of instant noodles here and this . is my favorite one we are definitely . eating this today i love to drink . selection they have here i mean look at . this this is all my juice and different . types of milk tea strawberry milk tea. green tea lemon tea like asparagus milk . tea i think i'm gonna stay away from . this little bit also i don't know what . it is but drinking tea on out of a paper . box it just makes it taste better and . dr. milker was that like dr. peppers . asian cousin besides that salad fruit . salad you can buy mushrooms here eggs . fruit we got all sorts of bento boxes . pie one sausage over fried rice this is . ribs over rice pork belly over rice i . mean the selection is just overwhelming. and of course there's the hot food items . we got sea eggs here i must get that . fish tofu here being boiled they don't . have anything here yet because we're so . early but i really hope we can try one . of these things out because this will go . great on top of noodles then you got . like a case just for for hot drinks you . got hot chocolate lattes and hot milk. teas that's all here a case for buns . bam blue pork bun chacho bun the roast . pork bun okay . all this looking at . you know you know it's making me really . hungry so i'm gonna i'm gonna get a few . things . i know it's just breakfast but i think. i'm gonna need one of these brush sweet . potatoes the bread it says shin couch is . so so i asked them and apparently every . day the bread is freshly baked and . delivered here they said this is a. really popular item . this guy looks pretty good and chocolate . cue cue ball qq is hollow means really . bouncy really chewy so this is gonna be . like like mochi chocolate buds i'll take . a hot drink formosa milk tea oh yeah . it's really hot in taiwan drink some . milk tea pork bun bamboo bun she's well . a roll you for sure need a tea egg from . a 7-eleven the boil food is still being . boiled we'll come back to that we need . some bento i'm going for this this is a . chicken leg i saw earlier that look . pretty good and whenever i see be butyl . soup i can't pass up . ooh soft-boiled eggs sure you know what . i'll try this i'm thinking this is . really healthy right and one last thing . i got to get my favorite ramen and i'm . gonna go for the spicy version of the . beef. so yeah this will be breakfast but i . don't think this is all gonna fit into . that little tray also that bubble tea . here you can water bubble tea out of. taiwan semi-load that's what i'm gonna . do look at this this is my mutton meal i . can't wait to get started we haven't . even got to dessert yet . all right breakfast is served this is . crazy. my first thing i need i need to try this . beetle soup the employees here really . recommended it also it's cool because . it's half lean needs and a half beef . tendon that's like my favorite racial . alright let's go heat this up what's . really convenient about this is that . they tell you exactly which button to . push when you put this into the. microwave so pierce says push zero this . goes in and then there you go it's like . zero you push the button and you forget . about it . that's it look at this. this smells incredible think it as broth . the noodles look very nice not at all . soggy look at this giant piece of beef . here oh you can see the tendon running . through it like a delicious roadmap for . like a premade in you don't dish this . looks fantastic i didn't expect this . much broth look at this gorgeous beef . soup i can smell the soy sauce flavor . i'm telling you guys right now but if . you put this in a regular bow and served . it to me at a restaurant i would never . even guess that this was microwaved the . soup itself. we've got such a rich beefy flavor it's . a bit oily a bit spicy it's just . incredibly hmm incredibly beefy and look. at these noodles you're not too wide . they're moderately thick and they don't . feel like they're they're soggy at all . couple of things this broth itself it's . not really penetrating the noodles . because the noodles are a bit thick but . like i mentioned before i would never in . a million years after tasting these . noodles would ever think that i'd . microwaved it something just tastes like . good quality rules they're chewy they're . elasticy and i think if you eat it with . the soup . [music]. that is pretty darn good all right the . ultimate test the beef is self . [music]. i'm just really impressed by this the . beef is now ridiculously tender but it . tastes like a good cut of beef with nice . tendon and look at this big piece right . here . [music]. well dive you those tinder you just seen . this right now the thicker cut of beef . ridiculously tender superbly beef you. know this piece of tender here . i'm shocked that a 250 microwave bowl of . noodles who can taste as good right nowa . this needs this thing needs a tea egg . look at that delicious pattern right . there no look at that all that flavors . soaked into the yolk already its he eggs . and beat me little suits they just . belong together they do i like to put my . yolk in the soup kind of mix a little . bit scoop up some beef broth in that egg . oh . guys you need to come here and try this . beef noodle soup and you know what i'm . talking about. unbelievable oh just out of something . this broth is way too good to not have a . bun dipped into it i think this is the . regular pork bun the bun so filling . racial is not bad wow wow this is . awesome. oh this punch you lucius you can tell by . my surprise i don't think it's gonna be . that good but this is excellent you guys . see that the chilies in here this thing . is spicy its meaty i thought maybe like . like the dolby little too much and this . would be ask lyrical oh man i was wrong . hmm they're just for us to taste after . it goes beef dipping oh wow i could eat . no kidding ten more of these and be so . happy with my life the happiness to life . guys it's done inside a pork bun i'm so . blown away by how good this is oh my . goodness. mmm okay i'm just like being blown away . left and right i was blown away by the . baby beef noodle soup i've blown away by . dish oh good let's not somebody else . here jasmiyah try this . how good is that started in the most the . place i had in america it's not just the . most awesome thing yeah let's try the . other bun this is the bamboo buns mmm a . little bit of crunch on the bamboo i . don't think is as good as the other one . because it lacks a little spice but . flavor-wise this is on part again dip it . in the broth . wow we really get that nice bamboo . flavor in this bun mmm so good . oh is this wipe and ellos bamboo so much . are we are we missing out next is one of . their freshly baked breads and this one . look kind looks like what you find in a . chinese bakery and you see some ham . scallions sesame that's good but after . like two incredible bunch these pails. have been in comparison a little sweet a . little skanky . a little hammy nice and shops but those . buns were incredible all right next . let's change the pace a little bit and . let's go heat up our bento box 9 can't . wait so this is marinated chicken leg . with pork belly that oh that chicken leg . that's really marinated look at this and. this is the pork belly right here big ol . slice of pork all right i gotta try this . marinated

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