Epcot @ Disney World ~ Orlando, FL

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My name is Eric and I travel with my cat, β€œJax” in a 2001 Chevy Fleetwood Tioga Arrow 24D Class C RV. We travel about 45 miles a day chasing 70 degrees year-round. Here are some popular questions asked:
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Jackson man how you doing want to show off your your new id card we see look at that we would show everybody mickey and on the back or phone number which we won't show the world but it's on there jax phone number looking good buddy i think i'll be back we're gonna come back for lunch take care of the pets will be gone for like four hours k alright you guys be good behave hey guys we're here at epcot as you can see why that big weird silver ball there will get checked in the only gave us one fast pass for soarin so we got that later tonight when it's dark we'll go inside and look for short lines today we went into the f got ball thing whatever that was and they had some technical difficulties in their turned off the camera while we're waiting for the right to start back up and then failed to turn it back on it was a cool ride though all about the future and stuff and yeah it was cool but they might not have any video from it we're gonna head over here to mission space now also much shorter lines here at epcot than yesterday at magic kingdom i forgot to tell you all that we actually ended up waiting in one line for an hour hundred and twenty minutes so two hours we waited in line for seven fours it was agonizing but today is a better day short lines everywhere we're in a good mood canada portion of disney world we're gonna try to find we're going to call this our halfway point here and apricot and hop back on the transit and go check on jack sig me to take them outside and then went back to the park until they close alright we're back the sun has set we're going to be here til 930 when i close priority number one dinner looks pretty cool night all lit up here and i've got one other thing morgan pointed out i didn't even notice these the others like a different language but all these little symbols are like silhouettes of people in their faces can't tell me to get up close lots and lots and lots of here and rest well they the grill place was booked you gotta get reservations we don't have a reservation we're going to try the electric umbrella instead we can sit outside of meat but still 80 degrees tonight really nice coconut with chicken and french fries hi i'm fine i'm fine i'm fine cam mr. smart and handle and the last ride at disney is going to be sore in my favorite here at hey guys wore back son got to me a little bit today had a awesome time here at disneyworld 2016 and open burned or not a war lot of sunscreen but still oh man i'm not sure i'm gonna edit all this together i've got over a hundred gigabytes of video let me just say this i didn't film every ride obviously and i'm definitely not going to include everything i filmed into the video just understand that just come to disney world to experience it i really kind of want to take a vacation to morgan i really enjoyed it one of the things we didn't like about it was being away from our pets but we made plans to come back for lunch and hang out with them as much as possible it's just too bad that we couldn't actually have them in the park maybe one of the only drawbacks to it plus i kind of wanted this to be a little bit of a vacation and it turned out that i just loved the film i'm always have a camera with me that's just my passion to try it so it was fun it wasn't a pain to film disney world i'm happy to share it with you but today in the last two days it was important for me to pay special attention to the audio covering up all the disney track so that i don't get in trouble by disney so that's why all the audio changed and stuff so it's been awhile since i've not had videos lined up to share with you guys so as we leave orlando here and go on the road and share new experiences i don't have videos like lined up ready to go that i have some months in the past so making this up as we go bare with me i will try to get back with you guys here in a couple days from the road you guys take care bye hey guys this is jack's my kitty cat on his servant eric thanks for watching our youtube channel here on arvine if you liked the video give us a thumbs up below make sure you subscribe check out all our other videos and keep following us on the road thanks guys
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