Episode 34: Didn’t Beat the Snow

Dixie runs into one more obstacle on the PCT as winter weather hits Washington fast.
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They're blasting on a trail and just the . way the shelving is whatever sprinkling . - really it is amazingly . [music]. [music]. [music]. looks like a baby got cold enough today . that i've had to bust out the sock . gloves or sock mitten so cleanest dirty . socks and always looks like lamb chop to . me like hey . now go back . [music]. you are squirrel can't make your mind up . lacking on these trees is pretty cool . looks like a bunch of really long . mustaches i think we have made it to the . trailhead it's been a full day so they . don't actually have tape and stuff up . here but on the pct a website it says it . is closed here so and this sign is also . an indicator unfortunately . [music]. all right so we're here but i just want . you to notice the bacon i was like what . what is this you know you hear of . canadian bacon and you're like other . time but like we all this is like . canadian people here because we're . actually near canada tonight we got to . white pass we all ended up riding into . the town that's like on the outskirts of . seattle and staying there for the night . and then the next day my friend joni and . her husband trevor picked me up and they. toured me around seattle i got to see . some of the you know highlights of the . things that you would go see as a. tourist in the city and we just really . had a good time was great catching up . with them but came back here to . snoqualmie pass to meet back up with . perk and milestone already hiked out she . didn't zero but so we decided to have . some. food before we hiked out at a place . called aardvark which is like right here . you know a little food truck at . snoqualmie pass and the guy who owns it . dan was in there served us food it's . like awesome like good quality food and . so anyway we were eating our food and . everything and we got ready to hike out . he's like don't come in you'll come in . and you know get out of this weather . because it was raining and nasty and . everything so we we sat in there and . hung out with him for a while and it . just got later and later and anyway we . ended up it was late enough that we . talked ourselves into taking a double-0 . and stayed here at the summit inn had . breakfast at the restaurant here this . morning and now we're about to try to . hike out in this rain but how motivated . are you right now . wow over half i would say like 40 in . like 60 is not motivated and canada is . not coming to us . every night i talked to dibs and butters . and apparently they got some snow while . they were crossing the cut rocks area . which is i'm sure was not fun but i . think we're gonna probably run into some . snow east lady stuff on this next few . days stretch but before we know it we'll . be at leavenworth warm again and after . that we only have sticky can and then . canada so see in the end in sight but . it's just the next few days are gonna . are gonna be pretty rough . well i've discovered a rule if you zero . enough and you start to recognize the . regulars and that means it's time to . leave so it's definitely happening here . definitely happened in sierra city and . but i'm just kidding but it's really . cool to kind of pop in and out of these . little towns and meet all the different . people and hear their stories and . definitely gonna be good or its detail . about some of that in my blogs there i . catch that episode be looking for that . we decided to hang out a little bit . longer and see if it'll clear up at all . and it did not it's gonna be like lower . 20s tonight so yeah gonna hold up one . more day i guess i'm a baby . apparently the weather is supposed to . lighten up a little bit tomorrow . well i reached snow line just get into . it now . just turn from rain to swedish stuff to . snow can't see anything but so so pretty . trails still pretty especially the snow . on it christmas came early . [music]. uncle lyle it's a free call down here . [music]. this is absolutely amazing a little . miserable but oh my god it's so . beautiful . [music]. i'm wondering if this is not the catwalk . part that i heard everyone talking. around apparently it is there's a . beautiful view behind all of this cloud . cover here but yeah i think this must be . it . i passed a couple today who are hon self . i thought they looked familiar but . apparently they've left from snoqualmie . pass headed north less than 10 miles or . so camped and had whether it was really . bad turn around came back came back up . here again i guess yesterday and then . last night they're just miserable and . cold that they turned around and went . back to town today so when i pass them . those are second time coming back down . from up here so i can tell you i don't . think i thought i was kind of hoping for . 20 in at this point i'll probably be . happy if it's 10 it's gonna have to get . significantly worse for me to turn. around and go back down hill that hill i . just thought good hopefully that won't . happen i'm gonna enjoy this for what it . is kind of reminds me of when i was . finishing the 18th main . other was there so . .
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