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Top 5 Disney! The Evolution of the Articulated Talking Disney Characters. Have you ever been to the Disney Theme Parks and seen the Disney characters talk; blinking their eyes and moving their mouths? Well Disney introduced the articulated talking characters (sometimes referred to as Disney animatronic characters) of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy in the castle stage show Dream Along With Mickey at Walt Disney World in 2007 but articulated Disney characters have actually been around the Disney parks since the early 90s and on the Disney Channel in the 80s! Now you can see talking Disney characters at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Live! and more, including an interactive meet and greet with talking Mickey Mouse! DON'T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** โ–บhttp://bit.ly/2mfriBD โ—„
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Caption: Welcome to tpm vids disney beat where we . talk about all things disney if you're . new to the channel hit that subscribe . button and click the bell icon to be . notified when we upload a new video when . you visit the disney parks it's . guaranteed that you'll get a chance to . see some of your favorite disney pals . whether it's during a meet-and-greet a . parade or a state show and it doesn't . matter if you're a kid or a kid at heart . there's always something magical about. getting the chance to see and meet the . disney characters now disney's always . tried to bring the characters to life as . much as possible like mickey mouse being . able to wiggle his nose or in an earlier . version of goofy his eyelids being able . to bounce up and down in our past video . talking about extinct disney. animatronics we mentioned disney's . living character initiative which began . in the mid-2000s this initiative by . disney was to allow new levels of guest . interaction while bringing characters to . life like never before . one of the early initiatives was in 2007 . when they introduced the articulated . characters to walt disney world's magic . kingdom when the articulated characters . first debuted in the parks they were . more or less better classified as . puppets by the current radio frequency . transmitter technology used in the shows . today makes these characters fall more. under an audio-animatronic but before . 2007 when the articulated characters. debuted at magic kingdom it wasn't . really the first time you're able to see . disney characters move their mouth and . blink their eyes variations of this . technology actually already existed in . disney's history so today we're gonna . break things down into a top five . countdown and take a look at the . evolution of the articulated disney . characters. number five before the theme parks one . of the very first appearances of a. disney character blinking their eyes and . moving their mouth was actually not even . in the theme parks . back in 1983 there is a series on the . disney channel called welcome to poo . corner former disney imagineer can . foresee is the person to thank for . bringing this technology to disney's . attention back in the early 80s horsie . had just begun his own company called. alchemy - incorporated where he was . developing the articulated technology . for a walk around bear character this . was to be used for his future project of . teddy ruxpin disney really liked . foursie's bear prototype and they . offered him the contract to produce the . characters for welcome to poo corner . they did a really good job of making the . characters better resemble their. animated versions especially compared to . what the current theme park look of . winnie the pooh was in the 80s this was . an upgraded look to say the least . since he was now able to move his mouth . as well as blink and move his eyes but . there's something just not right about . poos eyes they seem a little too dilated . by winnie the pooh wasn't the only . member of the hundred acre woods to . become an articulated character ee or . tigger piglet rabbit kanga and owl . were also all articulated but the . technology wasn't perfect wound down . into the bowl of britain as you can see . they seemed a bit limited in speed and . the mouth movements weren't as fluid as . they could have been i don't believe it . very difficult later in 1985 the disney . channel once again in collaboration with . alchemy - incorporated produce the . series dumbo circus that also used the . articulated character technology the. movements of these characters appeared . to be a lot more fluid than in winnie . the pooh. dumbo was able to move and blink his . eyes move his mouth and also his trunk . he also appeared with a bunch of his . animal friends and if you look closely . at lionel the lions hands in conjunction . with his eyes and mouth it seems as . though this in some way controls the. face movements little fun fact . dumbo circus was legendary disney voice . actor jim cummings very first job now . none of the articulated characters from . winnie the pooh or . boh ever made it into the theme parks . and remained strictly on television . number four the early days of walt . disney world with the opening of . disney-mgm studios in 1989 it would . become the first theme park at the walt . disney world resort to feature a . variation of the articulated characters. in 1990 a show called here come the . muppets opened in the building where . voyage of the little mermaid is today . it's definitely an interesting choice . for the muppets to be represented as . walk-around characters and not puppets . but it was something that jim henson . himself oversaw and gave the green light. on now unlike the winnie the pooh and . dumbo characters that move their eyes. and mouths the muppet characters were . only able to move their mouth now since . these characters didn't blink their eyes . it's probably safe to say that it wasn't . the same technology by alchemy . incorporated used for the disney channel . series these were definitely more along . the lines of puppets because if you take . a look at the characters hand you can . see that it's in sync with the mouth . movements once muppet vision 3d opened. in may of 1991 sweetums made his. theme-park appearance and was able to . move his mouth but you'll notice that . only one of his arms moves the other . hand is most likely puppeting the mouth. then in 1994 an attraction called the . legend of the lion king opened at the . magic kingdom in the building where . mickey's fill her magic is today rafiki . appeared as an articulated character. that could move his mouth but didn't . blink his eyes . comparing rafiki's movement to the. muppet characters it was much more fluid . and lifelike so disney seemed to be . advancing this technology now fast . forward to 2001 when the castle shows . cinderella surprise celebration opened. the show featured the evil witch from. snow white who was also able to move her . mouth the evil witch also appeared in . fantasmic which opened at mgm studios in . 1998 and she was also capable of moving . her mouth but as you can see here it's a . much different design number 3 the early . days at disneyland. now although disneyland was the original . disney theme park it didn't see the . introduction of the articulated . characters until 1991 in the early 90s . the disney afternoon programming on the . disney channel was a hit and disneyland . hosted disney afternoon live one of the . offerings was a stage show called plain . crazy that held performances in the . fantasyland theater which was then known . as video ellis the show featured . characters from tailspin rescue rangers . and duck tales but the only two . characters to receive the articulated . treatment were balu . and fat cats now like the characters in. walt disney world at this time both were . only able to move their mouths but did . not blink their eyes it's kinda strange . to only have two of the characters . articulated in the show since the . technology was already fully in use at . disney-mgm studios by a full cast of . characters the only reason why disney . did this that i can really think of is . that since it is in the afternoon live . was a limited eight month event disney . didn't want to fully invest in the. technology for the short run but then in . 1994 rafiki debuted as disneyland's next . articulated character in the lion king . celebration parade he actually debuted . at the park one month earlier than magic . kingdom but had the same range of . movement only being able to move his . mouth rafiki was the last articulated . character to appear at disneyland . until mickey mouse made his debut in . mickey's soundsational parade number two . disney live feld entertainment the . company that produces disney on ice . began a new venture in 2004 and launched . disney live which would produce live . theatrical disney touring shows feld . entertainment then went on to work with . disney on further developing the . articulated character technology funny . enough the first production of disney . live that tested the articulated . characters was a winnie the pooh touring. show that launched in new zealand on . june 16th 2004 the winnie the pooh . characters were now able to blink their . eyes as well as move their mouths. now that disney had this technology in . their repertoire the articulated . character of timon appeared in the . legend of the lion king at disneyland . paris also in june of 2004 so it appears . that timon in disneyland paris was . actually the first official articulated. character who blinked his eyes and moved . his mouth at the disney parks all my . buddies would get . timon would later be introduced into . festival of the lion king at disney's . animal kingdom in 2009 but in 2006 . disney and feld entertainment would . develop articulated characters for. mickey mouse minnie mouse daisy duck. donald and goofy who'd appear in the . newest disney live touring production of . mickey's magic show it debuted on april . 21st 2006 this was the very first time . in disney history that mickey minnie . donald and goofy were articulated . characters in january 2007 disney . introduced these articulated characters. and to dream along with mickey at the . magic kingdom which had already been . open at the park since september of 2006 . it's kind of odd that disney didn't open . dream along with mickey using the . articulated characters since they . already made their debut five months . earlier in disney live but nonetheless . january 2007 marked the introduction of . the articulated characters as we know . them today . [music]. number one the present day since the . introduction of mickey minnie donald and. goofy in 2007 many more characters have . joined the articulated character lineup. at the disney parks characters now . include chip and dale who debuted and . celebrate the season at the magic . kingdom baloo and disney cruise lines . believe king louie and mickey and the . magical map at disneyland . daisy duck everything olaf in mickey's . royal friendship fair at the magic . kingdom pluto clarabelle cow jose and . panchito and mickey's most merriest . celebration and oogie-boogie in . hocus-pocus villain spectacular also at . the magic kingdom now with the. development of these articulated stage . show characters it's allowed disney to . develop and test an interactive meet and . greet for mickey mouse it's been used at . the magic kingdom for the past few years . and has been a huge success so what's . your favorite articulated character in a. disney park show so far and what's the. next character you want to see become . articulated leave a comment down below . and start a conversation if you have any . videos from the disney parks that you'd . like to share with us to be used in . future videos follow the link in the . description below thanks so much for . watching click the t p. m. icon on the . screen to subscribe to this channel and . check out some of these other videos . which we're sure you'll like . [music]. [applause]. .

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