Extreme MEXICO CITY STREET FOOD TOUR with 5 Mexican Guys CDMX!

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I met up with 5 Mexican Guys (https://goo.gl/ankJN3, and they just started their channel since I met them, so go check them out!) to go on an ultimate Mexican street food tour of Mexico City. It was one of the greatest food days I had in Mexico, and we tasted so many incredible dishes.
La Esquina del Chilaquil - For breakfast in La Condesa, there’s no better place to check out than La Esquina del Chilaquil, their tortas are delicious.
Price - 40 MXN ($2.14) each
Mercado de San Juan - I wanted to quickly check out this market, but it wasn’t all that busy when we went - there wasn’t too much going on. So we had a quick scorpion and then continued on to the ultimate street food market.
Scorpion - 160 MXN ($8.54) for 4
Mercado de La Merced - Mexico City is packed with street food, but if you want a food experience that’s busy, in your face, and always exciting and delicious, Mercado de la Merced is one of the greatest places to start. You’ll encounter massive amounts of street food that will blow your mind with how delicious they are. Here are the things we ate at the market:
Quesadilla - 57 MXN ($3.04) for 3
Fries tacos - 20 MXN ($1.07) each
Pancita - 40 MXN ($2.14) per bowl
Mamey - 15 MXN ($0.80)
Mango - 15 MXN ($0.80)
Churrería El Moro - This wasn’t street food, but we needed a little afternoon break, and there’s no better spot in Mexico City for churros than Churrería El Moro.
Total price - 439 MXN ($23.44) for all
Esquites - 20 MXN ($1.07) - After walking around El Zocalo - the center of Mexico City, we then had a corn snack os esquites where they add corn, mayo, cheese, and chili salsas to a cup. It’s pretty tasty.
Loncheria La Rambla - Next we tried a Mexican style turkey sandwich - it was alright, but not the best food of the day.
Torta de pavo - 35 MXN ($1.87) each
Taquería Los Cocuyos - And finally to end this Mexico City street food tour with 5 Mexican Guys, we headed to Taquería Los Cocuyos, a legendary taco stall in the heart of the center of the city. The tacos are amazing, and it was the perfect was to end this day of incredible Mexican food.
Tacos de cabeza - 17 MXN ($0.91) each
Again, thank you to Moises and 5 Mexican Guys for reaching out! Check them out here: https://goo.gl/ankJN3
MUSIC: https://goo.gl/HwVjdo
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Caption: Good morning i hope you're having an . amazing day it's mark wiens i'm in . mexico city before coming to mexico city . i got an email from moises and he . watches our videos he loves to eat and . he said when you come to mexico city i . want to take you around i want to show . you some amazing mexican street food so . i'm on my way to go meet moises now he's . gonna take us on a mexican street food . tour of mexico city especially focusing . on the center of mexico city we're gonna . visit some of the legendary markets but . first we are gonna go eat breakfast at . this stall which is in la condesa that . is known for well okay i'm gonna show . you we're on our way there now this is . going to be an awesome day of mexican . street food . [music]. that moises what if he's waiting for . you're a cool and i call you nice to . meet you hi nice to meet you you by six . what's up man nice to meet you nice to . meet you how are you killick you . maybe we can say it's a chilly killed . sandwich green and red nice to meet you . oh that's you coolio : i think you and a . torta is it's a sandwich and so they . start with a loaf of bread . i think they fill in because it's beans . and then they have all the ingredients . laid out here chicken and it in and then . you have to choose between green . chillies okay and that's that includes . cheese cheese and cream and cream and. what's in the chilaquiles is the is it . like crunchy but then it it turns kind . of saucy yeah . [music]. grab you those birthdays or okay maybe . 80% of people like degree oh okay okay . so green is one of their top sellers . yeah exactly yeah they told us that . there were done with the green ones for . today wow it's already and it's only . 9:00 a. m. on the inside is actually a . milanesa which is a it's a fried breaded . piece of very thin chicken and then they . put in some beans at the bottom they put . in some cream she adds in the you can . see that those are actually like fried . tortilla chips which are kind of crushed . up and then added with the the sauce the . green chili to make it kind of saucy . hmm all the bread is crusty but like . really fluffy soft you've got that thin . layer the fried chicken you can taste . the green chili in there for sure and . then it has like kind of a i mean that . the chips they're not crunchy anymore . but that curry it's kind of like a . tortilla sauce which just explodes with . flavor in there you've got the cream you . taste the cheese yeah yeah that's very . good . what do you think awesome i think it's . awesome good and i think your review was . very accurate my chicken mixed with the . sauce oh yeah mm-hmm . yeah this is not a light morning. breakfast it's heavy it's dense . you've got carbs on top of carbs on top. of carbs and it is delicious . i'm really starting to get into the the . depths of this torta and it's good that . green chile is awesome and look more and . more people are arriving my sis was . telling me that if you come at about 11 . a. m. today the line will go down the . street until perfect timing this was an . amazing way to start the day and we're . on our way next - mercado de san juan . which is a it's a it's a very well known . downtown market while that line as we . are leaving that's stretching into the . park now. [music]. we just arrived to mikado the san juan . this is known as a gourmet market in . mexico city and already there's a lot of . exotic fruit this is a really cool . market that i wanted to visit a little . chevys kerry you look at that size of . those wow look at the size of those this . market is known as being a high-end very . gourmet market you walk around you see . cheese's they have all sorts of . different meats imported from around the . world but it's a very nice market it's . very clean it's very organized and yeah . they have some very high-end gourmet. foods here. we've stopped at a stall that serves all . sorts of pre-hispanic and exotic but and . creepy crawlers recommend omnicom a . classifier sentinel 7 july aragon our . deportation location mosquito chiquito . si chiama mescaline oh . ok2say my scan is a dilution of genie . queen . there's my side. or no tronc flavor he just freshly fried . up some scorpions they're not too huge . their little scorpions i said eat the. scorpion chase it with a mess cow . [music]. oh wow it's kind of juicy . it almost has like a nutty kind of like . slight chocolaty flavor to it . with a little bit of a bitterness . [music]. that's a good combination that was a . tasty scorpion he's still alive yeah . [music]. this market is fantastic you'll find so. many exotic things but some of the . stalls are not that open because it's a. sunday morning right now i'm glad we got . to try a scorpion but we're gonna . proceed onwards to that medicine which . is one of the ultimate markets of . downtown mexico city and there we're . going to do some serious street food . eating. [music]. we just arrived to mercado de la merced. this is one of the most well known . markets in mexico city it's huge and . just riding here in the car you can see . the energy starts to pick up it's . getting busier and busier there's stall . after stall of just everything you can . possibly imagine this is just a . gargantuan market so this entire area is . all market we are on a hunt for street . food bill but we're passing through . everything from batteries and wallets to . plants to kids toys to little jumping . dogs passing through a passageway a . canyon of shoes we are arriving to the . food section or one food section . [music]. [music]. we're stopping first to eat some . quesadillas flattening the masa and . they're frying over the hot plate . they're filling it with some kind of a . meat mixture and then they hold them up . roll them up and then well look at that . basket full of candy and then they fry . over here and like it's almost i got a . walk looking rounded hot skillet as well . they smell unbelievable . [music]. it's extremely good extremism the . tortillas fresh-made yes career and the . salsa de salsa roja great cells is very . good extremely we will get all our meat . stuffed in there and the salsa oh that's. ridiculous. that meat is like so fatty oily and . salty and then all that salsa is awesome . and then you can yeah you can really . taste the freshness of that tortilla . they grill it over those hot plates so . that it sort of gets crispy . oh that's reverb oh so this one is here . in mexico city not all because i'd be . sorry with cheese it's very interesting . yeah but this cheese quesadilla with . green salsa . junichi's in the winner the best okay . and next up this is the only one with . cheese and it's also with salsa verde . the green salsa . yeah really good yeah that's like a . mozzarella tasting cheese and it's bingo . with green salsa. tomato sauce yes i'm using it oh yeah . it's almost like a barbecue sauce and . again those first years are just awesome . and i love how they fry them like double . fry them so that they get kinda crispy . so good which one is the best i agree i . agree that did that cheated on was . unparalleled muy muy bueno it was . absolutely amazing. okay we're moving on . there's so much meat in the air . piper bad luck that with the queen it's . awesome. via nasa finally got my three give up. that was out there is green your thread . and there is market those have a sort of . chosun starch everyone is very spiky . because we had on this wicked tripod . system . nice peanut market . i was salted beef they also and this . tucker's have french fries . nopales plus the deal-breaker here the . the game-changer is that they add on a . whole handful of french fries that's. like a whole pack of french fries on top . of your taco you've got to really like . squish it down to get to get this all oh . look it's just overflowing with french . fries. a walk oh that's amazing . well the salsa in there then you've got . those oily crispy french fries the beef . it's salty they had touched rewrite the. french fries look at all that okay now . we gotta try this onion . so sweet and juicy never in my life have . french fries on a taco tasted and . sounded so delicious that was absolutely. awesome . right down the lane from where we just. ate an exploding french fries taco okay . deep stomach . in a spicy broth with smoked chilies and . oil and the beef has four stomachs right . so yeah it's different texture for each . other. hold your stomach it looks like it's a . clay cauldron just full of soup red soup . and it's called fine seatbelt which is a . variety of cow stomachs within a suit . and it's it's gorgeous you can see it . just herbs overflowing in there there's . a paddle that she used this uses to stir . it with and she just dishes it out this. place is bumping. [music]. [laughter]. [music]. the first thing that you have to admire . here is the size of this spoon that's a. good sized spoon i'm gonna say i'm just . gonna taste the broth first before i do . anything . they added some onions some cilantro and . some lime as well in here . it has like this smoky flavor to detail . it tastes like a roasted flavor and it . does have a little bit of an organ eat . taste to it. that's delicious i got some onions in . there too okay now to try some of the . chunkier bits oh how about this this . chunk right there oh yeah that looks . like it has some texture it is a little . bit jiggly so it's made with roasted . chili so it has that wonderful smoky . chili flavor good thank you so much oh . you're welcome . i think it's better in tuk that's the . way everybody's eating it if you if you . look around this massive dining room . i want to get that chili a little bit . chewy a little bit rubbery but delicious . in the kitchen back here they are . boiling more of the soup and that just . bubbles away that that's a serious boil . and then i guess once a cooks here then . they transport it to the mccoy ve

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