Fake Yeezy Store in China!

The ONLY fake Yeezy store in the world! We traveled 14 hours across China just to show you guys around this store and all the awesome style Yeezy's they have! I'm amazed by how nice these shoes actually were!
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Caption: How much is it mm rb let's see more than . she is. holy shit that's full of $300 for this . welcome back guys right now we're on the . 14-hour train to the city called 1jo and . basically i asked you guys on snapchat . if you would want to see the yeezy store . the fake easy store here in china would . you guys like to see that and i was . actually surprised how many people i . wasn't expected how many people like . yeah that's too late let's see this all . this so we're going there we're gonna . check this out and i don't want to bore . you with all the like just being on the . train and shit so let's just jump right . into the city . oh you just checked into our hotel and . now we are on our way to the easy store . so our train was like an hour late but . that doesn't matter we went to get some . coffee right away and this like girl . that started talking to us at the coffee . shop and she was just like what are you . guys doing we're like we're trying to . find this easy store and so just . literally right up the street so we just . got a hotel across the street and now . we're on our way to the easy star and . man this city 1jo is just so freakin . like we were told it's like posh right . but i didn't realize how like nice the . city was anyways this city is basically . what i've heard is like the factory . capital the shoe factory capital of . china so let's just go right into this . and see what happens . [music]. [music]. alright guys right now we finally made a . 14 hour train ride later all the way. across china. we are outside the easy store and this . is just frickin hilarious dude lucky we . haven't been in there yet and we're . about to go in there but as you can see . it's right next to the new button which . is a knockoff obviously of new balance . anyways i'm here with miles actually . what we're trying to do is also we're . filming a video for miles channel 2 3 . what they do is they showcase rappers. here in china chinese rappers mostly but. you know you get some foreigners too as . well and let me just tell you it's . pretty fire like even if you can't. understand them they got some flow so . we're gonna do is i'm done talking and . we're gonna go right into there so let's . go . [music]. [applause]. [music]. the easy 550 you know that's legit right . so i see this . it was easy boots material seems seems . pretty alright ah these are cool these . so you got the 999 new ad so these i . don't think he could bargain for these . actually citizen workers just like . watching us right now like she hasn't . said anything yet so it's pretty good we . got these right here too we have to like . the shark easy's too as well oh we got . these a walmart looking ones that cause . controversy . [music]. huh. okay okay we're gonna pick that were in . our name kicked out all right so last . night we got kicked out so right now . we're going in with a new plan of attack . basically what we're going to do we know . two other people from youtube that live . in this city and basically one of them . is going to do a rap so other than the . fact that we are going to try to check . out this store or somewhere we're going . to actually take it a step further and . try to get an actual like freestyle . video in the store for tier three . because the other dude he's very good at. the local dialect and not just like . chinese but it's called like guangzhou . hua which means one shell language it's . a dialect taught it is like the hardest . in the world because there's not even . like a written language for this so he's . really good at that we're gonna try to i . hope this goes as planned . miles already left there already down . there i'm about to just pack up because . i'm always fucking late hey check it out . should have checked out two hours ago . already but anyways we're going over . there we're gonna see how this all goes . and let's just get back into this . [music]. what's up guys what up i'm feeling all. right now yeah yeah i i my chicken . nuggets dude in my bath in the bathtub . bro all right so right now we are in the . easy store again on day two and i just . got here they're here already and they . already talked to the store and she's . like cool with it so all right so yeah . we're gonna film here today and uh it's . actually people are started by chanel . people are coming in but anyways uh i'll . let you guys introduce yourself cool . this guy yeah so this is the guy who was . saying like he could smooth things over . because he knows a lot of a local . dialects so we're all good on that front . so and then this is my name is radio to . check out my youtube channel lady the . artist also instagram radel the artist . and on facebook i hope everybody's doing . great all right so yeah let's get into . this and check it out first i want to . check out some shoes quick and then i . will get into the video here itself . let's just do this . i like these are cool to see how much is . oh hold on . oh my god thousand nine hundred ninety . nine um how much does that look like . the boost is not really yeah you can't. really feel it i feel like i'm messing . up this girl's this place should . probably uh probably remember how . they're laid out but what do you like . what do you like to the gold dragon i . like these right here you know a . thousand nine hundred ninety nine these . are pretty cool. [music]. how do they feel i like those too . [music]. [music]. my favorite if i had to pick a second . favorite will probably be and it reminds. me a lot of like like japanese aren't do . a lot with the koi fish especially a lot . of people equate those two yeah so i . think this is pretty nice . yeah i like the parents for some reason . he attacks those no these are not china . friendly yeah two days after this with . the same color as the floor yeah like . black night just by walking they'll just. yellow the bed my usual to start to . yellow yeah . what are you doing why you bargain what . is 150 . no so i'm wondering what do you guys . think of the shoes personally i think . they're pretty cool for being such . obvious fakes i mean they're pretty much . ultra exclusive at this point i mean we . didn't get any though due to the steep . price although we did travel 14 hours to . get there however getting the video for . you guys was the most important thing . and the whole reason for going in the . first place when i'm thinking of it i . kind of want to go back and grab a pair . well we'll see though anyways we ended . up filming the free style with radio . which will be up shortly on tier threes . channel and later that night we ended up . doing a drinking challenge video for. alex's channel so go check out all the . homies links in the description below . and oh yeah what what was that thing at . the beginning for mm un it was a . freaking umbrella are you kidding me an . umbrella that's more than the freaking . shoes anyways that's all i got for you . today remember to comment what your . thoughts are on the shoes and of course . subscribe also add me on snapchat . instagram so i can chat with you guys . there as always thanks for watching and . i will see you next time . [music]. .

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