First Week at Home with Genevieve!

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Our first week at home as new parents! We bring Genevieve home from the hospital, she meets Pinocchio for the first time, and we start to get used to being parents!
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First car ride back with her playing her . favorite lullaby we'd play when she was . in my town she instantly was like . [music]. chauffeur. this your pinocchio what's going on. who's here - oh how's it going hi it's . so exciting so i'm gonna come in i'm . gonna say hi for a minute and get all . those black eyes out and then we're . gonna bring in genevieve oh man when you . think about your we will be genevieve . right here right here we'll be right . back. pinocchio meeting genevieve for the . first time she's a little cranky cuz . she's gonna see how this goes. all right no come here . hey buddy mm-hmm so wait you smell like . that hat i know i say you see you too . all right i love you so much . ha ha i don't know what i'm waiting on . good will you wait you think huh you . think so yeah she can stay she's allowed . to stay you approved pinocchio no baby . sister he said i just missed you dad . it smells so wait something - you sound . confused such a good big brother . a big brother or your friend what'd you . find - boy go wide okay so we also . walked in and my mom had given this my . brother to put here welcome genevieve. welcome home do you think so yeah i'm . into it this is cool that's gonna be . here boys ok what's up my name is . genevieve what's up gg for short walked . in and my wonderful brother jason had. the table set up and he's got some food . made for us but with the wine glasses . out and ready to go you can watch our . house anytime this is our welcome moment . [music]. what was going on with using the carrier . this is such a handsome family okay . we're gonna start a new little series . here on instagram stories of all the . dumb things we are doing because we are . so tired. um first one up yeah i drink coffee i . thought it was my thank you taking her . first little bath at home you think her . up she's like why did you only be in . here a minute and just fit her she's . just chillin with me we've got some . family coming over in a bit and they're . gonna see a lot of kids so they'll . hopefully play with him . poor pinoke will take you on a walk and . a little bit too buddy you being such a . good boy . you just want attention my doctor told. us that we should do some tummy time i . don't get it yet but dad supervise tell . me time what did you do it for a few . minutes strong girl 48 hours old already . lifting her own hair . i'm not happy about it i mean the doctor . just said just do it for a few minutes . but said it helps develop those neck . muscles and helps him lift himself up. and all that stuff she's a genius look . at dis girl she's so wide-eyed just . looking around 48 hours old are too . curious looking at everything she's got . mad genius i can already tell . here just a few minutes way to go . upstairs i'm gonna start reading harry . potter would you like that hmm would you . want i'm not so sure . no okay jessica was try it and she was . getting frustrated it sounds like all . right you think eve so yeah good . now we're hands-free baby all right go . dancing all right she says i just ate i . just happy and then there's this jelly. bean . pinocchio will be very happy we were . just talking about how you know we can . edit video and stuff and that'd be way . easier i can have ever like out of my . desk just get you know i can get some . work done and going on a little walk . right so v f stop stop filming me it's . not good light for me you're talking. about you know some people call her . young v f so gue caller genevieve both . are right it's just me no she'll go by . jennifer yeah just because that we are . in america and that's how people . pronounce it but as young v f is such a . pretty such a pretty name she's easier . when you go to preschool when they spell . your name it'll be gi gi its way she's . so alert it is just wild she's always . got her eyes open what is she six days . old now i'm six days old she's got her . paparazzi instagram shirt and all that. just makes me bad but where does that . walk in and enjoying the nice weather . yeah right . yawning no and for those that are gonna . ask about the pacifier because we will . have people ask i am certain why we're . using one already cuz usually they say . wait a few we. until breastfeeding is established she's. breastfeeding feeding really well but . also they just slapped a pacifier in her . mouth in the nicu right away yeah and so . she's gotten used to it pretty quickly . like well also it's going but y'all do . what you want with your kids we're gonna . do it we're gonna do what we want so . y'all we're gonna comment but you can . just there's nothing up there oh my . goodness we're gonna do us yeah and most . parents know that they're like you get a . lot of unsolicited advice regret any way . we had a tornado of dogs just grandal . time anyway so i guess there's really . nothing else to say just that yeah so we . were saying parent you know most of you . guys if you are parents you know you get . tons of unsolicited advice you were the . only person that knows what's best for . your kid oh yeah so we're figuring it. out but and she is just fine perfect it . cracks me up though reading like forums . like if i bring something up don't even . well it's just funny cuz one person who . posts will work for them yeah and then . people will just ream that person for . doing whatever they did and it's like . it's to their baby was fine they get . okay and everybody's an expert and . nobody knows anything cuz people are all . full and people will comment no like . please look it up and i'm like i can . find research for anything it's like i . can find 20 articles that say pacifiers . are perfect for newborns i can find 20 . articles that say you should never do . that so look look looking things up is . garbage raised easy she said i don't . know i'm happy i just like being on a . walk happy girl . i mean dunno kids boys with their hope . goodness we've actually been pretty good . though yeah we have been good speaking . to her like a college graduate dutifully . hmm also i hope we're both so tired i'm . about to get real real real with you. guys several people have commented and . said. ding-dong several people have commented . and said i need you to stop calling her . ding-dong she's a precious angel and . that's unacceptable. i'm just gonna say this if you don't . have a sense of humor about children . this is not gonna be the channel for you . and i sincerely hope you unsubscribe now . because children are hilarious and . they're just little ding dogs she's the . most perfect beautiful thing i've ever . seen in my life . i would literally sawed off my own foot . for her but she's a ding dong she's cute . she's lauren she's just i'm not doing it . to be mean she just looking around just . a little ding dong pretty much it's like . you know people like it's so mean i'm . like that's it's not it's no mike yeah . it depends on what you're but i mean . kids are like little drunk people. they're just wandering around just doing . stuff it i mean if you're super if you . think children are just you know no fun . at all and just little angels doesn't . like weed this is not gonna be a channel . for you i think the reason i'm most . excited that genevieve is now here is . that i can finally get rid of my baby . weight cuz when your pregnant wife now . one o'clock in the morning says hey you . want mini tacos you eat the mini tacos . just about one year ago a little over . here and a full marathon i'm like one . while in and i think i'm dying but i got . one too many comments people saying oh . man tyler's rocking that dad bod but in . a bad way so it's time to time to make . some corrections alright so today's my . birthday and jessica made a feast for . breakfast look at this little eggy holes . and there's little mickey heads cut out . oh my god . some fresh herbs on those tomatoes heck . yeah thank you jess we are out for his . birthday. my sister's babysitting yes yes we got a . cat that gora what cat yeah before we . left which was also awesome yeah and so . we're going out this is again this . little air this little town that we live . in and so we were like you know what . we're gonna go out we're gonna have a . nice dinner just the two of us and of . course chrissy has five kids six kids . so she's we were just saying she's got . like a phd and raising kids so she's . like go out have your two hours enjoy . yourselves. [music]. alright so this place is kind of like a . tapas restaurant they've got all kinds . of small plates and small different . tastes so we've got i don't even know . what have to stuff his taste to her . that's like sorry that's big yeah oh . yeah there's a place by us called books . and brews wish you like - my favorite . things beer books and so you can play . and it's our first time here we're doing . the flight of beers these are like their . craft beers and they're all based on . literary things the names are . quit for the big red nails oh charlie . and the chocolate stout . also they have live music which is. awesome so we're trying the flight of . their peers and then playing everybody . trivia i think the books are really . achieved. there's some i know you can just read . them i mean that's what i think about . tributes up here a lot closer . yeah they do have a lot of tribute . especially littering like they have . harry potter trivia. yeah things using paper but this is just . sorcerers don't oh this is awesome. also tyler isn't killing it at this game . i don't absolutely suck and he has . gotten one gene anima and they're kind . of hard to specific question . .
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