HillTop Motorcycles Review – Riding in Storm Emma with Casey Neistat

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I had to go riding in Storm Emma to get you it, but here's a Hilltop Motorcycles Review that you've all been asking about, in the company of a bit of Casey Neistat for good measure! What more could you ask for?!
Hilltop Motorcycles are experts in ECU tuning on all makes of bikes, and their service is second to none. I had Herman 'HillTopped' and it totally transformed the BMW R1200GS into an absolute weapon to ride. So, there was no way I was going to let Helga escape their clutches, and last weekend, despite the best efforts of Storm Emma, we managed to get up to Hinckley and meet with Mark and Geoff at the HillTop Motorcycles HQ.
Whilst we were there, my mate Pete also had his BMW S1000RR put through it's paces and the results are staggering. Check them out in the vid for yourself!
Hilltop Motorcycles:
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Caption: Oh the bucks later already that's what . you're saying is once you've done your . magic i'll be able to put the gs in the . psp oh yeah . [music]. if you're doing what everyone else is . doing you're doing it wrong morning . folks. no there is madness semi tomfoolery of. riding in this i've booked in two whole . talk motorcycles to do and this is the . only time they are free for the rest of . the month. and i have something big planned for the . end of the month which i need if i kill . top four so this is the only opportunity . of caught thankfully some good friends . of mine pete and colin are also going to . hilltop and they've thought ahead and . they've gone in higher divine but i've . got to get to bromley to get in the van. so the main roads don't look too bad so . i can just get out of my bit here . through the freezing fog get to bromley . i can get it in the van and i'm nice and . warm and safe for the drive up and all a . lot of you are gonna think i'm foolhardy . stupid ignorant ridiculous all of the . above that needs must . so it's gonna happen or at least i'm . gonna try and make up and i saw me a . proper test of these gloves too because . it's currently that's just plus one but. the way they're up says minus one right . i'm gonna change because i don't want . dynamic control i want. in judo pro . oh there's a box later already oh girl . not enjoying nothing okay . this road main road seemed okay . thankfully she's a godsend his this road . can be notorious bluebell hell can be . really bad geez freezing fog i wish i . had my visor cranky well there's not . gonna be any need to blur the speedo . sure the same twenties like . she was okay shut up fairly sociable . speed hopefully i don't have anything . coming right up my chuff oh well let's . see how we go on god orbital good . a lot planned this year but a lot of . trips coming up three trips there . because i'm off to morocco in april a . little quick trip at the end of march . end of this month i've done public . transport all weekend and overworked i . couldn't get in on thursday south . eastern religious stop trains there's no . they're not run it out rishi it's none . other staffs fault i appreciate that but . why is it it's not even be that part the . weather we've had some snow yeah. and it's called down to i think - 7 - 8 . and well minus 12 or think it got back . to one night the trans-siberian express . prime example - 40 acoustic and that . train runs canada the trade turn . scandinavia the trade front admittedly . they're probably more you stir that us . is it's not often we get such cold. winter i remember these things happening . that i was growing up and life just . continues that literally that victoria . ain't grown to a halt yesterday they . just her own damn own better off getting . a taxi but should never children quentin . so stood her own for almost three hours . so then eventually thought robber this . go on a train to gatwick airports. thankfully missus teapot came to my . rescue okay . it did cost me dinner though never would . know good freezing fog more some arrive . alive and all larger at set foot than . just one piece actually yeah this is . definitely not the greatest . it's called go to one yeah i'm not sure . if you can tell folks but i'm not really . enjoying this jesus i see a sudden thing . yeah that's not fun . what am i doing otherwise away from . these cloves it's okay . nowhere near as good as a laser cut do . miss that can't wait to get a new one . laser cats are very kindly sending me a . replacement . well another replacement wise cat thank . you very much to those of you who who . contacted weizsΓ€cker after watching the . video telling them that i didn't have . one anymore that's very kind of you . you didn't need to do that but thank you . very much appreciate it . okay we're above freezing now that's not . too much wow you can you can actually . feel the change just like 1 degree 2 . degrees you feel like i mean it's not. it's not shorts of sunglasses we're . there i admit but it's definitely a . little bit warmer than it was a minute . or two ago still not entirely sure or . metastases of god . don't often see the old bill setting up . now some then 20 north bones just before . the m25 slip four junction one they set . up on the left very occasionally and . often on the other side of the road safe . mode as well so keep an eye out for them . purely for your information obviously i . know exactly what these car drivers are . thinking i'm kind of thinking it myself . oh god those side roads look a see helga . ah you're going from a good solid . bavarian boxing weight to an out-and-out . nympho oh hell top just turn the gs into . what it should be . what an utter weapon of a bike it. becomes lots of people looking at me. like i'm a lunatic i know people i kind . of feel that way myself whose idea was . this i don't are you doing your right . right getting them into the back of the . van. [music]. when you're coming to health ops . remember the biscuits you'll finally we . made it i was up feet all right mean was . it pretty much yeah though traffic . [music]. [music]. just on your facebook yeah links to the . facebook down below . when you're saying is once you've done. your magic i'll be able for the gs in . the bsb oh yeah top ten at least nice . like massa got into you . interesting to see what is stole the . watch they would expect . but i've done a lot more miles on it . before . yeah. [applause]. what is freedom i think i stole this . from bob dylan but maybe i saw this from . woody guthrie freedom for me is waking . up in the morning and going to sleep at . night and in-between doing exactly what . i want to do . [music]. [applause]. we are able nestin is now nice and . grunty and smooth that portion famous . before we run in the house 117 that's . come out once outside and 103 yeah which . is good at it so i think maybe the cold . airs give that little bit back you see . that's your magic just like that she's . done helga is now gone from one or one . stock to 117 as you can see it smoothes . the fuel in the rater . really does make a hell of a difference . books i cannot recommend it enough. details will be known the lowest on what . you need to do now we're gonna do piece . like an expectant father what was the . initial read we didn't get one because . bmw on there that makes it run so lean . they would ruin the engine so we don't . exhaust in field days running right so . we're just straightening your magic . [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. foot-pound of torque massive bold you . talk there all the way from peach . s1000rr is no running . with a peak of 205 and what's your talk . [music]. ninety-five point two i think i beat you . on the talk . rp jaffe are very happy well it's a . certificate god that's a . bit different i offer an imd then yeah . yeah scary is this a very much ok we're . miles different to anybody else if you . want to find out what makes us different . come and see us we're guarantee you a . laugh and biscuits good job . yeah very good very happy that sophie . you're happy chappy very happy yeah it . wouldn't be his 205 t95 break and how . did you find the whole process there . that hilltop you're really good the guys . guys at brilliant really really nice . friendly and. cup of tea throwing biscuits i think . that it helps that we didn't there was . everyone else there were the only ones . there so we had quite a bit of time to . have a chat with them but yeah we . it wasn't rushed at all yeah he did say . there was six there's six others or six . including us proper teens today but the . others of councils i don't know why why . would the council so you're thinking of . getting your kids six weeks time yeah . that'll be and the same magic done to it . i'm jeff lamar was saying that the key . 1,300 apparently comes up lovely with . their little bit magic watch so if . they're saying not who knows what you're . gonna get well they've done a few of . them they see they must know to . thoroughly recommend it folks this isn't . too bad no actually so pete tell us . about the parking . yeah it's part of it it's more a male . abandoned but it's partly for money . isn't it my van why have once basement . enough six oh thank you very much here . help me preciate it . oh yeah sure that's us back into bromley . and no right on the road see much better . now i spied sip . so much more car just straight away you . can feel it . it's insane just just pulling away like . that straight away there's more pork . there's more oomph and the fuelling . normally on a gs my stock gs is not . great at low speed. stay there like a model it's quite large . there's just none of that no anything at . all just southern southern smooth power . delivery oh kind of wait to get this on . some drier roads a little bit warmth in . the road and the tires and then we can . enjoy it . well pete spike was a bit of surprise . wasn't a 205 3 horsepower that's at the . wheel folks we're supposed to be doing a . track day with those lots second to me . of brands but i can't get the table fork . nope i'm going on your we've left we've . got it . currently booked on to the i am thruxton . radar skills day in august so we're . currently have four degrees oh lovely . we're in the spring you know awesome . visor steven on . jesus has definitely got a lot . that's ridiculous god there's the voice . will not quit . it's just that publish boop boop boop . now top i love you ah welcome to the . family helga you jesus christ us . ridiculous. .

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