Imagineers Ready Slinky Dog Dash Ride Vehicle | Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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The ride vehicle, which is themed after the character of Slinky from β€œToy Story,” took Imagineers from multiple disciplines a few years to design, so the group was thrilled to see the finished product arrive on the site firsthand. Read more at the Disney Parks Blog:
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Imagineers Ready Slinky Dog Dash Ride Vehicle | Disney's Hollywood Studios
(upbeat music). - it's very exciting to see. the first train get here. right now it's an amazing. time for the team. the fact that we've received. the first train, on site,. it's a great time for all of us. it's been years in the process. you see it on the screen in 3d models. once you finally see it,. you get to appreciate. the full, creative aspect of the train. next thing, we're going to be getting this. into the maintenance bay. - we lifted em up, put em. on the back of a truck. slowly took em across. property into the back. of disney's hollywood studios. off-loaded them. hooked em up to a special rigging device. that we use to lift them up. and put them on the track. we slid it in to its first. position, and its new home here. it's all ready to go. we're excited about this final phase. of getting into testing,. and getting ready to. provide a great experience. for our guests. - this is a big milestone. of a big expansion. of disney's hollywood. studios, and we're so excited. to bring it to our guests. it takes a lot of people. to get where we are now. a lot of different. disciplines have come together. to create slinky, and now he's on site. - [bob] we've made a. family friendly attraction,. but we didn't want it to be. considered a kiddie ride. this is a ride for the whole family. it's fun. it's exciting. it's thrilling, but it's not scary. - [hannah] we're gonna. take slinky's personality. from the movies and bring. him to this attraction. - so, there's elements on the track. that are designed to take. into account the slinkiness. of the toy, and you realize. it's a rollercoaster,. but it's also this fun character. that's gonna be out in the land. you sort of get a little. goose bumps seeing it. for the first time. - we've seen him in digital form. we've seen him in mock ups,. and now we're seeing him. in real form and in real size on site. i am so excited and so. honored to be a part. of this amazing team at imagineering. - one of the best parts about our job is,. as soon as we open for the first time. and you see the guests come. off and they're clapping. and high-fiving each other, that's really. the best part of the job for us. (upbeat disco music). .
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