Indonesian Street Food at Gianyar Night Market in Bali – ALL FOOD FOR ONLY $5.07!

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Pasar Senggol, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
The night market in Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia, known as Pasar Senggol is an amazing place to eat a range of different Indonesian Balinese street food!
One evening, we headed over to the market at about 5 pm to start eating, and in this video I’ll show you everything I ate on this Balinese street food tour.
Babi guling - Babi guling, or Balinese style roast pig, is one of the ultimate things you have to eat, especially if you enjoy pork, when you’re in Bali. I started the street food tour off with a plate of babi guling. I was alright, but could have been better had it been hot and fresher.
30,000 IDR ($2.20) per plate
Sweets - Along with full meals, you’ll find an abundance of Indonesian street food snacks and desserts. Klepon was my favorite.
1,000 IDR ($0.7) per box
Nasi ayam campur - This stall served one of the best single plates of food I had in Bali, ayam betutu and some mixed chicken all over a plate of rice with all the toppings and mixes. The food was sensational, packed with flavor.
25,000 IDR ($1.84)
Tipat cantok - Similar to another common Indonesian street food called gado gado, tipat cantok includes rice cakes and bean sprouts in a peanut sauce. It was pretty good, and I enjoyed how you could watch her making it in front of you.
7,000 IDR ($0.51)
Serombotan - Finally, to end this Indonesian street food tour in Bali, I had a serving of something called serombotan, a delicious mixture of vegetables and coconut and shrimp paste. It was surprisingly very good and flavorful.
5,000 IDR ($0.37)
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Caption: Hey everyone hope you're having an. amazing day it's mark wiens i'm in bali . indonesia and one of the best places you . can come for a night market of. traditional balinese indonesian street . food is called pasar saengil which is . indian yarra so we just arrived this . evening they're just opening up there's . a lot of street food to choose from here. and we're gonna start eating i'm hungry . [music]. there's an amazing choice of valen ease . food to choose from but there's no . better way to start than with babi . guling which is one of the most famous . of all balinese dishes it's the roasted . pig and they have the entire pig sitting . up front there yeah i don't know if . there's anything better than been . sitting with your your face to the to . the snout okay thank you. alright babi guling is served hi kathy . bar counter chefs counter seedy they . have they have all the food laid out and. you just sit down they have seats around . the stall and i got a classic place of . bubbies ruling complete with everything . there's the the roast pig you get a . little portion of the skin and then some . of the meat down there some of the. sausage another type of sausage and then . some crunchy pork cracklings and then . some other sambal all over a little . scoop of rice okay let's get started and . dissect this plate oh yeah so you lift . up look at that skin it's so crisp yeah . you can see you can just hear your fork . that hardness and you can just see it. glistening and then under here they have . some of the chopped up pork and then . some sambal mixed in here oh and i think . that's some lawar as well i got coconut . long bean salad . [music]. hmm oh yeah hmm . oh the stumble in there the meat is . really nice and tender and then i got . some of that some of that relish just . that love are you can taste the coconut . in there you can taste the the coconut . and the long beans yeah that's the bite . you crave when you leave i'll be gluing . that crunchy skin okay let's try some of . that sausage there i know that dark when . it's the blood sausage but i'm not sure . what the the white one is that . definitely looks like a an intestine . rich sausage oh i think that might be . egg sausage sort of has like a spongy . egg spring to it oh i really love the . pork cracklin here cuz they're so so . like airy they're like just bubbles of . chris penis what truly makes babi guling . so fabulous is the different mixture of . all the ingredients so you not only have . the skin in the pork but you also have . all sorts of different textural and . flavorful excitements including the. sambal the lo are the satay the the pork. crackling all sorts of all sorts of. different things go into a plate of babi . guling okay time for that blood sausage . huh sort of just squeezes like a like a . tub of toothpaste oh okay i guess you . can't cut that in half you need to just . eat it all in one bite . that's a little on the smooth like . chocolaty side for me how are you hello . okay babi guling is complete that was a . delicious plate of food that was a real . street food version it was it was very . good but it was a little it served a . little bit cold so i think it would have . been better if it was really like piping . hot and a little fresher but really hot . but still it was it was very tasty and . that sambal was fantastic along with the. crispy pork. you'll find quite a few snack little . dessert install sweet snap dolls and . they're pretty busy right now but they . have a bunch of desserts set up in the . back and then they package everything . into little little plastic little boxes . and then you can get them i think every . box is just one thousand rupiah's so we . got a couple boxes to try what's the . name of this one : . plastic and there's a there's a staple . and you don't want to eat this staple . okay and these are little bite sized . you're like one all right and so you can . see that there's coconut all around the . outside of this and it feels well it . feels very squishy in your fingers oh . [music]. it's really surprising you're not . expecting that as soon as you bite down . it's really really pillowy and soft but. as soon as you bite down like a an . explosion of sweet syrup comes into your. mouth three dimensions to it the surf on . the inside which i think is palm sugar . the gooey rice cake and then the fresh . coconut on the outside okay make sure . you you keep track of those staples so . that you don't take a bite of a staple . which would be a pretty bad idea put . some coconut on top and you can see . these are kind of like them oh well . they're kind of like dense this is okay . you've got a little we've got a little. packet here of palm sugar well thank you . my tea a little packet of palm sugar so . you put some on the top yeah it's nice . map as you want okay depending how much . of a sweet tooth you have you can add as . much of the palm sugar syrup as much as. you like how much do you want my day oh . that much more i love sweet one okay . this one is for you . my day you have that one all you want . more coconut no okay . i'll add some more coconut well that's . like a that feels like kind of like a . blob of extra cooked noodles that start . to stick together. that kind of tastes like a very very . well cooked dough or like boiled dough i . know. [music]. they have quite a few stalls on this . side but then they also have a lot of . street food stalls on the other side so . we're crossing over the street now to . the other stalls. it's time for another plate of food . [music]. we have arrived at the next stall and . this is a plate of food that looks . absolutely incredible and look at my my . background you've got some grilled . chicken they have some ayam to do which . is one of the most common one of the . most famous balinese dishes it's a it's. a chicken which is just for the plates . of food that they are serving up as well . as to the testament of how busy this . place is this is a musti that we had to . stop here immediately . we just ordered that nasi campur which . is gonna be a plate that includes a . little bit of everything a mix tumbler . means a mix this is an impressive plate . of food i can't wait till mine comes i'm . just i'm just. eyeing it in awe i'm beginning with a . cup of iced tea oh good classic this is . my drink of choice at waterloo ins just . black tea with no sugar and just iced . it's very refreshing and then before . your main plate of rice comes they serve . you a soup there's some meeting here oh . here it arise . oh that's a beautiful point of food this . is absolutely insanely beautiful and i. love how they've just piled everything . on top of the rice you've got that the . scoop of rice on the bottom and then . they have some some of the grilled. chickens some of the ayam - - and then . there's some water down there there are . some peanuts and roasted peanuts there. are there's half an egg there's some. cucumber there's two different types of . sambal there's a like a red sauce sambal . and then there's a sambal matah which is . the there's some shallots in there and . chilies and i think coconut oil that is . five-star gourmet right there oh that's . gorgeous. this is a plate of food that makes me . happy before even taking my first bite . and you can kind of reach in with your . fingers and grab a little bit you can . add some peanuts you can add some low . bar and some of the chicken and just mix . it with the rice and then take your . first bite. wow. oh that is insane all the texture of . that drumstick is unbelievably creamy oh . that's so good and then mix with that . sambar the shallots in there the chilies . oh man i got some crunch from those . salty peanuts. that's insane oh that is that is . award-winning. the texture of that chicken unbelievably . good i love it with both of the some . walls you've got that red sample which . is a little more sweet and then the the . shallots ombo is you just pierce salty . and kind of oily and just pack the . flavor. it's so good this is an amazing meal . [music]. man i love it okay now moving under the . head . well the egg has a little bit of a . bounce to it this is such a properly . good mixture of flavors and combinations . okay next up i'll try the soup here and . there's a banana trunk in here as well . as some kind of meat i think chicken . bones. yeah let's taste like chicken broth and . there might be some turmeric in there to . make it yellow as well that's really got . to to complement the whole meal . wow that was incredibly good that was . one of the better single plates of food . that i've had in bali i loved that. mixture the flavors were delicious . really fresh really vibrant and not to . mention pretty that was ellis like . gourmet placing and decoration . there are a lot of things to eat but. there's a lot of repetitions so there's . a lot of stalls selling the same dishes . so there's actually not not a huge huge . variety but there's there's still a lot . to to try and sample medina . we stopped next for a dish called teapot . chen-pang and it looks very similar to . me to gado-gado . indonesian gado-gado and she she made . the whole thing right before me i . watched her make it she first added in . to the big giant stone mortar and pestle . but the flat one she added some peanuts . but it almost looks good kind of like . peanut brittle and that she added in a . couple chillies some garlic and that she . mashed that up with the batter and then . she added in some water to make a sauce . consume that entire stone base was just . covered in sauce and then she added in . that kept upon which are rice cakes . which are steamed in palmer use and then . she chopped that up into the into the . the peanut sauce and then she added in a . handful of i think their baby bean . sprouts and then finally she added in . some lime some topped it with some . crispy onions crispy shallots and then . finally drizzled it in some i think. that's kicked out my niece which is the . sweet soy sauce so this is a very . interesting dish she made it all fresh . and this is a it's pretty cool i'm . digging in and you can see the big . chunks of rice cake you can see oh. there's some cabbage in here too and if. she just coated everything evenly in . that sauce. hmm yeah truly peanutty it has that net . real contrast it's both salty and sweet . but nothing overpowering each other . you've got the rice cake which is really . soft and then you've got the slightly . blanched bean sprouts and cabbage which . give it a different texture as well oh . and i forgot to mention they served in . on the classic ajinomoto plate it's kind . of like a salad mixture but then it's . it's very dense it's very filling . because of those those rice cakes in . there but i like i like the mix that she . made it's a little bit spicy you can . taste the garlic in there and then it . really is both both sweet and salty at . the same time with that nice peanut . flavor. [music]. and i'm having another cup of iced tea . my beverage of choice oh man this is one . of those straws that when you when you . suck it it closes so it's kind of kind . of got a drip kind of slowly . oh thank you . they're really nice especially the . elderly auntie who made that she's . really she's really an expert how she i . loved watching her make that i love . watching things that are made like that . when they especially with a mortar and . pestle and how they squish the . ingredients and just pound everything . out but that was to me that was very . similar in taste to gado-gado . but with a little bit of a different . ingredient component makeup within the . market you will find quite a few stalls . serving snack which is called from . bhutan and it's a it's again it's a . mixture of many different components and . she has all the different things laying . out there's some bean sprouts there's . some water spinach i think some long . beans there's some green banana slices. there's some soy beans and then some . peanuts and then she mixes everything . into a paper cone and then she added in . some spicy coconut plus some peanut . sauce and some sambal kamakazi oh it's a . spoon dude it looks pretty good that . it's actually all just vegetables and . then just that that saw different sauces. and so i think you can just kind of this . is kind of like a boiled vegetable snack . oh i really like that mm-hmm that's . delicious . i was expecting it to be more sweet but . it's not sweet at all i thought it was . gonna taste exactly like it looks but . it's actually better than it looks it's . really good the vegetables are nice and . crisp and then you've got the crunchy . soybeans and crunchy nuts in there and . then what really comes through is that . that coconut man that coconut is awesome . and the green banana in there that's a . that's a wonderful mixture i really like . it and you kind of got a scoop towards . the bottom because in all that sauce . starts to go to the bottom man i'm . impressed by how good this one is that's . awesome and it's really really healthy . as well just all vegetables and that. coconut and peanut and on that note i . think we're gonna wrap up this tour of . pasar saengil this is a great little . market what i like about it is that it's . very relaxed it's very laid-back you can. come here and just kind of stroll around . and you can go from stall to stall and . try you can get snacks both snacks and . whole plates of food so thank you very . much for watching this video please . remember to give it a thumbs up if you . enjoyed it i'd love to hear from you in . the comments section below and if you're . not already subscribed click subscribe . now for lots more food and travel videos . goodnight from the night market and i'll . see you on the next video thanks again . for watching . .

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