JAPANESE LUNCH BOX on Shinkansen Bullet Train

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Today we're taking the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto via Nozomi, the fastest Shinkansen! To keep our taste buds entertained for the nearly 2.5 hour ride, we dive into bento. These Japanese lunch boxes are packed with such detail. They are like mini buffets, but in mini portions. Watch the video to see the food adventure unfold :)
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Note: This video was filmed in March 2018.
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Caption: Today we're taking the shinkansen train . from tokyo to kyoto specifically we're . riding nozomi the fastest shinkansen . with limited stopping points the journey . will take less than two and a half hours . to keep our taste buds entertained we . explore the world of to go bento box hey . guys greetings from tokyo we are taking . the bullet train to kyoto as our first . time let's get in line to buy our . tickets that's right we didn't purchase . them in advance everything's in japanese . but guess what i know how to read time. the cashier hands us a paper showing . seat options in english non-smoking or . smoking window seat or aisle seats . seaside or mount fuji site total cost is . 27,000 480 yen for mommy oh and i which . is about $250 us there's a place where . you could get your tickets by a machine . but we wanted a human service face to . face 11:51 . we are gonna go pick up a bento box for . lunch to go on we actually have a shop . inside the station a rainbow of options . await you with a year into seafood or . our vegetarian they got you covered all . this uneven rectangular egg reminds me . of aladdin's magic carpet lalalalala i. love how this eel is not cut into bits . its shape and size is embraced rather . than fitting the eel into a box the box . is designed to house it typically bento . box interiors are divided into. rectangles and squares this one is a . rebel engraved lines create a triangle . wait a second illuminati dun dun i . believe that this hole down a border . there we come later if you love rice . this box is for you . nearly half of it contains white rice so . cute how the umeboshi is just chillaxing . in the middle a horizontal line of black . sesame seeds sandwiches it each . compartment. looks like contemporary art the last . compartment is a minimal painting i'd . hang it in the dining room or living . room but not in the bedroom i think . about food before sleepy time and go on . a midnight snacking spree . we got our bento boxes it's only 12:01 . 29 minutes to kill before our train . departs let's head to the platform . anyhow better to be a little early than . missed the ride in a rush . bento stalls are on the platform so if . you have only one minute to spare before . a train departs this is your chance . there's also a mini convenience store . nearby for snacks and drinks wait a . second is this a restaurant in the . middle of a railway platform they sell . various noodles with seaweed tempura. wild plants and tofu we already have . food so let's find our car number which . is 14 we had the choice of hitting a non . reserved seat or reserved seat to get a. reserved seat owes about dollars . i figured it's good to get a reserved . seat because . it's really packed there's no guarantee . that mom . gessie next each other guess what . boarding time the legroom situation is . two thumbs up if i were seven feet tall . maybe not so much power disclaimer . supply voltage may shut down or . fluctuate so i thought this window opens . up but it seems to be a mini counter . here we have the option to get shady . see you later tokyo we need to hang out . again sometime soon there's still so . much left to discover of you guess what . this flap does it brings you down in a . good and relaxing way mommio joins in . kay but let's eat 360 tour of ma baby . mommy oz box has a dragon fish on a roof . my box is decorated with flowers and . ornaments unboxing makes it feel like. christmas all over again . and now for the big reveal the paper. seems to explain the items in the bento . box though all in japanese . step 1 remove the plastic sheet step to . admire the textures shapes and colors . i'm not sure what is what but i do know . that i'm excited we know what the top . floor looks like let's venture. downstairs mmm first floor also looks . promising nom nom nom nom oh my bento . box is like a buffet we have a little . bit of everything but in small portions . romeo's turn a pair of wooden chopsticks . are taped to the box tada . the wrapping transforms into a placemat . abracadabra potato salad and radish . share the same unit with mr. cutlet . their neighbors are ill mushroom and. greens before we dig in a family . portrait bomyeo will start us off with . pom katsu . [music]. riskier than it actually is a little bit . soggy. after all it's a to go style . sweet. right now is probably sweeter than i can . taste under the dome katsu is a bed of . white rice the neighboring compartment . also contains rice on top they slice so . thinly that it almost looks like noodles . in the attempt to honor my mother with . the first bite the tempura proves to be. a challenge the struggle is real . this is membership i would wrestle with . not pickle here we have a black and . white rice combo which meets shades of . purple something pickled must be on the. top. [music]. this is vanya . i skate . just admire the texture on this guy this . must not eat it . it's plastic grass looks crunchy and . pimply the colorful specs make it look . more fun. [music]. [music]. this pickled radish has the shape of. sliced bread . [music]. taro is it you top and bottom views are . a hexagon and the sauce is so closely . dripping now this must be potato covered . in black sesame tamagoyaki japanese . rolled omelet break it in half so mama . yo can try it as well as expected sweet . slavery what is this some kind of route . why is it great it's hard to break it . what the chopstick put a seat . the ingredient remains a mystery if you . know what it is please do kindly inform . us dissecting this bento box is an . adventure it's a bit of an unknown . territory to me like exploring a jungle . on a treasure hunt except here we are . seeking flavours. as tofu . whoa so glossy combo maki our kelp rolls . the belt i believe is dried slice of . gourd it's like candy candy the interior . reveals layers kind of like fruit . roll-ups on to the salmon golden tones . embellish the skin if you did not get a . chance to buy food before boarding no . sweat. an attendant comes by with a cart filled . with snacks and drinks including beer. and choo-choo . do your throat it would have a nice . lovely flavor . version of great squid mommio tried a . bunch of these with me and you're right . a lot of the side dishes tend to be the . sweet side in japan. my childhood side dishes in korea my mom . they all cars excited sweet in your. mother grew up in japan she was born in . tokyo. thank you this to-go box is pretty nice . if i lived in japan i'd wash and reuse . it back in college when i was an . aspiring architect we used to make scale . models with textures like this. we are more than halfway to kyoto and . just about to pass nagoya . we have luggage to fool around so let's . toss the trash before exiting the train . these doors have motion sensor quite . handy for flu seasons near the exit is a . map showing where the smoking rooms and . trash bins are woohoo we made it to . kyoto i noticed there's a non-smoking . waiting area on the platform perfect for . cold winter days this looks so good . appears to be the love child of donut . and layered sponge cake hope you guys . enjoyed writing the bullet train with us . and exploring the jungle of bento box. remember to click the subscribe button . for upcoming food and travel videos if . you want to see more vlogs check out my . other channel sweet and tasty tv all . about adventuring around in korea see . you next week bye bye . .

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