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[music]. to everyone that thinks travel is . expensive or staying in bali right now . and this guesthouse. shirani how much you each pay four bucks . four dollars so meals in indonesia . cost less than a dollar gotta move here . we are at the monkey forest . my friends let's find more friends. this monkeys making sure we read the . guidelines today's weather court with . sutton it's one . it's raining from a truck they were . seeking shelter and me . it's wired . dropping it off on the inside don't . break it don't don't eat it not for eat . acaba he reject you isn't drop them all . on the ground after one step and even . try and taste these are . he was stressed eating these pretzels . i'm running out of money and my bank . account just got hacked by some . something in indonesia and youtube won't . pay me any adsense money i think we're . in bali i only have a couple of days . left until we're going back to thailand . and then jason's going home and then i'm . in thailand for a couple more days but . no oh yeah. i think i'm just gonna die okay bye . please bus . those have a big baby . and then there was one name is jason . already as well i've been like a day . hope it's not too loud here it's really . hard to find somewhere quiet . this has been a weird last two months we . started out in thailand went to myanmar . cambodia indonesia and now i'm back in . thailand even though i have cystic . fibrosis that i guess i'm technically . homeless in the united states and i have. all these problems i still have so much . more than most of the people here like . in in myanmar there are people whose . houses are just getting bombed and these . people have like nothing i guess coming . here made me realize how lucky i am . it really changes your perspective on . everything i'm in bangkok now for about . a week i go back to united states i'll . be living in my car again for a while . trying to save up some money so i can . travel some more okay my camera is about . to die i hope you enjoyed all these . travel vlogs i might keep making videos . from my car anyway back to the moon . seats okay that's a bite . .
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