Living Off the Grid in Paradise

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Warrick Mitchell lives deep in one of the world's most remote locations: Fiordland, New Zealand. His home in the country’s oldest national park is nestled in a vast wildness accessible only by boat or airplane, a four day's walk from the nearest road. Life in isolation can be hard, but surrounded by breathtaking, pristine natural beauty, plentiful wildlife and a small but tight-knit community that is always willing to lend a hand, Mitchell would have it no other way.
This story is a part of our Frontiers series, where we bring you front and center to the dreamers, pioneers, and innovators leading society at the cutting edge. Let us take you along for a trip to the oft-imagined but rarely accomplished.
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With four days walk from the nearest . road the landscape vast the wildernesses . almost unlimited access is by aircraft . on foot or on the right day you can vote . it but it's a challenge in itself really . we are at the mercy of the weather and . the tides and our day-to-day life it's . difficult living out here but if you do. what's needed and everything's come. together it's a really rewarding place . [music]. warren mitchell is in fuel and new . zealand oldest and largest national park . it covers over 12,000 square kilometers . but is home to only a few dozen people . the parks massive mountain ranch . isolates warrant from civilization . living out here like everywhere you need. shelter could dry camp we had solar . panel for power lighting and satellite . communications we have a quad bike we . have two boats fishing and diving and we . have the freezer which keeps our food . and our produce called we rely on . rainwater for drinking water so that's. not too hard with seven meters of . rainfall annually we largely live off . the land when you're living off the land . you really at the mercy of the weather. and the elements so there's certain . times that will allow you to go out and. how to deal catch a fish capture the . menu. you have a down day and the waves are . really good you more than likely going . to go surfing at the way that good but . the rule is looking nice you might catch . a trout if the way the flat the oceans . coming like those sea fishing at the . ocean stormy you make up the river for a . client will go through the bush and. sequence body . [music]. living in the world and this doesn't . mean you're living in isolation from . people we certainly couldn't be doing . what we do if it wasn't for that . politics and our neighbors and our. friends whether it's the harshness of . environment and being so isolated that . brings people together or the fact that . the people that are willing to travel to . aspire to have like-minded our passion . for the environment and the outdoors. one thing's for sure over the years is . that the communities become really . cutting it can go out here to turn this . land into internal just see if she wants . to work not when things break or things . don't go your way it's always really. important to remember here in the green . to experience being out here and . enjoying being out here. everything else is a bonus so you can't. get too serious of one thing breaks i . don't know too many places in the world. where you can stand on about looking . back and you can just see the ocean . leading into forest leading into massive . snow capped mountains in place shaped . base with pristine rivers and clear . water the trees out instead with 200 . years ago the people that i bring out . here they get to experience this nature. as it was and as it should be and we try . to keep the area and the environment. pristine and this little corner of new . zealand . [music]. .
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