Mexico city has some of the BEST street food in the world! Mexican street food is something you need to travel here for to taste! It's Street TACO HEAVEN! The street food in Mexico is insanely delicious, with tons of local Mexican street food recipes to taste on every street corner! Myself (Trevor James, The Food Ranger) and my wife Ting Ting flew in to Mexico city to eat as much delicious street food as we could, and found tacos covered in salsa and tons of hot spicy dishes to eat on every street corner!
If you love street food videos and street food vlogs, this street food compilation is going to make you hungry for more! You can travel here with us through this travel vlog and discover 7 amazing street foods of Mexico city.
To start the day, we went for a Mexican breakfast, found on the street corner.
Here, we tried the tamales, a corn flour stuffed with chicken and a green salsa verde. It was spicy and heavenly!
After this, we went for more Mexican street food, and ate the Carnitas. They were stuffed with pork belly and organs and you can cover them in lime and lots of nice spicy salsa, very delicious! The street stands all throughout Mexico city are amazing!!
After this we went to the famous coyoacan Market in Mexico city to try delicious shrimp and ceviche tostadas! They were so crispy and delicious!
There are so many street foods in this video! After that we tried spicy and salty grasshoppers, and then moved on for more tacos from heaven!
To finish the day, we had 2 more types of tacos. The al pastor tacos and then some delicious brain, eye, and tongue tacos from a street fast food stand.
Here are the addresses for the street foods in this video:
1) Tamale Corn Flour Stuffed with Chicken and Salsa Verde - You can find these spicy Tamales all over the city, but the one we found was on the corner of Paseo de la reforma and Basilio badillo street.
2) Pork Carnitas at Rincon Tarasco Av. José Martí 14, Colonia Escandón
3 and 4) Fish Ceviche and Shrimp Tostadas and Grasshoppers found at the Coyoacan market in Mexico City
5) MASSIVE Machete Tacos/ Quesadillas at Los Machetes
6) Tacos Al Pastor -You can find these Tacos everywhere in Mexico city, so delicious! We found our Al Pastor tacos at Taqueria Escandon.
7) Brain, Tongue, Eye, and Suadero Tacos at El Paisa de Escandón - José Martí 104 Col. Escandón, Gral. Francisco Murguía
My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious street food as I can . I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.
Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critique in the comments below! Please make sure to subscribe, it's the best way to keep my videos in your feed, and give me a thumbs up too if you liked this food video, thanks, I appreciate it! You could also share the video too if you liked it, that would be awesome.
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Caption: - alright, check it out, guys. it's trevor james. we just got into mexico city. we are going on a full-on street food tour. and i'm so pumped. this is just gonna be the best time ever. check it out. this is mexico city and we're. going for a deep street food. tour that you're gonna love. you can explore for days what feels like. an unlimited amount of colorful. and vibrant street cuisine here. all deep in the backstreets. and markets of your dreams. in this mexico street food. tour part one of three,. we're exploring with you. to try seven mouth-watering. street foods so make sure to watch. all the way until the. end because if you do,. you're gonna be rewarded. with some delicious. brain, eye and tongue. tacos drizzled in the most. spicy flavorful sauces from heaven. let's eat. it feels so good to be in mexico city. and i am just so excited. to try tons of street foods. for the next month and. today we're starting out,. we're gonna eat as much as we can. check it out and first up. we're gonna start with a classic. breakfast in mexico city. i think right up here is the. tamale and atole rice drink. (trevor speaks in spanish). first up we had to try mexico. city's most classic breakfast,. the tamale corn flour. wrapped in a corn husk. and stuffed with juicy. chicken and spicy green salsa. when you walk the lineup and. all the locals loving it,. you're gonna want to eat one. of these beauties for sure. look at this, this is the corn husk. gracias, senor. awesome, it feels so good. to be in mexico city. so we have a classic. breakfast here in mexico city. you can see the locals are just lined up. loving the scene here. this is the tamale, look at that. so this here is corn. flour stuffed with chicken. and green salsa verde. look at that, this is like a corn flour. and oh look at all that green salsa. verde and chicken in there. let's make that first bite count. and this is the first bite of. street food in mexico city. let's try it out. ooh, oh wow. this definitely by local. standards is not spicy,. but here, when you try it. out for the first time,. you get a kick of joy and spice. hmm, oh yeah. after enjoying a nice and smooth and sweet. rice drink, we made our way. to try a special version. of tacos found in mexico. city, the carnitas,. these meat-packed sloppy. tacos from heaven. with all different cuts of pork and organs. all marinated in a special. rich stock of pig lard,. burnt sugar for color,. butter milk and orange juice. that brings out the. true flavor of the meat. and from the recommendation from a friend,. i ordered pork belly and it's. a hardy to say, pork uterus. this was the first and probably a last. we got a ton more street. food up ahead today. it's gonna be a great day. i wanna let you know that. we heard you loud and clear. we have brand new travel eat. repeat merch in the description. below and we know that you. love traveling and eating. and going deep for. street food just like us. so this is a great way. to sport your positive. travel mindset and it's. a great way to support us. and keep us traveling and. making these videos for you. so if you love these videos,. go check out that merch. in the description below. this is a limited seven day run. we're gonna try it out and. see how much you guys like it. thanks so much guys and. we got lots of street food. to eat in this video. it is so great to be here and next up. we're gonna get classic classic. tacos here on the streets. in mexico city. hola, hola senor. oh, hola senor. oh, look at this. carintas. oh, this is all the cuts of meat. that we can get with their carnitas. (men speak in spanish). look at this, we're gonna get. some of these cuts of meat in our tacos. carnita joints like this are. truly sloppy taco heaven. just watch the chop station magic. oh yeah so he's just. gonna chop up some organs. i ordered a couple organ tacos. one with pork belly and i believe. this is actually the uterus here. gracias, awesome. oh yes, gracias. so we got two different. types of carnitas here. we got the uterus, oh man. and pork belly with pork. skin and we can top it. with a few different selections of salsa. i think i'm gonna go for this one here. this is a tomato, onion. cilantro, look at that. doesn't that look awesome . we're just gonna top that. i can't believe we're going full on. with a uterus taco to start the day. okay, gracias, gracias. let's go try it out. we're gonna put a little lime. on there after that salsa. let's try it out. that pork belly is incredibly soft,. but i think it needs a little more salsa. there we go. we're gonna try it out. they give you double layer. of corn flour tortilla there. oh yeah. that pork belly is incredibly. soft and fatty and tender. with the lime green chili. salsa, double layer tortilla,. it is like a soft sloppy. enjoyable carnita. that is nice. now we're gonna go in. for this uterus carnita. they really loaded that up. it's okay. it's a bit like intestines. not sure if i like that one. i think i like the. classic pork belly more. first taco stall down. we got a lot more to try. great start to the day here,. but we're gonna keep going. after those juice-packed carnitas,. we made our way to a huge. popular indoor market. full of delicious foods to try. and one really, really famous meal. that you'll instantly fall in love. with on your first bite, the tostadas. here, with a huge. selection of fresh toppings. like ceviche, shrimp and. chicken with dark mole sauce. this is a stall you could. visit everyday for weeks. and try new things each. time, a true heaven. so right up here coyoacan market. and we are gonna go in there. and try some delicious food. i hear there's some beautiful tostadas. let's go check it out. look, there's so many tostada joints. oh, look at this. hola, senor. hola. look at this, look what we found. tostada, look at all the. different flavor of tostada. this must be the ceviche. that is fresh fish. it's actually raw until it's. cooked in the lime juice. and then it looks like. there's also some octopus,. fresh shrimp, oh we have. bigger, fresher shrimp. covered in tomato sauce and. then there's a ton over here. but i think what we cam. here for is definitely. the ceviche and the shrimp. so we're gonna sit down and try those out. (trevor speaks in spanish). that is the shrimp. it looks so fresh and there's. the ceviche and he's put. guacamole there on the bottom there too. gracias, senor. wow, look at those. i have been looking forward. to this for so long. so we've got, look at. that beautiful tostada. so it's on this crispy. tostada on the bottom. this is the ceviche. there's tomato, there's cilantro, lettuce. and avocado on top and. then you can squeeze lime. and i also got a shrimp one. this is what i dream of,. squeezing lime in mexico. and then we're gonna try some salsa here. oh yeah, look at these. different type of salsa,. different type of chili. packed with onion and garlic. mmm, unbelievable. take a couple different types,. get it juicy with salsa. unbelievable. okay there's also some, i. believe this one is extra spicy. looks like radish and. cucumber, fresh chili. we're gonna load it up. and make it beautiful. awesome. so the ceviche, raw white fish. until it's cooked with. lime, lots of cilantro,. onion, let's try it out. wow. (men speak in spanish). oh yeah, that is unlike. anything you'll ever experience. the lime, the cilantro,. the onion and that salsa. is definitely a little. sour and a little spicy. so it's got a freshness. to it from the cilantro. and the onion, but it. also has a spicy kick. and slight sourness and. the fish is so soft. isn't that beautiful . look at all those nice shrimp. they look springy. they definitely look. springy and the tostada. is definitely crispy. this is just honestly, this is like a food. that you can dream about. the flavors, your mouth just comes alive. oh yeah. the lime and the cliantro and the onion. and the salsa combined. to give you an amazing. fresh flavor spectrum. (men speak in spanish). you can just order whatever you like. there's so much here. (duo speak in spanish). what an amazing flavor. that whole thing was. and we're gonna keep exploring. we got a ton of street food to eat today. after eating that delicious. lime, tomato and cilantro. packed ceviche along with the. incredible shrimp tostadas,. we explored deeper into the market. and found a lady selling chapulines,. a classic mexican street. snack: grasshoppers. (trevor speaks in spanish). so check this out. there is some grasshopper here. and we're gonna try it out. nice. (trevor speaks in spanish). that looks great. (trevor speaks in spanish). awesome. we got the grasshoppers. okay, let's try them out. awesome, guys. we got chapulines, grasshoppers. take a look at that. oh yeah. so i believe they fry. these in a bit of salt. and a bit of chili as well. oh, look at those. tons of little grasshoppers. we're gonna get a big bite to. get the full flavor profile. there we go. oh yeah, look at those. you can see the body. you can see it's a little red,. probably from a bit of chili and salt. when they fry them. we're gonna have a big. mouthful of grasshoppers. whoa. it was actually very salty. it has a bit of a sundried chili flavor. it's not spicy at all. it just has this earthy. wholesome sundried aroma to it. crispy, flavorful, salty. that's a nice snack here. in the coyoacan market. and she's just making. nopales, which is i believe. a prickly peared cactus in the back here. and we're gonna hopefully find that later. to put onto some more tacos. we find on the street. gracias, senora. adios, adios. what an awesome market here. we're gonna keep exploring. to finish the day, we're gonna get. a bunch of different type of tacos. from a few different stalls. this is really an amazing. place here in mexico city. after those beautiful. grasshoppers and tostadas,. we made our way to find a true jackpat. monster-sized quesadillas. these are machete-size quesadillas. se

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