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Mexican Street Food Tour in Oaxaca, Mexico! We're going for a Full-on, DEEP street food tour into Oaxaca's BEST street food. Mexican Food is some of the best street food around the world, and we traveled to Oaxaca specifically to eat a ton of amazing street food. Today, I (The Food Ranger, Trevor James) am taking you on an amazing street food adventure through Oaxaca’s best street foods.
Mexico is full of amazing and delicious street food. You can find street food everywhere, from the street corners to the back kitchens, it’s all good. The recipes you can taste when you travel to Mexico is unreal, there are so many different types of street food and Mexican cuisine to try, it would take a lifetime to enjoy it all! In this street food adventure vlog, we’re trying 6 amazing Mexican street foods in Oaxaca, starting out bright and early for a Mexican breakfast with lots of eggs on the comal oven and tortillas stuffed with juicy meat and salsa. This is what dreams are made of, eating the best street food around the world and traveling to taste it, and we’re making these travel vlogs for you, so I would love to hear from you in the comments below!
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Here is what our huge street food adventure day looked like in Oaxaca, Mexico:
1)Amazing Mexican Breakfast with Huevos EGGS on the comal and tortillas full of salsa and juicy meat. (Itanoni Restaurant)
2) Mexican Market Adventure at Mercado de Abastos, tasting some amazing Oaxacan chocolate, a frozen chocolate shake with lots of cacao, cinnamon, and cane sugar.
3) Visit a local weekly street market and tasting empanadas, quesadillas, momotes, and more.
My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious street food as I can . I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.
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Caption: - alright, check it out, guys. it's trevor james. we are in oaxaca, beautiful oaxaca,. and we're going for a full-on. street food tour today. it's gonna be great. there's gonna be a ton. of delicious street food. let's check it out. (upbeat music). we're going deep for. more amazing street food. this is part two of four of. our oaxacan street food series. that's gonna make your mouth water. and today, we found six. incredible street foods. that you're gonna love. so make sure to watch. all the way until the end. to enjoy them all with us. let's eat. so right up ahead, for. the first meal of the day,. we're gonna go to a famous restaurant. for a classic oaxacan breakfast. i can't wait to try this out. i've heard a lot of good things. oh, yeah, all this,. all the oaxacan street snacks are in here. oh, yeah. look at that. that's the comal. that's the comal there. where they're making. the classic stuffed triangular tortillas. look at that. we're gonna go in and. try some of those out. oh, this is the corn. and i hear that this place,. the cornflour is all 100% organic. and you can get a ton of different. stuff on that comal oven. we're gonna go sit down and try it out. look at this. there's a few different types of tetela. - tetela. - tetela, and they just. put a fried egg on there. we are definitely gonna. have to order up a tetela. i think they actually also. have some scrambled eggs,. different types of eggs,. so many different fillings over there. this is gonna be an. incredible oaxacan breakfast. okay, let's go try it out. we truly found the comal oven jackpot. you can order up so. many different varieties. of stuffed tortillas here,. like the triangular tetelas. and the flat blue corn. quesadillas, all grilled. right before your eyes and. stuffed with your choice. of a huge selection of marinated. and spiced meats and veg,. some famous ones being the. tinga del pollo chicken. made in a tomato sauce with. chipotle chilies and onions,. along with some eggs and sausage,. refried black beans, and mushrooms. and when you walk up. and see all the action. and all the flavors,. there's no going back. you've entered oaxacan breakfast heaven. wow, look at what we got here,. a huge oaxacan breakfast. this is the chilaquiles. wow. these are fried corn tortilla. covered in a chipotle sauce. with some cheese, mayo, and onions. unbelievable. and then look at this here. i believe it's called hierba santa,. which is a local herb. on top of this tortilla. and actually, inside, there. should be a fried egg. let's see. oh, yeah. and they make all of this on the comal. yeah, there is a fried. egg in there as well. we have another tortilla here. this is blue cornflour. you can really smell that. there's a fried egg on top. right on top of that comal,. you can see them making. the eggs back there. that smoky comal is really. unlike anything else. and then over here,. we have a few different types of tetelas. this, oh, is like a stuffed corn tortilla. they load it with the. base of fried pork lard,. so it gives it a nice aroma. there's some refried beans, the frijoles,. and then there is some mayo and cheese. and this one, i believe,. is also the same herb that. we got, the hierba santa. and then this over here. is pozole, chicken soup. look at all this corn. that's amazing. and this also should have. that hierba santa local herb. and also a classic chocolate drink,. champurrado, chocolate and corn. and i'm just loving the whole scene here. we're definitely gonna load. up with some salsa verde. this is made with green. tomatillos and chili and onion. and then we're also gonna. add, oh, yeah, look at that,. we're gonna definitely add. some red salsa in there. i'm just gonna wrap that up. oh, yeah, beautiful corn tortilla. (moans) oh, wow. that is definitely, it almost has. like a minty, a mintiness to it. with the salsa, those salsa combined. are actually very spicy. the best part about this whole meal. is the way the flavors are so. wholesome, filling, hearty,. and full of that rich organic corn flavor. we're gonna go in for this tetela here. look at that. beautiful. (moans) oh, yeah. it's all about the filling. that is so flavorful. the filling, those mushrooms,. that really nice mushroom. aroma with onions as well. and the mayo actually definitely gives it. an extra burst of juice. after trying each dish one by one,. like the beautiful rich. corn and chicken soup. with a slight minty kick,. the thick chocolate and corn drink,. and the soothingly spicy. and smooth chilaquiles,. we made our way to a local. market to see what other. amazing oaxacan street. foods we could find. that was amazing. a perfect start to the day,. nice big oaxacan breakfast. we're gonna go to a huge market now. and try out way more street food. it's gonna be a full packed day. of eating oaxacan street food. let's check it out. so we made it into the. largest market of oaxaca,. full of beautiful veg. it really smells amazing. here, full of meat and spices. and we're gonna go in deep and. see what we can find to eat. oh, what's this . what's this up here . so this is tejate. i've heard all about this in oaxaca. it is chocolate with corn, ooh, and ice. and that powdery stuff. is cornflour, i believe. look at that, look at that. that is really what i've. been looking forward. to trying here in oaxaca. i've heard so much. about all of the chocolate. in oaxaca, the cocoa. you can actually see people. grinding the cocoa on the street. and little bowls like this. full of chocolate and corn. let's try it out. (moans) oh, oh. oh, that's really nice. (moans). it's actually a little chalky,. and it's definitely sweet. but there is an underlying. earthy chalkiness to it. that is actually, it's very refreshing. it's kinda like your, you've. got this powdery corn,. and then you've got. really sweet chocolate. we're just getting warmed up. after going deeper into. the market, we found a few. amazing specialties like. stuffed chili peppers,. home-ground cocoa chocolate milkshake,. oaxacan string cheese, and. another huge comal oven feast. we've got a big day of eating,. and we're going deep in to. see what else we can find. oh, wow, just mountains and. mountains of chapulines. it's beautiful. we had these the other. day in the other market,. so we're gonna keep exploring. and see what else we can find,. but this is a true classic. specialty in oaxaca. chapulines, ah. okay, let's keep exploring. next up, we found a corner of the market. that had lots of little. snacks and oaxacan specialties. like oaxacan string cheese. when you walk up, you're. immediately offered a free sample. so we try it out, bought a bag,. and then continued deep into. the food ranger exploration. oh, look at this. oh, the cheese. we found some queso, oaxaca de queso. so this is the oaxacan white cheese. i think it's actually. a bit like mozzarella. and you can see they. sell it all up here in,. it's almost like stringy. and let's try it out. (moans). it's actually seasoned very well. it's quite stringy, a little. rubbery, a little salty. you can get that in your quesadillas,. all the street food here. after buying a bag of that string cheese,. we found even more street. snacks right beside her. oh, yeah, look what we found. there's more here. oh, look at this. we just found, it's like. the full toppings bar. look at this. stuffed chilies. so there's chicken and cheese,. two different types of stuffed chilies. visiting a local salad. bar like this in oaxaca. not only shows you the. diversity and the color. of oaxacan cuisine with. dishes like nopales,. prickly pear cactus salad,. and lots of different salsas. and refried beans, but it. also shows you how friendly. the locals are and how far you can get. just by practicing a few words of spanish. or any new language you're. learning along the way. and for me, that's the best way to learn,. by hitting the market,. going deep, smiling,. making mistakes, and. having fun while you do it,. all while eating delicious food. oh, look at that. it's still warm. oh, very nice. there's actually a thick. layer of batter on that. and let's see inside. ooh, ooh, look at that. it's plump with chicken. that batter is thick. that egg batter, it's almost like. there's a pancake on the. outside of the chicken. it's a smooth tomato,. onion flavor, very fragrant. with that tomato and onion,. almost a little sweet. and there is definitely,. oh, oily, thick batter,. like a pancake on there. oh, yeah, just loving the color,. the smells, the life in the market. and just look at that, look at that. that's one stall, was just one of hundreds. of beautiful, beautiful flavors here. oh, fresh guacamole,. salsas, it's all here,. and we're gonna keep going deeper. into the market and find more. awesome. looks like we also found,. oh, look at this, they're making fresh,. chocolate . - chocolate. - chocolate. oh, yeah, look at this. they're making the powder. that you can put in and. make a chocolate shake. and right when you walk up,. you actually smell a. strong cinnamon aroma. oh, oaxaca de chocolate. look over here. this is where they keep. all the ingredients. there's tons of sugar, cinnamon. there's the cocoa, natural,. and then this one down here. is the raw unground cocoa. and you can get a chocolate. shake with milk here, frozen. i've been looking forward. to this for so long. because this is all. natural mexican chocolate. and they're making it in a. big grinder just right there. watching the preparation. of the chocolate powder. is almost intoxicating. it fills you with this deep happiness. the instant you smell the. strong cinnamon flavor. of all the cacao all being. ground up in the grinder. and it all starts with tons of raw cacao,. cane sugar, cinnamon, and almonds. and it's all poured right into the grinder. and slowly mixed up until it becomes. a fine aromatic powder. that's sold by the box. or made directly into chocolate shakes. this is absolutely the. best chocolate shake. that you'll ever have,. a solid 10 out of 10. oh, yeah, so they're making it. there's the leche, the milk. oh, it's really frothy. and a little more milk. oh, yeah, there it is. nice. (moans) oh!. it's a really cinnamony, sweet, frozen,. refreshing chocolate shake. that is prime oaxacan chocolate. oh, incredible. for our final meal, we made. our way to a local neighborhood. and found a ton of. street stalls all serving. different snacks made on the. classic mexican comal oven,. all made with fresh homemade. masa flour tortillas,. first pressed down and then. put right on to the grill. you can find tons of beautiful snacks here. like stuffed quesadillas,. delicious tostadas,. and plump molotes all. stuffed with your selection. of delicious fillings,. like squash blossom flower,. spiced tomato and chili salsas,. mushrooms and bell peppers,. and of course, with tons. of oaxacan string cheese. we fell in love with the food here,. but i definitely was not prepared. for these ultra stenchy beans,. even stronger than the jenko. or petai beans in indonesia. so we made our way into. a local neighborhood. and it seems there's just. tons of street stalls here,. and we're just gonna roll. up and see what there is. oh, yeah. look at these. oh, and that comal. oh, look at all these. i think these are the molotes,. stuffed little pockets. with chorizo sausage. let's just order one of those each. and sit down with the locals and enjoy. after watching the tostadas get covered. in a beautiful tomato and. chili and potato sauce. along with a mushroom. and bell pepper sauce. with refried beans, pork lard, and cheese,. we ordered an empanada. stuffed with flor de calabaza,. squash blossom flower,. 'cause you just can't help. but order one of these up. when you see the bright. green and yellow colors. standing here really is half the fun,. just watching the cheese. melt and practicing spanish. and after they're all prepared,. you get to eat a beautiful meal. oh, yes. we got a few things here. look at this, a plump empanada. let's take a look. it's like a rich,. it's like a stringy, extremely. almost gooey looking cheese. with all that flor de calabaza. and then we've got two. different tostadas here. they're both on a crispy tostada bottom. this one i think is potato. in a chili tomato sauce. it's got lettuce and. white queso cheese on it. and then this one over here. has a base of pork fat. it has a base of that. frijoles, refried beans. it's got the mushrooms, bell peppers,. guacamole drizzled on there, and cheese. and then this over here is the molote. this should be stuffed with. potatoes and chorizo sausage. and then these here actually,. i think these are called guajes. and i've heard that these are actually. where oaxaca gets its name from. first thing first, load up the salsa. we're just gonna, oh, yeah, salsa heaven. and right on top of that empanada. why not, why not. and we're gonna see what's deep in there. (moans) that's like a mexican samosa. you've got a potato filling,. spiced potato filling. with delicious spicy salsa on it. it's a thick potato filling. it's like there's mashed. potatoes in there. i'm just loving the color of. those squash blossom flowers. look at that, oh. that is absolutely full of stringy cheese. wow!. look at that. it's so thick. it's so thick. real flavor in mexico,. amazingly friendly people. oh, and that stringy. cheese, it's quite rubbery. it tastes a bit like mozzarella,. but you can see that flor de calabaza. it has a rich, dark vegetable flavor,. kinda like a spinach or like. a chinese bok choy almost. and after tasting the. delicious and aromatic mushroom. and bell pepper tostada, i was. reedy to try the guaje beans. but definitely wasn't ready. for the huge surge of odor. look at those. oaxaca is named after these beans. we're just gonna take a few. gotta make that flavor in the mouth. gotta get that flavor in the mouth. let's try it out. oh, it actually has a bit. of an odor, like a stench. it almost, (moans) it almost tastes. like petai stink beans in indonesia. i think i love that. it's very, it has a definite odor. if you like this show and. you wanna help us make. more content for you, you. can buy our tai hao le merch. it's also a great way to. support your positivity. i would love to know what. you thought about this video. in the comments below. and please click that subscribe. and notification bell button. so you don't miss any of. these deep street food tours. oaxaca is a true food heaven. thanks so much for watching. .

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