Moose Charges Lift Line at Alyeska Resort

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Occurred on March 11, 2017 / Girdwood, Alaska, USA
"Late afternoon a young moose walked out of the woods and onto the trail. The moose bothered by pesky skiers whizzing by found itself in the que at Glacier Bowl Express lift, mid mountain. At first it was just another novel Alaskan moment. The sunset had started and to have a moose walking around with the view was fun and a spectacle of sorts. But the skiers kept on doing what they do, skiing into that side of the lift que. The moose was already rather upset and had no great options for movement given the nature of the que and the natural terrain. Skiers were following the trail around a heavy traffic area into where the moose was standing. The moose decided to defend it's ground as moose do and charged. We had people that were not fully aware they were in danger and children in the line to catch the lift when it charged the first time. The lift operators and patrol responded and removed people best they could, as the moose charged the operators, they ran for their lives. Moose are very dangerous actually and are not afraid to trample and kick a person, easily injuring or even killing the victim. The moose then charged again before the moose had had enough and could be coaxed out of the area. The moose continued its way down the hill and later I found it near the terrain park heading towards the hotel. Luckily, no injuries were reported but it was a very memorable occasion for all who witnessed this event. We live in a wild land here, the moose really have the run of the place!"
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