New Rides Opening in 2018 at UK Theme Parks

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In this video I talk about the various new rides and attractions that are opening at theme parks across the UK in 2018. From exciting new roller coasters at Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach to a huge expansion of Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park, I cover all of the confirmed openings in Britain this year.
Stay tuned in the comings week for similar videos talking about new theme park rides and areas in Europe and America.
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Hello and welcome to themed bar . worldwide in this video i'm going to be . talking about the various new rides and . attractions opening at different theme . parks throughout the uk in 2018 now i'm . going to start off by talking about some . of the rides that are more well known . but although i'm moving on to some . different things that you might not know . we're opening in the uk for 2018 let's . start off then by talking about wickham . and the new wooden roller coaster . opening at alton towers this year so . it's a great coasters international. wooden roller coaster . it's the uk's first wooden roller . coaster to be built in over 20 years . incredible it's also been branded as the . world's first roller coaster fusing wood . and fire and now when this was announced . a few weeks ago i lots into a bit more . and thought hang on a minute the world's . first wooden roller coaster at fusing. wooden fire fusing being the word there . it doesn't actually say it's the world's . first roller coaster to use wood and . fire together because we all know that's . not the case there's quite a few rides . out there to name just a couple you've . got whoa done at europa park apocalypse . the ride at six flags magic mountain. they're both wooden roller coasters that. have combined fire effects with the ride . before so gonna be very interesting to . see what alton towers have got planned . with this hopefully we're gonna see some . really impressive effects that's saying . that the rides gonna use cutting cutting . edge special effects mixed in with a . classic wooden roller coaster so looking . forward to seeing how this is gonna make . it a world first compared to the other . wooden roller coasters that have done. that type of effect before and so the . trains gonna pass through a six storey . high burning wickerman on three . different occasions how exciting is that . i mean you've got this massive structure . which we've seen me in built last year . and the coaster passes through it three . times and yeah this massive burning . structure so i'm assuming we're not just . gonna be seeing some fire blasts coming . from this with it saying it's a the . world's first a fuse wood and fire i'm . expecting big scale effects on this . hopefully we're gonna see some sort of . maybe mist screen or something to make . you feel like you're going through it . real fire at the side who knows what. we're gonna see with this one it's . certainly very exciting in terms of when . the rides i mean there's a lot of rumors . and stuff going around at the moment i . would hazard a guess and say it's going . to be ready for the start of season but . at the moment will . saints opening in spring 2018 if all . goes to plan hopefully that will be . ready for the opening day at the park . moving on then to the another big ride . what's opening the uk this year two . massive things open in this country for . 2018 which is great to see we've got . icahn at blackpool pleasure beach . it's a mack ride double launch roller . coaster and it's also the first of its . kind in the uk obviously we've got . launch coasters in this country so just . retail alton towers velocity flamingo . land so there is launch coasters out . there but this will be the first to use . that alice and technology to actually . propel the train forwards and it's not . just going to do it once it will do it a . second time as well now icons really . progressing in terms of the construction . of blackpool pleasure beach you might . have seen some of our updates over the . past few weeks here on the channel it . really is getting exciting and the . airtime hills now in place and just . seeing this ride go up is incredible it . really is obviously we know all the . facts for quite a while for icon now but . we'll go over them again just for those . of you that haven't seen them and so . you've got 15 different interactions . happening with icon with five different . rides there's also going to be two . tunnels including the rides layouts as . well so when they say interactions . that's basically where the ride will. pass on the knee over or next to an . existing ride inside the pleasure beach . with how the compacted this ride into . the park you can see that it's going to . wrap very closely with the big one and . the big dipper and the grand prix . steeplechase so everything in that sort. of area so it's gonna be really nice to . see this running round against all the . other right inside the park it's got an . 80 8 foot tall everman loop that's . already in place we've seen that go up . just over a month ago now and wow how . impressive was that log when we saw like . going up in december i thought wow yeah . it's the highest point on the ride and i . can't wait to see it finished and since . then we've seen the airtime they'll go . into place and we're never going to see . some big drops on there as well drops of . just under 88 feet as well which is . exciting to see so yeah we've got an . immelmann loop an incline loop and an . inline twist to look forward to on this . ride as well so technically it's got two . inversions and an incline loop subject . to if you clasp an incline loop is an . inversion or not because technically the. train doesn't actually go upside down if . you're unsure why incline loop is that . moves up and sort of banks round to the . left alright depending on the way they . incline loops going that makes his way . down into the next element so yeah i'll . leave that one with you guys up to the . side definitely a very intense elements . of the ride even if it's not technically . classed as an inversion icon also reach . speeds of up to 50 miles per hour and so . it's not ridiculously fast please matt . mega coasters aren't all about that i . mean i've done quite a few of them now . out there and most recently for example . in sand a bluefire clone alice in dubai . i went on that it literally blew fire . from europa park and yeah we went on . that and the lord you know expecting a . real fast launch yes it picked up speeds . with it being higher sands but it's . really important to remember with these . mega coasters the more about the freedom . and then how comfortable the ride is . you're not gonna have and i could be a . namco's away you've got your restraints . all the way down holding you in you're . over the shoulder restraints you're . gonna have this bar what does rests just . here around your waist making it a . really comfortable ride experience . especially when you're going through . some of the inversions can't wait to . experience that emel man on the back row . with those train so yeah very exciting . no opening dates announced yet for i got . a blackpool pleasure beach but all we . know is it's gonna be in spring 2018 the . third park i'm gonna talk about in this . video is paulson's park now they've gone . through quite a lot of expansion over . recent years it all kicked off for them . when they built peppa pig world and . since then the park just kept getting . bigger and expanded in more . state-of-the-art rides especially for. the family market we have the lost . kingdom with two brand-new 4-koma . rollercoasters inside a new themed area . there were some existing rides brought . in to that and also some new flat rides . as well so that was big for them and now . 2018 we've got two things opening the . first i'll talk about is little africa . this is the parks little corner of . africa what they're gonna build and it's . gonna be lots of animals birds and like . a savannah style feel to it which looks . really nice we saw it being constructed . when we visited in the summer actually . there's gonna be meerkats porcupines . you've got lizards mongoose all sorts of . different animals and there's also going . to be a nocturnal section so all the . animals that come out at night and also . a flying avery as well there's so much . to see inside little africa and it's. going to be open for february half soon . so just. few weeks to go until that's open at . portland's park coming a little bit . later in the year it's the peppa pig . expansion two brand new rides open . inside peppa pig world and the largest. expansion to that section of the park . since it was opened so you've got two . new rides the first one being the. queen's flying coach ride this is a . royal tour from the queen's castle above . peppa pig world so it's basically a . monorail style rival take you round over . the area allowing you to look down and . see the other rides below so that looks . really cool and also we've got the . grumpy rabbits. sailing club struggling for that some of . these grampy rabbit sailing club there . is a magical boat ride around peppa pig . world and also pirates islands and so . yeah that's gonna be really exciting . that's like a little boat ride and you . got the monorail really round above it. it's exciting times for peppa pig world . palms park i'm sure lots of you gonna go . there and see it . we've actually got a confirmed only date . for that it will be the 16th of may 2018 . over the peppa pig expansion at . portland's park make sure you go down . there and see it . tiger rock is a new experience coming to . chessington world of adventures in 2018 . this is basically a wreath eeeem of the . former dragon falls log flume and that . attraction originally opened at the park . in 1987 since then it got a few little . changes and things but this is a full . reading of the ride to include some new . experiences as well so to start then the . removed peaking heights which was the . ferris wheel located in the area of . mystic east and you'd walk around there . the ferris wheel was at the side and . yeah it was an okay attraction but it . had quite a small throughput so i can . see why they've taken them out and . especially certainly can put in some . brand new tiger exhibits as well so . you're gonna walk around this area . brand new tiger is a bits and then . you've got tiger rock which is the re . theme to the log flume so you can have. some new themed all around it lots of . interaction with the actual animals as. well and there's gonna be a large tiger . head which is which the drops gonna go . through basically any of you might . remember a few years ago they actually . took the theming down around the drop of . dragons falls but they're don't think . they really knew what they were going to . be doing with it going forward and over . the last few years they've obviously . come up with these plans for tiger rock . so yeah it was like. be nice it's not really a new ride but . it's a new experience so to speak and be . able to go to chessington from spring . 2018 and see tiger rock look forward to . seeing what it comes out like to . legoland windsor there now to talk about . their mini land expansion . i love mini land i've just come back . from dubai and actually went to legoland . dubai and that was really good and . seemed mini land definitely the best . milland i've seen out at the legoland . parks have done and it's also got the . world's tallest like a modular burj . khalifa and that was great to see and . check out the blog on the channel if . you've not yet seen it but yeah mini . lion what our favorites and a twins i'm . looking forward to seeing this expansion . you've got two brand new mini lands to . explore one of them is gonna be a usa . theme so hopefully we're gonna see some . famous buildings from the state's being . built and all sorts of things obviously . go to me london windsor and it's so nice . to see all the london structures and . it's good as a good mix of things there. as well lots of older style things and . then you've got a lot of the newer . things there as well so it's good to go . around that many lines i do really enjoy . it and just wish i had a cover over like . in dubai and i obviously do because of . the heat there but can you imagine here . in the uk especially when it's raining . most of the time outside it'd be nice to. have a cover over it but yeah we've got . us a theme coming in and also another. one which is gonna offer a kiss the . chance while and adults as well bigger . looks like because the lines are gonna . seem inland to see landmarks across . india russia australia and china for the . first time so lots of big new buildings . coming in in what's probably the large . text functions a mini land in a long . time so i'm looking forward to getting . to legoland as soon as that's done doing . a video on the channel and of course and . checking it out all these things i'm . talking about in this video we are gonna . be visiting on the channel this year so . make sure you check out our vlogs and . reviews as we go and see them mini lino . expansion at windsor will be opening in . spring 2018 so stay tuned for that one . the final thing i'm going to talk about . then is ice age a land of the lizard . living dinosaurs at the west midland . safari park. nearly got that wrong there so yes . western safari park really nice place . and you might just think with the name . it's just a safari park so much more . than that you've got a leisure park next . to it and then over the past few years . they've been gradually trying to theme . them ride . tractions in to fit with the whole theme . of it live done a really good job they . had to kong a few years ago example of . disco they've got like a little rapids . right there's a log flume there and a . couple of juni coasters so yeah is while . we're visiting and the land of living . dinosaurs is incredible really big . animatronics lots of stuff to walk . around it's really good especially . you've got little ones they're expanding . that with an ice age area this year so . there's gonna be themed caves to walk . through static and animatronic figures . of dinosaurs. you've got replicas of extinct animals . and a massive volcano structure what you . can walk through on various paths as . well very exciting and so i can't wait . to go and see and this year we've got no . confirmed out in date for this yet the . de seine 2018 but no westland safari . park their investments tend to open . quite early on in the year so since i'm . open as a channel get out there and go . and check it out . thank you very much for watching this . video here on theme park worldwide just . going through the different additions to . theme parks here in the uk for 2018 . obviously there's a lot of room and . things going about at various parks at . the moment such as thorpe park and . what's going on there but nothing's . actually being officially confirmed by . the park this video was just to share . what's been confirmed at the various. theme parks and just give you guys an. idea on where to visit this year thank . you very much for watching and that . means it's time to cue those credits see . you soon guys . 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