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We have had some good times with this van!
My name is Brian. I live on the road full time in my self built camper van. Join me on my adventures.
I this video I wake up in Salinas, CA at a Pilot Truck Stop. I drive south to a special camp up in the hills.
Its been an amazing journey these last few years with this van. Change can be scary but with it comes new and exciting adventures!
Thanks for watching!
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***Follow Your Dreams**
[music]. well i'm waking up at this truck stop in . salinas california or salinas california . and they had signs that said to our . parking limit so i went in and talked to . the manager at this pilot truck stop and . he said if i parked up front and stayed. with the vehicle that i should be able . to stay overnight so i went ahead and . laid down and their security guard . knocked on my window anyway later i just . explained to him that i did talk to the . manager and he went away and left me . alone . but now that i'm waking up i'm getting . my coffee going here about ready to pull . out of here noticing that across the . street there's kind of this frontage . road where there's all these cars rvs. and trucks parked where i probably could . have just pulled over there and parked . overnight with no problem as well so it . was just dark and i was tired when i . pulled in here so i just went ahead and . stayed at this truck stop well we are . fueled up and ready to roll the sun is . rising let's do it nice to be back to . those lovely high gas prices here in . california you can see this little . frontage road over here off this main . street all these rigs parked there i . would assume that that would probably . the best place to park especially if you . got a bigger rv because there's really . no room for rvs in that parking lot or . just avoid the area altogether now we're . on highway 101 heading south . we not up this early driving it's kind . of nice doesn't happen the sun in our . face. only gonna drive probably about an hour . and a half i'm gonna try to head for the . hills for the night . get an early start on it this camps . supposed to have a long dusty dirty road . it's supposed to be worth it up at the . top so we'll go check it out . it's really not that long of a dirt road . i think it's only six miles but . they're a little rough they can seem . like forever because you moved in . we'll check it out they haven't had rain . in the area for a little bit we're not . expecting rain. should work out . well i just hung out here for a couple . hours and as expected . pretty much everyone took off all but . two of the campers here it was pretty . much full except for the spot that i . grabbed and now i pretty much had a . choice this one opened up and i'm right . here on the side of this hill look at . that right in the sun which is good . because it's a little chilly get plenty . of sun on the solar panel i do have a . lot of video editing to do today so . that'll be a portion of what i do the . spot is awesome but of you and it's . cleared up the sun is out blue skies air . goes. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. like this view. [applause]. [music]. either just ground beef tacos with the. diced onion diced tomato and some diced. up cilantro a little bit of green pepper . cholula hot sauce on a browned corn . tortilla let's give them a try dang . that's good . they have about four or five more of . those when i show you the next piece of . wood i'm gonna be working with this is a . piece of cherry i just split this i . forgot to show you me splitting it just . took the axe and hammered through so i . got a nice center split and i think i'm . gonna start using this side actually . started shaving off some of the sides . already with the axe and you try to get . a spoon out of this maybe the spoon end . here and this the handle stinking the . spoon in on here but there are a couple . of knots so i think i'm going to avoid . that side there probably end up cutting . off that piece so we'll get started see . what i can come up with . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. well here's what we ended up with so far . this is more like a cooking stirring . spoon a little bit bigger size nice big . bowl still have a lot of finishing work . to do and sanding but this is kind of . the rough finished product here did . these three little kind of mini balls in . the handle they're happy with that so . far this is cherry wood again and i'll . do a little refining in the bowl as well . but i got to go do some video editing so . we'll get back to this probably tomorrow . [music]. thanks for watching everyone i hope you . enjoyed the video i'm not really sure . what the next few days hold for me as . far as travel goes i do know that i'm . really enjoying this spot here and i . think i just might stay a couple or a . few more nights here and just really . savor my last few nights out boondocking . doing the type of camping that i really . enjoy before i get down into southern . california i'm gonna be busy working on . this new van bill taking care of some . personal business and trying to do some . work and make some money at the same . time so bring you guys all along and . we'll keep it posted we'll see you in . the next video take care peace . [music]. .

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