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In today's video we get to meet Julia, a professional woman living full-time in her van (Nissan NV 200) who is a mental health worker at a large hospital in Denver CO. Like many medical providers, Julia works long shifts, which gives her long stretches of days off. Those longer weekends give her more freedom to travel, so when she was looking for a new home, a van was an ideal choice! Take a tour with us inside of Julia’s van and find out how she stealth camps, how she got organized, and how full-timing in her van has improved her life. Find out more about Julia and contact her here:
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No matter how cheap your budget, you can learn something from this video about vandwelling and how to turn your car, van, caravan or RV into a surprisingly cheap and mobile, tiny house on wheels! You'll learn everything you need to know to live in a car, van or RV. Then you can live the life of your dreams by adopting a minimalist, simple and frugal life of travel and adventure as a gypsy, nomad, traveler, vagabond, tramp, hobo or even a prepper by dropping out of the Rat Race and becoming a full-time Vandweller or RVer, @vanlife, #vanlife.
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Caption: Hi everyone welcome back to my next . video today we're going to have a . collaboration between robin and i say hi . robin hi everybody . between her youtube channel and my . youtube channel or you tell us your . youtube channel my youtube channel is . creativity rv and so just to get a . little different perspective she's going . to present today's video i hope you . enjoy it you get something out of it and . check out her channel on youtube and . i'll see you at the end of the video bye . everybody. [music]. okay everybody i'm with julia and we're . here in denver colorado and she's gonna . give us a tour of her van say hi julia . tell us about your van i have a 2015 . nissan nv200 it gets about on good days . it gets about 24 miles to the gallon wow . 80 miles per hour i can get better than . that up to 28 when i'm being good . wow that's great so a lot more . economical than something bigger . absolutely it was not a factor in your . decision it definitely was a factor in . my decision in addition to because it's . a cargo vehicle it has a five-year . hundred thousand mile warranty as . opposed to this wow . 32 thousand mile warranty wow that's . fantastic that provided a lot more . safety for me yeah so before we see your . van we're here in a parking lot yeah . yeah we we met here because this is a . place i see a lot of people stealth camp . and so julia was checking it out but you . do stealth camp sometimes yeah in . environments like this absolutely i work . in the denver metro area and my family . lives down in the colorado springs area . so when i'm up working i do like to . stealth camp overnight too . having to commute back and forth that's . great yeah do you like it what do you . think about it compared to what you . thought it was gonna be like hell can't . be yeah um you know at first it was . really intimidating i have to say i was . always really worried about getting that . knock in the middle of the night mhm . and i remember my first knock i was . actually still camping at the hospital . where i work and security guard stopped . and knocked on the van and i just had to . show proof of my work id and showing . that you know that i worked there since . then though my boss was trying to . solidify some good parking for me at the . hospital and she felt like it was a good . resource for the hospital because then . in snowstorms i'm already there ready to . work and not having to make it from . colorado springs but there was an . incident at the hospital i didn't cause . it. instance then they no longer allow . people to park in the camping lot for . work so i'm now off to 100% self camping . what i'm working what kind of places do . you like to go i really like to be on . busy streets where everybody else is . already parked on the side of the street . so apartments up there's and there's a . lot of great places in the denver metro . area to do that any kind of apartment . buildings and things like that were . there's no parking garage people are . always going to be parked on the side of . the street i also enjoy parking in some . parking lots of different like a car. mechanic shops and things like oh well . what a great idea it is a good idea it's . a little more risky you just don't know . with companies have. and things like that and wanted to their . property throughout the night right so . it feels a little bit more risky but i'm . usually empanada there before we'd be . average yeah okay well you guys don't . know this but we're in denver and it . just snowed yesterday and it's cold out . here. the snow is melted but if julia will be . nice enough to give us a tour of the van . show us how she's organized then we're . gonna actually go inside and finish our . interview because it's warmer inside so . julia show us your van i'm gonna start . you guys at the back of the van just . because you get a better view great and . by the way i met julia at the rtr was. really impressed this is this is my bad . it was really important for me to have . two defined spaces like during the day i . really wanted like more of a living room . type feel this is my kitchen area i will . these are my uniforms but i really . wanted to have a place that i could sit . and do work in addition to then having . you know a bedroom space mm-hmm and so i . normally i'm house-sitting right now so . i don't have all my gear out but i . normally have my stove up here and my . water jugs and stuff like that and all. these compartments store all of my food . and dishes and things like that i made . sure to put some metal bins up top . because the heat does rise from my . cooking just to make sure that nothing . melts or anything like that oh that's a . great tip tell us about the insulation . on the roof i decided that i wanted to . just use some styrofoam insulation . i don't know i have some ideas on how to . finish it off but i want to make certain . that you know before i do it i more . recently got an idea of how to basically . plaster a map affair and i love looking . at doing that so we were just saying . it's cold outside and you do stay in . your van when it's cold i do yeah the . lowest temperatures that i have slept at . have been negative one wow i have a . negative 20 sleeping bag that i used and . i also have a fleece liner that i put . inside of it and there are many times on . a cold night that i wake up in the night . and have to take my arms out to cool off . yeah it looks great . does this fold out yeah so i made this . myself oh wow . and i basically just looked at some . pictures of something similar on . pinterest and then based on the tools . that i still had because i sold . everything least on the tools that i . still had and i came up with something . that worked for me and so yeah this does . pull out into a twin size bed and i . originally had started out with a cot. but decided that when my granddaughter . travels with me it would be nice to have . his face book both of us oh that's great . and the cot definitely wasn't gonna do . that you know were you handy before you . built this yeah i've always being a . homeowner in the past i've always done a . lot of my own household like changing . out toilets doing plumbing like misters . things like that so i've always been . pretty handy great yeah and tell us . about like shower potty oh shower potty . you know the usual if you're a van lifer . you know all the shower party things . yeah okay you know do the usual things . for the potty you know what they are and . if you don't research it bob has a lot . of great videos on that i'll put a . couple of links down below absolutely . and he also you know and also like . showers you know i use a gym and it's . really nice especially after working a . 12-hour shift to be able to go to the . gym burn off some steam take a shower . sit in the sauna. you know wow that sounds great to the . core before it come yeah yeah it's not . really good if there was somebody that . that like is thinking about doing this . but they're not sure if it's for them . what advice would you give them . you know i if you think you want to do . this what i would suggest to you what i . did for myself was when i was in my . apartment i had a one-bedroom apartment . after i went through a major life change . i moved into a 1 bedroom apartment and . at the point that i realized that i . needed to go back to the idea of living . this lifestyle . i literally moved everything out of the . bedroom of the apartment and only lived . in the in the living room in the kitchen . area to see if you could handle it i . just wanted to see what it was like just . to live in that small space and the . apartment was already small to begin . with it was only 500 square feet mm-hmm . and so i bumped down to 300 square feet . and then i also took some blue tape that . you use when you're painting to keep . clean lines and i took the measurements . of what i was going to be living in and . taped it out on the floor so i could see . what things i had that i could already . keep what things that i needed to get . instead very smart and i spent most of . my time when i was at home in that small . square i wanted to see what it was like . to be in a small space like that how . long did you do that and i slept in the . space probably a month whoo-hoo probably . a month and then shortly after that i i . felt pretty confident that that i would . enjoy the space and i love this space a . lot of times people say oh well it . doesn't matter if it's mom because she's . gonna most your time outside anyway . which i do but when i can't spend time . outside like if it's you know inclement . weather or something like that i truly . love being in this space it's cozy it's . very and you really have some stuff in . here that really shows your personality . i do so a friend of mine a very dear . friend of mine he is a brother to me . william kettner folly he i had some . major art work that he had done for me . and i it's still in the family but i . asked him to create some things for me . that would reflect the life that i was . getting ready to start oh that's great . that's the only thing that i asked . and and he came up with these i love . them and then i got have another friend . who's an artist tracing east wing two . who had created these several years ago . and so because you know i held all the . metal walls they just ended up being . perfect that's great . and then of course i have pictures of . family and stuff like that yeah yeah . i find that even in my rv i like being . shut in yeah it's it's really comforting . well my vans name is libby and i often . refer to livi as being my little cocoon . because i tell people all the time a lot . of spiritual growth happens and that is . true that is true you get to know . yourself. i really would you live this life . absolutely . your acres yeah see these anchors this . was what holds my oh wow it holds my .

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