RV Living Q&A: Residency and Getting Mail on the Road

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In this RV Living video, I explain how I get mail and packages delivered to me as I travel and live in my RV. I also share information about declaring residency and which states don't have state income tax.
For more information and links to the services mentioned in this video about mail and residency for full time RVing, Vandwelling or living in an camper, visit my blog: http://www.carolynsrvlife.com/2017/01/05/residency-mail-rver/
Hey youtubers is carolyn again and . capone but you can't see him i can't get . them in the shot be easier though in . spirit. welcome back to our rv life today i want . to answer a question i get a lot about. residency and how i get mail a lot of . you wonder how do i pay my bills how do . i register to vote how do i register my . vehicle. what state do i do i call home and i'm . going to answer those questions for you. today. number one let's talk about residency a . lot of nomads type full time rv years . and van weller's choose to declare a . state of residency in one of the states . that does not have state income tax and. i know north dakota and nevada are two . of those states i know there's a couple . more but i'm not an expert on that area . i'm here to share my experience yeah a . lot of people who are full timers choose . one of those states because it's less. expensive i for the time being and . choosing to stay a california resident . for my own personal reasons and i'm not . going to change that right now so my . residency is still in california i also . have an address in california so that . brings me to number two how do i get . mail before i left the bay area i did a . little research to figure out how i . could get my mail and i ended up at a . ups store in my home base town in . northern california the ups store for me . has been a great solution to getting not. only male but packages delivered and the . benefits of a ups store over a p. o box . is i have a street address . i don't have a p. o box i have an actual . street address so i have been able to . register my vehicle registered to vote. and do all those other things that . people who live in houses are able to do. it is an actual street address. and the other benefit of that over a. post office box is that i can have. packages delivered there as well. ups fedex etc ups and fedex will not . deliver to a post office box so my ups . box i got a special deal i paid 18 . months i think upfront i don't remember . how much i paid but it works out to no . more than fifteen dollars a month and. the benefit i get for that besides . having a street address is they will . forward my mail to me anyplace i am in . the country they're very nice people i . love love my people in my ups store i . call them up and i say do i have any . mail a check my box they say yeah they . read through my mail tell me what's. there which is really helpful because. oftentimes i'm waiting on on checks from . clients so if the check isn't there iiii . can wait to have my mail forwarded so i . don't have to pay extra and they provide . that service for me. they even i was waiting for a they a . code from google to set up my adsense . account i even called them and asked . them to open it and give me the number. and they even did that for me so they're. very very helpful and it costs only. about five dollars to forward my mail to. a post office so that's just mail and . they'll put it in the envelope they'll . send it by first class mail to wherever . i am and that raises another question . how do i get mail when i'm on the road . this is something i learned when i hiked . the john muir trail because i had to . send my food to myself at my resupply. points there is a thing called general . delivery most post offices in the u. s. offer general delivery mail services and . what that means is you can have mail. sent to you care of general delivery to. that post office. you can then go show id and pick it up . they will hold it for you repost office . i've ever dealt with has handled general . delivery mail but it's my understanding . that not every post office will you are. going to be calling every post office. that your mail will be forwarded to . before you have it forwarded some post. offices have different handling. instructions different addressing . instructions and sometimes even the. addresses for the physical post office. might vary from what you see online so. you can have a male forwarder and again. i use the ups store but there are . specific male forwarders especially in . states like nevada who handle a lot of. the lot of full-timers when you are . sending things to the post office via. general delivery. the format is usually just your name . care of general delivery the address of . the post office and they're usually very. specific it has to have your first and. last name and it has to say. general delivery on it if it doesn't it . can get lost etc so you just want to be. really careful about making sure you're. following all the rules especially if . you're waiting for money like i do i'm . waiting for money i'm not messing . without making sure i generally like to . follow rules but when you're dealing. with my money and following the rules . the post office general delivery is what . i have been using with no problem just . know that some of the small towns it can. take a little longer to get there i've . had to stay in a town a couple days. longer than i wanted waiting for my mail . small price to pay right for my freedom . i'm okay with that email forwarder or . ups store and get your mail forwarded to. a post office in whatever town you end. up in if you're going to be in one place . for an extended length of time you can . also go to a ups store there or a post . office and get a post office box there. if you want again i prefer a ups store . because they also handle my packages if . a package gets sent to my mailing. address at my ups store in california . they will also set forward that to me. wherever i am so that brings up another . question how do i receive packages . how do i shop on amazon can get packages . sent to you at any ups store location in . the country so just google ups store and . most cities and towns will have a store. and they will accept packages for you. there's usually a small fee about five . dollars a box so when you're ordering . stuff from amazon you might want to keep . that in mind if it's coming in multiple . boxes that can add up but again just . like the post office is called the ups. store ahead of time . ask if they accept boxes for you just . let them know you're full-time our beer . traveling through and will they accept a . ups package up on your behalf . most of them will and they also may give . you special instructions i ran in to . think in washington one ups store said . if it's there longer than seven days . they will charge you storage fees and. five dollars per box sometimes a little . higher so you just want to call your ups . store before you place your order . make sure you have the address correct . make sure you know how the ups store . wants it addressed so that pretty much . does it i think i covered residency of . you can declare residency in some of the. states that that are easy and again i'm . not an expert on that and if i decide to . change my residency i can do a video and . share that information with you but i . haven't experienced it myself so i don't . feel like i'm an expert and i can talk . to that so i would rather send you . somewhere where i know you can get good . information. the second thing is how do i have an . address how do i get mail and i use my . ups store and they forward my mail to me . how do i get mail on the road . well i can either get general delivery . mail delivered to me and i pick it up at . the post office or if it's packages i . have them sent to a ups store or some . other package handling store and if you . just google ups store if they don't have . an actual ups store oftentimes they'll . have like a mail and package store of a . generic brand name or something like. that but just call around you can always. find a service that will help you get. your mail and your . packages okay i hope that answered all . your questions about residency and mail . etcetera and thanks again for being here . and i'm glad you're watching and i'm . glad you're here with me on this journey. i appreciate every single one of you . until next time be happy be safe and be . kind. lulz hi everybody since you wouldn't be . in the shot with me say hi to see . anybody. 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