Sailing Upwind, it Sucks (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 125

Off we go, sailing upwind for a 260nm journey to Sardinia. On top of that, a broken engine upon our arrival means we received some help upon our arrival. But this has got to be one of my favourite adventures of the year! It’s funny how when things don’t go as smooth as you’d expected, those end up being the best memories. Bye bye to the lovely Josje and Tunisia. Checkout Josjes channel below!
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Mango Tree - Angus and Julia Stone
Valerie - Amy Winehouse
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07:10 A Siren Called - Luna Park -
13:44 We’re All Waiting - Lowland Hum -
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Caption: You with this last week as we taught off . the lines in a new unfamiliar country. tunisia . got you by my side in the red . since then riley you're sure and i have . been making the most of our days . exploring the country we are in the . grand mosque and we have just stumbled . across they call the shop i've ever seen . this stuff is like hundreds and hundreds . of years old. this is the coolest shot i've ever been . i know honestly i want everything you . could decorate an entire house with his. shop alone i went in the toilet and i . started urinating in what i thought was. the urinal and it was like a wash basin . and sanny was like no my friend no not . here. yeah i'm to say god no it wasn't it was . yoshi's last night with us on board . before she flew back to malta we went to . the ancient abandoned berber village of. two crona . and found a rooftop to watch the sunset . the jam sesh carried on until a friend . would be leaving us for a midnight flop . oh it's so hard to put into words it's . extremely difficult to put into words. how i feel right now i've been extremely . busy when i first met you guys in malta . it was like you know we just met . obviously we know each other from . youtube and from the saying the . community and blah blah when you asked . me to join on the passage i was like so . busy with painting and creating stuff . and i was almost not going to come . because i had so much stuff going on but . i'm so glad that i did because spending . the past week with you guys has just . exceeded my expectations of connection . yeah it's been truly profound i'm saying . i just want to extend my gratitude to . you guys you guys are honestly amazing i . feel like we're kindred kindred spirits. first time for me sailing on a big cat . it's a very different sensation to a . monohull but your boat is honestly . incredible like our passage over was . just amazing i learned a lot that we . love you yasha safe flat home . beautiful you can hear them they're . really loud it was a good start to the . morning having filled up and left . tunisia once we got out of bowie . territory we were in the open sea . heading to sardinia a journey 260 . nautical miles northwest. eta two days weather conditions awful we . would have a headwind that is us feeding . into the wind for the entire time but. sardinia was just a stopover we're . actually on our way to menorca to meet . up with our patrons in a week's time so . what was what we had to do to get there . on time. keep glass and a catamaran they said it. would be fun they said . which money on that to the pad fading . into it supposed to be going up there so . we're gonna stay on this for a while . we're gonna talk and head north . it was a pretty exhausting 24 hours and . for the first time we were too tired to . film. on the second night though it calmed . right down for us and we had a few hours . of bliss. marina cal isetta marina calais enter . the vagabond . we require assistance one of our engines . is not working is it possible for a . dinghy to meet us. yep the port side engine was cactus and. we needed to get a towing thank you very . much we are maybe two now go i arrived . to help us in with one engine and a bit . of speed lavaca is pretty easy to . control in a straight line but when . you're going slow and need to maneuver . the boat in a small space one engine . just wasn't going to work once we got in . our friends slowly pushed her onto the . outer dock and we tied off nicely. it was all fun until some strong winds . came that afternoon once again a swedish . tram with a de standing the engine on . moss it'll be two riggan . do i put a fender on the other side we'd . be better off front onto the wind . using the mooring lines to hold us off. the dock rather than tied side on how we . were we're expecting about 30 knots of . wind to last for the next 24 hours . well the three italiano lads came over . and helped us to spin the boat around . because there's a pretty serious breeze. coming from over here . yeah we've only got the one engine so . they politely came over though perhaps a . little gung-ho and we had to gone . quickly grab some ropes and those . barnacles and i've sliced my hand open . which is the latest in a series of the . boys is going to find a sir what do you . call it. berta sarah sarah sarah don't have on . the boat for some odd reason i think . it's - is that right . self-imposed weight restriction hello my . name is hand dale me all right what's . going on elena first day of winter yeah . actually i don't know you what the first . official day of winter is but it's . getting so cold that we've had to go . into the forward cabin and unbury this . gigantic container a wall about winter . clothes it's about 15 degrees and you . want to go to slow bad guy oh my gosh . jacket yay this is a pretty sad day . isn't it sad but also exciting looking . forward to the change but i know i'm . gonna regret saying that it's so cold in . like we went to tunisia then we came . here and all of a sudden that's freezing . yeah it's looking pretty ominous what do . you start complaining about that even . though i'm sure god we need to stop . complaining about the cold let's embrace . it . hallet saints don't glove like this in a . while the stacked of lightning and we . probably didn't pick the best night to . go roam in the street because i think . it's gonna buck it down with rain but . classic bit of style vlogging roi you . know i've got a camera in one hand and a . dirty stinking bag of rubbish in the. town of calais etta is actually an . island southwest of sardinia called sant . antioch or with only around 3,000 locals . living there it was pretty quiet while . up or down outside we were indoors . playing pinball in a bar . yes i i realized that the negative was . in the wrong position but we hadn't . changed it so i put the negative back . i've tried connecting both engines and . trying to start it like you showed me to . make sure it wasn't a battery problem no . okay then i think maybe when you connect . the two engines back together you have . nothing okay no and i think you have a . forum you have a poem on the end yeah . they say did you try to did you know i . wanted to talk to you and then i would . change it but that's what i think as . well to sum it up i changed out the mdi . control box which is the electrical . component of the on switch for the . engine nolan so he just confirmed what . you were guessing but you didn't want to . go ripping it apart i thought of a . timing first yeah he's good sticking and . it's awesome to have the correct spares . staining boy that never would have. happened on our first boat ilona nah . never ever you ready rally . whoa sounds good. with a fixed engine and the weather. having cleared up my mood was lifted . while there was sunshine we plan to . explore calais set up before we would . set sow to menorca to meet our patrons . so join us next week for another . adventure as always thanks for watching . and please like and share this video . with your friends if you liked it . cheers. you . .

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