Singapore Airlines NEW FIRST and BUSINESS Class Products Unveiled

Singapore Airlines today unveiled its highly-anticipated new cabin products of First Class Suites and Business Class which will be fitted to its Airbus 380 fleet starting from next month, following an extensive four-year development programme.
The new cabin products were displayed for the first time today at a media launch in Singapore Suntec convention center.
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Join me for a tour to look at the real product from today's launch.

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Hello guys i'm at the singapore airlines . launching new protocol mention here so . momentarily i'm going to go inside to. discover today what is all the new . product bounce alright stay tuned guys . [music]. and very excited to be with you today . for the launch that not a lot of a whole . new having product these protective one . have you ever a 3pt coming from this . month what you see sheldon is a . combination of four years of work . involving extensive customer research . customer focus group and close. connection without the diner and . suppliers and others . come on to this . [music]. [music]. [applause]. since ace made personal featuring . singapore airlines all in suites . business opinion and economy kevin . products. hello guys hi jarrod --n okay so i'm as . sweet 1f this is the latest singapore . airlines first class suite so jordan. will show everyone what is this about . okay yeah and we also have the tv mode . where the tv's right behind you tv right . behind me this is the tv how big is this . tv by the way pretty two-inch all right . so this chair can swivel around you can. actually beat the beat or the window hmm . also did take off the position right. and what she's the entity. how to lower that beds is it setup to . lower tibet . okay geraldine is pulling down this bad . so okay the console convert it to a . fully stand-alone bad very nice so let's . see how much room you got after the bad . turndown you still had a full chair and . a full converted bad and you still have. your spaces look at this beautifully you . got your side table and you've got your . you know looks like a makeup mirror . station and your console panel and so it . is very very spacious here this is . dining table so you actually can have . your beds down and dine at the same time. so you can lay down . and dine alright okay thank you very . much showing us dirty hi . [music]. i mean these singapore airlines mu8 480 . suite now this is the game changer . because ssc you can have two people . sharing this link together in the middle . you have to double back and . cheers next to each other in japan so . look at the space here it is amazing the . amount of space the private space here . because you can eat at the same time . they can sleep on the bed you don't have . to convert anything because they come as . separate pieces. i'm loving this concept and i can't wait . to try out on the first flight on . singapore to sydney in december ageing . already you'll be featured on didn't . brand new a drink . and this is bigger than before this is . unbelievable this feels like a home now . now i used to fly private jet now i am . going back i am coming back to fly . commercial on singapore airlines because . you know go your double bed a chair you . can swerve around and you still have a. lot of room if your site is your home in . the sky this is truly amazing i think . this is phenomenal . thumbs up. [music]. you. [music]. so between is not really a city now he's . a rule no . you. this is the new full-size people we have . on the big cover these are all . hundred-percent comb cotton so it's . actually hypoallergenic. oh yeah it's really soft as well is okay . okay anti-allergic okay it's actually . good for use when your honesty so when . you're having amusing toiletry items so . this is what you find in the . laboratories okay and this is obviously . they on board pajama unisex we have it . in different sizes okay cotton and . polyester blend which is something . lighter than what we have right now so . because we have feedback from passengers . that our current one is a killer thick . so this is something especially it's . going to be later on we have the male . once the female ones as far as a unisex . version okay so how we are intend to . distribute this is that the male and the . female will be given so passengers when . you are flying out of singapore but also . when your flights coming in from singh . of into singapore . okay i'm telling you this is the . singapore airlines ceo here and mr. goat . do you know i run a youtube channel with . 70 million views wow . yes very safe for you to be here then i . am the owner is been a huge honor just . standing next to you to tell you how . grateful i am and how much enjoyable i . am thank you thank you like your t-shirt . thank you so much so i will zoom in on . my teacher is the 10 year anniversary of . the first a380 flight gets on which. airline you know it yeah airlines is i'm . paying you no one else singapore . airlines always have the best show and . always have the best launch mr. kohli . tell me about it there's some . speculation about your new a380 we have . a shower and bar onboard so will they . have it or not no we don't have our own . boss because there's not one after 71 . they will reverse you have no privacy . your people are there more comfort and . you prefer to have more personalization . and that's exactly what we are giving . okay i got you three services . [music]. hi phoebe how are you i'm good goody . where you from from brisbane there you . go i guess they're right so are you glad . to be at the singapore alignment oh . phoebe now you're sitting on the latest . a380 business class product that's gonna. be putting it on the new a380 delivery . so also i have carrier khaled represent . singapore airlines right i live sam how . are you hey how you doing guys so cal . you are the technical expert here and . she's the passenger i'm de filma so i . want to know the differences between . this one to the pretty pretty good one . already on the e350 and the triple seven . you know those one i thought those are a . new generation already and this one is . super sitting those could you really . tell us about some of the differences of . this one today 350 and triple 7 the . biggest i guess change that we have from . the 350 to the triple 7 is now you're . not folding your seats over needing to . stand up and fold it over into a bed . instead what we can do is you can pull . your ottoman out which in the new yeah . and pop your feet on the ottoman okay . press your bed button the bed will . automatically see sorry will . automatically fall down into the bed and . there you are. are you comfortable phoebe okay okay so . your feets can slide in and is it long . enough for you comfortable wicked we can . probably leave baby there yeah you're . happy for it nap there inside just enjoy . yourself inside oh look at that . and so what babies in at the moment is . still just the same so what the bed will . come with is a is a mattress and under. shape that falls over the top of the . head rest and then slips on and you'll . have a duvet that goes over the top of . that and that can either be done by the . dozen or it can be done by if you'd like . to ask them the great thing about your. cds there is slightly more privacy than . what you get on the current news hour as . well to the point where when you are on . board and senior you are . very unlikely if you leave your said to . see anybody else hmm . the other thing that's different from . the 350 and the triple 7 of course is . the personal divider so that is in the . moment . so phoebe please push that that will . fold up we're gonna put it back up oh . phoebe you're on cnbc by the way tell us. about that. impressive business class portland which. manufacture diners chauffeured jpa . designed at jpl number of designs for. our seats in the past including the a350 . in 1807 it was manufactured at the jam / . factory in miyazaki in japan . oh it's made in japan yes ziya sake . [music]. .
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