Sneak Peek at New Holiday Decor at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Itโ€™s beginning to look a lot like Christmas - at Disneyโ€™s Hollywood Studios anyway! Read more at the Disney Parks Blog:
Disneyโ€™s Hollywood Studios became the first park at the Walt Disney World Resort to transform for the holidays.
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Sneak Peek at New Holiday Decor at Disney's Hollywood Studios
[music]. so it's halloween night but it's. actually christmas so by tomorrow . morning we will have christmas at . hollywood studios it is a massive park . effort it's an amazing process everyone . working together to transform and make . this a winter wonderland we have a lot . of new decor we're gonna be putting the . tree out on the island gerdes going to . get a hat and an ornament in her mouth . and retro forties deer in the flowerbed . in addition we're going to have . armatures off the lamppost that are . reminiscent of the old gas signs the . most amazing thing to see is the morning . the guests come in when the park is . decorated for christmas i mean we went . from halloween yesterday to christmas. today and this was truly fantastic it's . just one day it's not christmas and the . next day here it is it's it's all over . the place it's it's it's beautiful i . mean you feel like you're ready for . christmas now you know everything here. is so different from the other parks . because it's all silver and tinsel and . it's it's just really cool it's what i . think of hollywood you know hollywood . christmas would be like when disney says . it's christmas it's christmas so when . their decorations are out our. decorations are out and we love getting . excited about the new holiday . [music]. .
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