STREET FOOD Adventure to UNSEEN CHINA! TEA HORSE ROAD Tibetan Street Food!

Street Food - Chinese Street Food - Street Food in China
In this Tibetan Chinese Street Food Tour video, we found some incredibly delicious street food, DEEP in rural, unseen Sichuan, China! This is some of the best street food around the world. We’re traveling in through China to eat local street food, and here in Southern Sichuan, we found a little Tibetan town called Xiangcheng, full of local Tibetans and amazing street food. We travel specifically to eat street food, and found some delicious Sichuan style Tibetan street food in this beautiful little town.
We are traveling through Southern China on a street food journey through Sichuan and Yunnan, to eat and taste the best street food around the world, all to discover unknown street food and chat with friendly locals. This is all part of our huge tea horse road street food series.
Our journey began in Chengdu, home of famous Sichuan Chinese street food. We’ve slowly traveled through China to the Tibetan region in search of delicious Tibetan street food. In this street food vlog, we start out by visiting a local Tibetan Breakfast Street Food joint, serving dip delicious Yak cream cheese momos and some delicious yak butter tea. The locals were so friendly. After that, we visited an amazing Sichuan Chinese dumpling place. Their dumpling recipe was on point! So delicious and juicy and the chili oil was amazing!
If you come traveling this deep in rural China to this Tibetan region, make sure to eat a ton of the local street food. These rural areas are full of friendly people and delicious food. In west Sichuan, there is a Tibetan majority and you can find no better way to experience the local Tibetan culture than by enjoying their food!
Chinese cuisine and Chinese street food is so abundant and diverse that you could travel and eat street food in China for a lifetime and still not try all of the delicious Chinese recipes. So if you want to come eat local street food, the best thing you can do is just arrive with an open mind and a strong appetite and you won’t be let down!
The addresses of the locations in the video are:
1) Breakfast (Incredible Tibetan breakfast down an alleyway) -
2) Lunch, delicious Chinese Sichuan dumplings:
3) Dinner, an amazing Tibetan feast:
My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious .
I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.

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Caption: - [trevor] coming up for. all you food rangers,. we're traveling deep into the. southwest mountainous region. of sichuan, to a little tibetan village. to taste the food. this here is one of the most. beautiful places in the world,. and we found some incredible food,. and scenery you're not. going to want to miss,. so check it out. alright, so check it out. guys, it's trevor james. we just got into southwest. deep sichuan province. this is a little tibetan. town named xiangcheng. today we're gonna go. for a full on food tour. i can't wait to see what we find. let's check it out. coming this deep into the. mountains of southwest sichuan,. is a true exhilarating rush. we came quickly from litang,. one of the highest towns in the world,. after barely being able to. breathe from the elevation. and as soon as we arrived,. we felt at home in this little village. you feel like a true adventurer. coming down these narrow mountain roads. this is absolutely crazy guys. we are on a precipitous mountain road. a thousand feet below us. we're weaving through, and this. is just absolutely stunning. we're in southwest sichuan,. on our way to xiangcheng. it's so bumpy, and absolutely beautiful. i can't wait to get to xiangcheng. and see what we can find. when you arrive, you're welcomed with. the most peaceful scenery and. village life you can imagine. you could spend months exploring. these little villages for scenery and food. but in our short time,. we were lucky enough. to spend one day eating. three delicious meals. starting off bright and early,. we walked into a little tibetan shop. to see what we could eat for breakfast. let's see what we can. get to start the day. before we enjoy this. local tibetan breakfast,. i want to tell you that. after all your requests for. food ranger merch, we're. so excited to finally be. offering you an opportunity to get. your own tai hao le t-shirt. we're taking orders for a. limited run of eight days,. so if you want to support us. and help us make more content,. and if you've watched. this show for awhile,. you know that we're all. about the tai hao le. so don't miss out on this opportunity. go and get your tai hao le t-shirt now. check the link in the description below. it's going to help us. produce a lot more content. - awesome, we're going to. get a tibetan breakfast. we walked into a super. unique, little gem of a shop,. offering some super. delicious steamed baozi buns. you must try. filled with yak butter. cream stuffed from heaven. we're getting some local. tibetan breakfast, suyou baozi. oh yeah, we're gonna get. some of that suyou cha. look at that yak butter. yak butter. awesome, we're getting some. suyou cha to start the day. - oh, and a bit of black tea, nice. we're getting some . it's thick!. - start the day off with. some butter tea and baozi. oh, that is really salty, that one!. salty, and creamy, and fatty. powerful!. - oh, she's getting the. suyou baozi right now. - [trevor] we have a tibetan breakfast. awesome. - look at these baozi, guys. - let's take a look at this. - [trevor] oh, it looks like. a cream cheese in there!. yak butter. wow, it looks like a cream cheese. it's sweet and sour,. and the bun is so fluffy. wow, it's great. it's actually a slight bit smoky too,. it's like a sour, sweet,. creamy, slightly smoky,. wow, baozi full of delicious goodness. - [trevor] and that yak. butter tea is so strong. - [trevor] after finishing. off that powerful butter tea,. and thanking the owner, we went for a walk. to explore this beautful,. ancient tibetan town before lunch. and found some amazing scenery on the way. this is honestly one of the most unique. towns i've ever been to. and the ride here through the mountains. was absolutely crazy. as soon as you arrive you just. notice that it's a. totally tibetan feel here. and the people here are all so friendly,. and there's a lot of different food. this really feels like a true adventure,. coming this deep into southwest sichuan. this little town, xiangcheng. is unbelievably unique. right when you arrive you. just get this excited feeling. because you feel like. you're on a deep adventure. mountains in the back,. temples in the back,. monasteries, crops growing. it really feels like a. dreamworld, coming here. after exploring around town and. looking for a tibetan lunch,. we found that most of the shops. were sichuan foods,. full of local tibetans. so we decided to go for some dumplings,. and later on, go have a. tibetan feast for dinner. we're walking downtown xiangcheng here. there's lots of tibetan and sichuan shops. really beautiful city, and. we're on the hunt for lunch. i think i'm actually. feeling like some dumplings. oh dumplings, sichuan dumplings. look at this guys,. this looks absolutely. mouth-watering delicious. we've got jian jiao and shui jiao. local pan fried dumplings,. stuffed with pork and green onions. homemade chili sauce, wow, with sesame. and then, boiled dumplings, and honestly,. boiled dumplings, to me,. are just like heaven. it also comes with a pot here. of mien tang or shui jiao tang. this is actually just the water. used to boil the dumplings. and you can drink that to warm you up,. because it's quite chilly outside. let's dip that in. dip that right in that thick chili sauce. this is absolutely amazing. the pork filling is so juicy,. the green onions gave it a freshness,. and it's all about that chili dip. oh yeah, it really is all. about that chili sauce. salty, fragrant you can taste that. nuttiness from that sesame. after those beautful dumplings,. we made our way around. town for another walk. through the beautiful scenery,. and made our way in the evening. for an amazing tibetan feast. wow look at this beautiful restaurant. - [trevor] we've got. the tibetan menu here. awesome, let's see what we can find. oh yeah, frozen yak meat,. we're definitely gonna. have to get some of that. or raw yak meat. there's so much here. tibetan barbecue, we are. definitely gonna have to get that. tibetan pork chop,. we're definitely gonna. have to get some of that. life fruit. that sounds interesting. blood sausage, we're gonna. get some of that too. lots of nice soups here. but we probably won't get a soup. buckwheat with honey. oh we're gonna have to. get some of that too. look at this prayer wheel here. i just spoke with her and she said,. you use this when you pray. it's beautiful, isn't it . we're just waiting for our dinner,. and i'm mesmerized by all. the beautiful stuff here. - look at this huge tibetan. feast for dinner here, guys. look at this, frozen yak meat. sliced, frozen yak meat. they serve it with a soy. sauce that looks so nice. with a bit of wasabi in there, beautful. we also ordered some. mashed potatoes with gravy,. and sichuan fresh xiaomila. chili peppers, wow. tibetan mashed potatoes, nice. we also got some fatty,. fatty fried cripsy pork. look at that crispy layer on the outside. oh, the skin is just cripsy. and succulent looking. we also got some spare ribs here. these are fried spare. ribs, pork spare ribs. and then, look at this. intestine stuffed with blood and rice. this is blood sausage. with some dried chili dip. and then look at this,. this is super unique. buckwheat bread. it's like buckwheat bread with honey. i think i'm gonna start with. a bit of this frozen yak meat. dip it into that soy sauce with wasabi. beautiful. oh it's like soft and tender,. but the ice crystals give. it a bit of a crunch. oh, and it's very flavorful,. especially with that wasabi. there was an instant wasabi hit in there. this was another beautiful tibetan feast. the last one before you. reach the border of yunnan,. and find more yunnanese. street food specialties. all of the dishes were super delicious,. with the buckwheat bread. being bitter and sweet from the honey. and the mashed potatoes had and. amazing sichuan chili punch. and the blood sausage was even delicious,. tasting almost exactly. like a regular sausage,. with no blood odor. this is the last stop where. it has a tibetan majority. now we're moving south. i would love to know what you thought. about this food and travel. video in the comments below. please click that thumbs up button,. and the little subscribe. and bell notification button. so you can get all the notifications. for these deep street food tours. thank you so much for watching guys. this has been an amazing journey. so far on tea horse road. .

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