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Yeah. . . yeah. . . is it time and festivals and abundance. in park near center and valley this is. . . the front entrance kind of excited to. see what's in here and a lot of stray. . . dogs coming up here so it's difficult to. come up just watch yourself because you. . . can get eaten and they do have rabies. . . yeah. . . ok. . . find everywhere mosquitoes everywhere. and been here a lot of monkeys and stuff. . . in the trees and it's actually pretty. hairy walking to fight this place. . . i was speaking there a balinese down. island of languages right. . . 45 minutes away by hit from hereon have. fast boat and he was telling me that. . . indonesian people don't like the. commander abandoned spaces like this. . . because they think they're for the ghost. i would not want to be in here at night. . . anyway. . . i'm gonna have to remember which way. came because very easy to get lost in. . . here. . . ok. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . what. . . decapitated statues on this must have. been the films that obviously. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . and not it is completely spooky i think. the theater screen must be dying out. . . from the kind of ac on the left and. steered season. . . maybe turn on the flashlight here. . . yeah. . . ok that's just weird vibes up here. obviously feel very where she go up. . . there definitely felt lord. . . think you can find here soon. . . a lot of warnings and stuff about his. law which is pretty crop that you so. . . that's like a crocodile or alligator and. i was reading about this place online. . . before came here and apparently and. there used to be like a crocodile pit. . . with an alligator pit in here and when. the doubt developers decided to shut the. . . place down they just left the animals. here to be wild on urban legend that the. . . crocodiles become cannibals and that. humans and stuff and that's another. . . reason why the balinese people don't. come in here obviously nonsense and. . . stuff but maybe walking about here could. see a swamp or something of some sort. . . maybe we're still in holy shit that is a. big spider. . . every actually i don't usually mind. spiders actually quite like them just oh. . . yeah. . . ok so now i apart from spiders are going. to look for crocodiles seems to be some. . . sort of a little shrine right in the. middle with which is still didn't intend. . . this is just the zilla so please. . . it's just bizarre thing right here is. the possibly where the croc for the king. . . ok. . . brine black river going through the. place for syrian for it in the wild. . . which you don't know about it thanks. . . yeah. . . can hear the city which is just across. from these bushes. . . that's a huge abandoned building you can. see on the way and i'll check that out. . . on the way i just when you think you've. seen everything you come across these. . . huge barriers of its more rooms. . . this place is absolutely massive. . . sure what this would bring this a lot of. like folders and stuff sometimes we. . . think maybe this really is to be water. never the fundamental or something. . . ok. . . ok. . . some of the foundations of been. . . probably fresher and motor and it's like. carp week heart and lily pads. . . and the shoes building i don't know what. it used to be but there's some really. . . pretty. . . good state just over those hedges. . . this is awesome. . . so couple of kids and amazing hits find. there. . . just through those bushes of commerce. and stuff yeah they are in sonora and. . . you want to act like something really. different really curly should come and. . . check this place i'd couple security. guard training my heart that it tried to. . . get in they were to ask for bribes and. shit but yeah it's no problem. . . nice little area tourists just amazing. people saturday soon. . . some people on the beach and stuff. .
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