The Beautiful Sound of Whale Song (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 66

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Niue, one of the most unique places we have ever stumbled across. You can drive around the whole island in just over an hour and the ocean that guards it, is absolutely filled with Humpback Whales! We hangout with Pinky, a nice local lady and get a real taste for island life.
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Song Credits:
00:08 - Dominic Bennett - look high, look low
00:40 - Dust To Dust - On Fire
01:48 - Jason Lyle - 2
02:53 - Adam Yoo - Wake Up
05:25 - Circle Light - from the outside
07:57 - Dead Leaves - alone
09:35 - Destined Two - Calm Before the Storm
10:49 Let Go - Andrew Rothschild
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Additional film/edit: Julian Wood
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Caption: [music] last week we left beverage race encourage drawn into new i [music] [music] good morning how's the swim rain lyrics good [music] after a few days being more here we already saw stat key favorite spots on the island that we would spend the next weight hanging at this is my favorite little beach in new a start [music] so i wanted to share something with you guys this morning a lot of people have been asking where we get our royalty free content from the psychographics stock dot-com and it has the largest unlimited downloads of images vectors graphics and photos that sort of thing i'm pretty sure somewhere about 300,000 now most websites charge per image or graphic for you to be able to use their content in commercial projects and this can be somewhere around there dollars per image so if you're someone like us who is running the youtube channel or you're building a website or making diy videos are projects that you might want to sell you learned that that can quickly add up with graphic stuff to get unlimited downloads that you can keep forever 41 flat annual fee and this comes without one hundred percent royalty free agreement which means you're protected and i normally phenomena dollars for years membership this holiday season graphic stuff are doing an exclusive deal to go just can't and i'm sure you can do the math this or getting false click the link in the description bar sign up get creating and enjoy just a little bit of history about new i it's actually really interesting so the first settlers came here in not an id from small-cell pollination silence and it was populated than by people from tonga in the 16th century captain james cook was the first european start land and he was unable to actually step foot on land the opposition with the down by the rocks with their faces painted and they pretty much scared off captain and the crew because apparently according to local pd i in 1911 or something like that that are actually scared of diseases so they bought them with a population of about 2,000 people knew a has had a few cyclones in the last century cycle own head ha a powerful category five that hit in 2003 destroyed the harms of many some of which people are still repairing many of the people in new i leave to live and find work in new zealand the likely that we spoke to couldn't imagine a life with traffic and all the stress that comes with living in a bill top town we got a high top of the dying a little black minivan and we're tripping around the on it takes an hour i like we're gonna lie about farm and well thought there is not trying to replace about saving back i get is you get to do to do to do alrighty so we'll be coming up to here safe so let's go got pulled out because some american guy sailed here from seattle one-shot been checking anywhere but that was because he had kidnapped his nine-year-old son and so they deported him and his son back to the states and he's now trying to go back but they won't let me back in the country practice i felt like the weight of stole and then saying and to cloak don't have to feel bad we met a local lady by the name of painting hey guys land ice quarters for a lot which is really nice to have a break from the bite for a wall i never 12 years i right in the middle room so you can see your way to the family [music] guarding off the diet we not only could hear while noises on the water which was equally as beautiful as it was spooky but there was apparently nice secretary which meant we were finally back to spearing exactly what we wanted to dinner [music] said that you be safe you're around [music] oh square hear you [music] and truth be hard [music] see nobody so and so with those strangers outside cooktop he gorgeous well it took a while because he ran out of gas and yeah i'm surprised everything turned out i kind of got fish here we got tyson anti-spam isaiah without some quinoa and some rest of the keys my you got this is a team from the way it is at its best it is into i feet from the bard very strong playing haha awarded veggies i from the head you have a curfew so i from the land they did working with what we got here and yeah he's like she's drive around the island watching that's why all on the hajj been a little bit far away [music] huh oh that's a bar there's a bar everyone gonna stop for back yep alrighty looks like the shop will give the guy hello oh hey cure the bartender hey abby yeah when you told good evening i can't type here at the french looks like an r how was your day pumpkin was good when you're fishing for a little drawer in the old [music] let me have a while but at a while oh my gosh it isn't strong enough oh joey schedules joey home all men wish i could say but its pitch black it's not even a marine out thanks for following our voyage join us next week as we prepare for our next passage and head west into the sun to our next destination good morning we have some very exciting news for our patterns today we have decided that we're going to put out the videos awake early for you guys so everything that's my public every monday you guys will see that episode the previous monday sorry get a little bit of a tank big special patrick blue privileges we're trying to look after you as much as we can thank god yeah are on top of that furthermore we are going to be calling here six-day nights patrick's to come on board over the next light works in a minute we'll be calling it two knives and then what's that seven more yeah so of every monday morning yeah so we want to feel the bite up next year in europe we want to get people on in new zealand before we guide and we just wanna say thank you but you know i wanted we're trying to do what we can back back the eagle yeah ordinarily as you know it's random but the first guy that we wanted to invite on board is malcolm short who has been supporting it is our oldest pattern not in years just in generation i seems january 2015 so thank you very much malcolm sure please get in touch with this and we will try and organize to have you on board right so if you'd like the chance to come on board and to support a production please become a pattern the link should be floating around somewhere here or it's definitely in the description below and yes we're going to call out at second night now ellen allah allah get a lad lad he like didn't he like didn't thank you for your support and you're welcome to come aboard if you would like get in touch with this styling with a good bond @ gmail. com and we will try to get you on board but thank you very much thanks to everyone and thanks for watching

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