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Today we meet Toby who is a young guy who has rejected the rat race and chosen instead to live simply and intentionally in Ford Transit Connect. It takes a true Minimalist to live in such a small space and be happy, but Toby is so he has found it very comfortable and everything he needs. To learn his tricks and more about he supports himself on the road, check out his Youtube channel TobyInTransit:
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Caption: [music]. hi everyone welcome back to my next . video i am still it's rubber tramp . rendezvous meeting some amazing people . just blows me away the the wonderful . kind good people that are here and today . we're gonna meet one of them and this is . toby and toby is in this really nice . transit connect so toby how long have . you been in your connect now i moved . into it at the end of april 2016 so . almost two years about about a year nine . months yeah and i just did this band . build this summer so yeah i had just a . futon mattress in there for about two . months or i'm sorry about 14 months and . then i just had a storage tote and my . refrigerator i had on top of my battery . box and that was pretty much it so i . just had a mattress right on the ground . and that's how i was the first fourteen . months before we did the build this . summer well how did that work out for . you was just throwing things down and . then actually living it did that work . okay it worked great yeah works great i . mean i am i have storage above the . driver's seat and i you know i i needed . more storage i mean i was always moving . things out of the way which is why we . did the build all said and done and also. i could only sleep in there by myself . the way it was and since we did the . conversion like i have i i had to pick . my brother up and had my brother in . there with me for about a month now . living in the man with me we just it . converts to a double bed and we had a . little pillow barrier and and it was you . know he was in some problems and needed . a hand back on his feet and . and you were there to be able to do it . and i wouldn't have been able to do that . if i was still living in town with the . department so what led you what . motivated you to move into your van you . know i was just i was just working i . would i would go into work get off work . be too tired to even do anything i end . up watching some movie or show that i . wasn't even interested in and i would be . too tired to make dinner so i just need . a frozen pizza and i just i was just . gonna grind you know and it was i still . had you know my friends and i would go . camping on the weekends and everything . but just that monday through friday i . was just dreading dreading it and i was . so looking forward to the weekends and . just got to the point where it's like . dude do i have to do this do i have to . work five days a week doing something . that i've just not even that interested . in so i started looking into other . options and the first thing i came . across was living in thailand i decided . i was going to retire at the age of 52 . thailand because he can get a retirement . he said when he had 50 and i was just . gonna save up for 12 years and retire . when i was 52 thailand and it just . became clear that i didn't want to do it . for 12 years and i decided to half . retire to thailand so i would just live . in thailand in the winners and live in. jackson in the summers and at that point . it's like how am i gonna live in jackson . the summers i'm gonna have to get an . apartment every every six months you . know for just six months and i thought . well i could maybe live in a van and . then once i really started looking into . that it's like well let's just leave out . the thailand part and live in a van . because it's it's about the same budget . that you need for either and you know . this way there's so much of america i . haven't even seen yet and i still have . all my friends around and i can drop in . and see him and i worked at a resort for . years so i have friends all over the . country. and that i haven't seen for years and i . get to see him again and so you were . just sick of the rat race basically not . having a life and and and the certainty . of doing that for another 20 or 30 or . maybe their whole life that's unbearable . nope not gonna do it you know all said . and done you don't need that much money . to live in a van like i did a budget . video on my youtube channel and for the . month of december i spent $750 for the . whole month wow . and that includes everything gets great. gas mileage right which is a huge . benefit and i'm gonna track it every . single month and then i'll know exactly . what i did for the year and everything. and tell us your youtube channel because . i'm sure there are a lot of people . interested now okay yeah it's toby in . transit so tob why i in transit and it's . all one word and yeah i'm i'm just kind . of getting it off the ground now but . i've got about ten videos up and i'm . doing it so i just worked at amazon . recently and that really drove home to . me that it's fine to do that type of . stuff for a while but i'm ready to you . know if you only need to make $750 right . like you can start doing things that . you're passionate about that you want to . do right and so i'm doing a youtube . channel i'm going to start recording . music i'm a musician and i might even do . a travel blog and i'm just gonna work it . all together i love to travel i love to . eat and if i only need to make $800 a . month to live on and that's all i need . like that's actually really feasible is . it really realistic to be doing what i . love for a living . i'll probably have to pick up you know . jobs for couple years but yeah it's like . i'm gonna make it happen so what kind of . gasp i was just your transit yeah so i . tracked my gas mileage i i wrote down . every philip and it averaged out for the . first six months it averaged out to . about twenty-eight miles to the gallon . yeah that's what i hear most people say . that it was 28 miles to the gallon so . that's great so i'm i'm my my viewers . demand that i ask three questions you're . a young guy how are you supporting . yourself on the road i just pick up jobs . as i need it and i usually try to keep . it to one to two month gigs i'm probably . gonna work about a five or six month gig . this summer but i've just so far i've . just been doing one or two month gigs so . and it's i haven't quit a job it's just . that's how long the job was and so the . next question i'm required to ask by the . audience is how do you take a shower i . don't take a shower i have a couple of . different things that i do but like the . actual shower end i use an aqua bot . which is a pressurized nalgene bottle . and it just sprays and i've also used a . spray bottle because i had a mouse my . other aquabot and so in between aqua . bots i used a spray bottle and dr. bronner's and it rinses off really easy . for the privacy part i when i had my old . set up i just had a storage tote inside . the other totes i would pull it out get. inside of it in the van and and just use . the aquabot and they would catch the . water and then i just dump it out since . i have the new set up i usually put . either tarps out the back of the van or . if i'm out boondocking which a lot of . times i am i'll just walk out of the . woods and then when i was living in . phoenix you just kind of cobble cobble . it together what uh when i was living in . phoenix i was i got a gym membership . right perfect . yes and then i cancelled it oh and then . the third question is how are you going . to bathroom . so for number one i have a dollar store . laundry detergent bottle sure that i . that's great because when people see it . it's not like a jug of urine in your van . it's just a laundry bottle for the other . i actually have never had do it in the . van i just i love to hike and i'm the . places that i'm at there's almost always . a vault toilet somewhere so there's a . you know from trailheads which i'm . always camping somewhere near a . trailhead so i can go hiking i love to . hike trail heads river accesses . campgrounds you know even when you're . dispersed camping on a forest service. road a lot of times there's a campground . somewhere along the way and i just . always find a bathroom well would you . mind showing us around your van then i . would love to all right let's do that . okay . so here we are folks were taking a look. inside toby's really nice transit . connect and the first thing that stands . out or is the is the tapestries on the . roof and the walls tell us about that i . just got them on amazon they were really . cheap it's a really easy lightweight way . to cover your van you know rather than . putting in wood or something like that i . just glued them right on i'm a i kind of . wish i had just used magnets or or . velcro just because that way i could . take them off from washington but it's . perfectly fine and insulation insulation . i have minimal insulation so just the . places where it's one ply to the outside . so the roof and the door panels and the . floor underneath the wood floor that i . put in here the vinyl flooring . i have above the driver's seat i have a . i just put a piece of plywood because . there's all this wasted space in the . transits above the driver's seat so i . have storage up here . i have my banjo mandolin all my . backpacking equipment so there's. actually quite a bit of storage up there . the bed is a bench bed it's about 24 . inches wide and you made it tall i'm you . yeah it's too tall the reason that i . made it this tall is because i needed it . this tall to have the kitchen that high . for the back and to have space for the . refrigerator so the thing is is i'd . really don't hang out in a van i sleep . in here it's your dumb it's my bedroom . the bed pulls out and do a double bed so . there's two pieces of plywood i see and . in the mattress there's two two foam . pads they're two inch two inch high . density foam pads right and i just got . some travel sheets to use as covers for . him the i do have a kitchen counter it's . actually from a thrift shop it's a . restaurant it's a restaurant countertop . and so i bought two of them they were . five bucks each . and then the stove just sets in idea so . i can just remove it when i want to when . i want to convert it to double bed i do . have a hand pump sink but it's just i . have to screw it in and screw it out to . - to convert - to double bed so i just . leave it out i mean it's really useless . it's really there's no point to have it. because i have my my aquabot so that's . unfamiliar with aqua watts show those . that's just a standard nalgene that with . a different top on it exactly it's an . aqua bot top so it you just pressurize . the bottle you never seen this before . i'm just gonna take a lot because the . bottles because this bottles empty . and then it's fruit sprays out in a . stream or in a spray and that's that's . what i use to wash my dishes take a . shower all that stuff and you know a . spray bottle works as well. the aquabot is nice because you can use . it upside down so it has a tube in it . like a loose tube so for taking a shower. and stuff you can use it upside down . which is a plus yeah so under here i . have this is my garbage and recycling . bucket it's a three gallon gamma seal . lid yeah close camp chairs i do have a . mister buddy but i think i'm gonna get . rid of it so it doesn't just i just . don't really need he really i really . don't i stay where it's fairly warm and . i always keep my van pointed to the. south so it gets sun all day long so it . warms up warms up pretty quick and it in . arizona here you know it gets dark about . 5:30 and the insulation i have is . usually enough to keep it warm in here . until about eight or nine mm-hmm or even . yeah nine and that's i'm usually asleep. by 10:00 so i have a really nice . sleeping bag if it's really cold and i . have layers i can i can wear but for the . most part i'm just where i i just don't . go to really cool places you do have . your 12-volt compressor fridge at . pneumatic . yeah the 18 the dometic 18 hmm . it's been working great great units yep . and i have two flexible solar panels on . the roof so 200 watts total to enter . watts total and then a 200 amp hour . battery agm that's such a load wrong . that should do it just fine yep it's . it's been working out my panels aren't . ideal so i have the flexible panels and . they're delaminating that's calming and . you have it glued directly to the roof i . have them not glued i actually have them. on little frames little aluminum frames . so they lift it off the roof so i did it . the right way to do it and if they're . still they're still peeling they're . still delaminating so yeah it's been. about a year in nine months and you can . get some video of that if you want but . it's turning out that's pretty routine . now you buy those you're gonna get a . couple years out yeah where they start . failing so i mean they're still working . they're still working but if i had it to . over again i would probably just get . regular panels this is a table that . folds down again it was a great design . if if i didn't have the fridge there and . if i could sit up in the bed but i can . still use it so it cools down so it just . folds down right there and then i have a . leg that screws in so you have a leg on . the other end yep and i have a leg on . the other end and you find you never use . this i haven't yet well toby thanks so . much i appreciate it everyone i hope you . got some ideas some inspiration and if. you did like us on youtube subscribe to . the channel and we'll talk to you later . [music]. .

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