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Top 10 Disney! Let's celebrate 100,000 subscribers by taking a look at part 7 of funny Disney bloopers, Disney fails & Disney falls from Disney theme parks around the world from Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in California, Disneyland Paris & Tokyo Disneyland. You'll find everything from Disney characters falling, Disney show malfunctions, animatronic malfunctions, star wars fails other disney mishaps. DON'T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄
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Caption: Welcome to tpm vid's disney beat where . we talk about all things disney and well . this channel hit a hundred thousand . subscribers and that's just crazy so a . big thank you to everyone who subscribed . so far and keeps coming back week after . week to watch the videos and this is . just the beginning one thing that always . pops up in the comments section is what . this tpm stand for well it stands for . theme parks and more since i'm a huge . disney and theme park fan like many of . you watching this video right now and . you can definitely expect more theme . park more disney and more entertainment . related videos to keep coming . now tpm vids isn't your typical top 10 . countdown channel every video is aimed . to educate entertain and start a . conversation providing you with as many . facts historical context and background . information about the variety of topics . that get discussed and there's been some . really great stories shared and . discussions started in the comments so . keep that all coming something that's. never been shared in a video is that tpm . vids does have twitter so if you want to . follow you can at tpm videos tpm vids . was already taken now the best way to . celebrate a hundred thousand subscribers . on tpm vids would be to take a look at . some more disney fails cuz we all love a . good disney fail right and this video is . also gonna give us a chance to tie up . some loose ends from some past video . topics on the channel so today we're . gonna be counting down the top 10 disney . fails and bloopers part 7 number 10 . mickey's lift malfunction at tokyo . disneyland there's a stage show in . tomorrowland called one man's dream to . the magic lives on and like a lot of . disney theme park shows it is with a . grand reveal of mickey mouse . well the finale in one man's dream has . mickey rising through the ground on a . plot . for while everyone sings the praises of . mickey mouse well that's when things go . to plan but sometimes it just doesn't . work out and mickey gets stuck . even mickey's a little confused with . what's going on you can see him look . down at the lift wondering if it's . actually gonna move and just like that . the show abruptly ends can also just. talk about how some of the dancers just . gracefully booked it behind the curtain . when they saw a closing because this is . the actual choreography . [music]. and that's what they did well done . number nine . donald spills if you remember in our top . ten chippendale fails video we mentioned . that for some reason at the overseas . parks the chipmunks have really high . energy and would fall all the time well . the really high energy seems to also . apply for all the disney characters . overseas donald duck is the next. character to catch the falling bug . [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. are those cast members brain the . audience with water what goes on in . tokyo number eight . daisy's lazy eye so in our last video . talking about the evolution of the . articulated disney characters we showed. a clip from the disney live production . of mickey's magic show. well after the video was uploaded i . noticed daisy's i was a little lazy and . well it wasn't articulated she even . tries to lift her eyelid back up but it . eventually fails again and it appears . that her mouth wasn't working either . clearly there is an issue and like we . said in last week's video when the . articulated characters were first. introduced they were more like puppets. so the mechanisms that control the eye . and mouth movements most likely failed . and malfunctioned and could have. potentially caused some visibility . issues number 7 the good old parade push . if you've seen the soundsational parade. at disneyland before you'd know that . it's pretty typical for the floats to . break down anytime a float does break . down cast members are quick to arrive at . the scene it's like they're all hiding . nearby waiting for something to happen . you know what yeah they probably are . here the crab unit breaks down . [music]. now sometimes they bring a tractor along. to push the float for the remainder of . the parade but sometimes with these . smaller floats they'll get pushed by a . cast member or multiple cast members . okay quick let's play a game . how many cast members do you think it's . gonna take to help push this float give . you a second okay let's find out . one two three four oh wait we're not . done . number one leaves red vest caps in . number one comes back in the end a total . of five cast members so who guessed that . right leave a comment down below . number six mickey and the unmagical map . mickey in the magical map is a show that . opened in 2013 at disneyland the show . includes effects that require very . precise timing for everything to appear . seamless in one of the scenes make you . supposed to get sucked into the map . going from appearing in real life - then . appearing on the screens in the map. obviously this uses a trapdoor to lower . mickey but as we know technology does . fail from time to time causing some . issues. [music]. [laughter]. [applause]. at least the crowds always on micky side . number five the muppet mobile lab so in . the top five extinct animatronic . attractions video there are quite a few . comments asking why muppet mobile lab . was it mentioned . well that's because muppet mobile lab is. an extinct for those of you that don't . know . muppet mobile lab is the only. animatronic type figure to live on in . the business as part of disney's living . character initiative it was introduced . in 2007 then in september of 2016 it . found its unofficial permanent home at. epcot. the dr. bunsen honeydew and beaker . characters are animatronic figures. controlled by a cast member there's. eight cameras concealed on the unit . which allows the controller to make eye . contact interact and speak directly with . the guests since the unit is mobile it . would have to be battery-powered . but what happens when the battery dies . or connection with the controller is . lost well it will probably be something . along the lines of this. [music]. now in our research it said that muppet. mobile lab is controlled by someone in a . remote location miles away from the show . site but in this video the man wearing . the green shirt seems to be a cast . member in disguise so a cast member on . site could also very well have some part . in controlling the unit as of right now . muppet mobile lab doesn't have a set . schedule posted anywhere and disney . doesn't even list the attraction on . their web site but it has performed . daily around noon or so behind spaceship . earth at epcot where this doesn't . normally happen number four stormtrooper . faceplant so one of the very first top . ten videos on the channel was the top . ten funny jedi training academy moments . well more and more star wars videos keep . popping up from walt disney world and . disneyland and like the others this one . here doesn't disappoint . this stormtroopers like what the heck. dude we got places to go move this is . also one of those fails that deserves a . look in slow motion so let's rewind back . and take a look. [music]. quick recovery though from that cast . member good job disney number three hats . away there's a little show at tokyo . disneyland that we mentioned before . called minnie oh minnie the show seems . to be a gold mine for bloopers and fails . and this time. goofy gets himself into a slight . wardrobe malfunction so goofy is doing . his dance then he decides to test the . limits on how crazy he could actually . move before his hat falls off . it always seemed like the removable hats . on goofy were magnetic but if you take a . look at this one it looks like it's just . black velcro which really doesn't seem . to be as secure as magnets like what . they used in dream along with mickey but . luckily this fail fits in with goofy's . goofy personality number two mickey . face-plants at the walt disney studios . park in disneyland paris there's a show . called mickey and the magician not to be . confused with mickey's magic show or . mickey in the magical map as you can see . disney really likes to use the words . mickey and some variation of magic in. their show titles well the show in paris . has a lion king segment and in that . segment mickey goes to chase an ostrich . off stage well you can see where this is . going . the clip cuts off so abruptly because it . was a multicam video but apparently that . clip is from the second day of shows . when you look at future performances . shortly after opening day you can see . that miki pays a little extra attention . to the platform before he runs offstage . also it appears that after mickey's fall . his mouth and eye articulation begin to . malfunction and just stops working . altogether number one off with his head . this is the disneyland parade in 1969 . it's really interesting to see how some . of the character looks have evolved so. much since then and how some of them . haven't really changed at all like the . way rabbit from alice in wonderland now . the queen of hearts said it best well i . don't think she was talking about the . white rabbit but let's just pretend she . was. [music]. just want to point out how none of the . people sitting on the curb reacted when . this happened the only one that actually . reacts is the walrus while everyone else . has completely phased out maybe it was . more common than we think for this to . happen in the olden days of disneyland . but since this was so long ago it feels . like it isn't the real world of disney . like we know it today if this clip was . shot in 2017 using hd resolution it . would evoke a much different feeling of. magic being lost since it's so far back . in disney history it's like the . graininess of the footage creates this . barrier between the past and the current . disney of today. so which blooper was your favorite and. have you ever witnessed the fail or . blooper while you're at the park if you . have leave a comment down below and . start a conversation if you have any . videos from the disney parks that you'd . like to share with us to be used in . future videos follow the link in the . description below thanks so much for . watching click the t p. m. icon on the . screen to subscribe to this channel and . check out some of these other videos . which we're sure you'll like . [music]. [applause]. .

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