Top 10 Must See Animatronics at Walt Disney World Part 2!

Top 10 Disney! Disney Animatronics at Walt Disney World- Audio Animatronics are a signature part of Disney rides and attractions at the Disney theme parks and you all really enjoyed part 1 so its time for a part 2! All four theme parks at Walt Disney World are home to hundreds of Disney animatronics and many animatronics marked milestones in Disney animatronic history. From Abraham Lincoln, to the almost extinct animatronic, Stitch in Stitch's Great Escape, to Mr. Potato Head or the Lumiere animatronic, technology has advanced giving these robotic figures much more life like movement; its truly impressive! So today we'll take a look at Disney animatronics and count down the must see animatronics at Walt Disney World: Part 2! DON'T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** β–Ί β—„
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Welcome to tpm vids disney b where we . talk about all things disney if you're . new to the channel hit that subscribe . button and click the bell icon to be . notified when we upload a new video we . also have instagram and twitter you can . find us at t p. m. videos now audio . animatronics are one of the things that . makes the rides and attractions of . disney theme parks distinctly disney . these impressive figures help tell a . story and allow you to become fully . immersed into the environment of each . attraction now we did a video a couple . months ago talking about the top 10 . must-see animatronics at walt disney. world but we talked a little bit about . the history of audio animatronics and . focused on a lot of the major . animatronics at the resort well you all . really seem to enjoy that video so we're . back with a part 2 because there's many . more animatronics worth mentioning. actually a lot of these could be . considered animatronics that are easily . missed or overlooked by a lot of people . on trips to walt disney world for a . variety of reasons . now just because they may be overlooked . or missed doesn't mean these . animatronics aren't as impressive and . lifelike as the others they definitely . are so today we're gonna be counting . down the top 10 must-see commonly missed . animatronics at walt disney world . part 2 number 10 stitch we're starting . this list off in magic kingdom's . tomorrowland at stitches great escape . it's commonly deemed as being one of the . worst attractions at walt disney world . but pretty much the only good thing . about it is the stitch animatronic . coming in at just over three feet tall . stitch is an impressive a 100 figure and . it was reportedly one of the most. complex figures of a size built by. imagineering when the attraction opened . in 2004 he can blink his eyes move his . ears and appears to rotate and walk . around as platform now as of recently . the attraction has been put on seasonal . status and it was rumored that january . 7th 2018 was the last and final day four . stitches great escape closing it forever . but disney has still kept the attraction . on their site so it looks like the . stitch animatronic isn't quite . thinks just yet and might be around for . a little while longer just in case they . need to reopen it again so for the . reason that you may never be able to see . stitch ever again he's taken the number . 10 spot number nine figment next we're . gonna head off into the imagination . pavilion in future world at epcot where . it's home to journey into imagination . with figment . now there's three main figment . animatronics on the ride but the two . major animatronics are in the sound lab . and at the end of the smell lab although . these figures may not be the most . advanced animatronics disney is built . and their movements are pretty basic . they're pretty significant when you look . at disney park history the current . version of the ride is actually the . third incarnation fans weren't too . pleased with the previous 1999 to 2001 . version since it hardly featured figment . at all disney fans were very vocal made . their voice heard and disney quickly . overhauled and reopened the ride once . again in june of 2002 to include figment . now although it might not be the most . popular attraction at epcot currently . it's definitely still worth checking out . since vikrant is such an iconic . character to epcot number eight the . country bears heading back to magic . kingdom we're gonna move into frontier . land to take a look at the country bear . jamboree the show opened on october 1st . 1971 as one of the original attractions . at the park and features 18 bear audio . animatronics now although it doesn't . appear that the animatronics have been . replaced since its opening they were . reprogrammed and received new fur and . updated costumes in a refurb in 2012 . today the animatronics hold up very well . considering their over 45 years old . characters like the show's host henry . as well as trixie earnest and liver-lips . all come right to life . [applause]. it's a classic attraction at walt disney. world and if you're a fan of . animatronics take ten minutes out of . your day and check out the awesome . country bears number seven . sebastian staying in magic kingdom will . head over to under the sea journey of . the little mermaid in fantasyland . now this ride is home to many . animatronics including the impressive. ursula figure but the one animatronic . character that's easy to overlook is . sebastian the character does appear five . times in the ride but because he's so . small and with so much action happening . around him he's easy to miss but equally . impressive because of his size the . figure does utilize projected eyes to . further enhance his expressiveness and . the rest of his movements are fairly . fluid and very convincing there's . actually two times where sebastian . quickly pops up but is easily missed in . the first scene with ariel he puffs out . of the armored helmet on the bottom left . hand side and also pops out of the chest . on the upper right hand side he's really . small so definitely keep an eye out for . him the next time you ride number six . sonny eclipse staying in magic kingdom . there's somewhat of a hidden animatronic . in tomorrowland if you've never eaten at . cosmic rays starlight cafΓ© it's really . easy to miss sonny eclipse . [applause]. he made his debut in 1995 and as . described as being a galactic lounge. lizard that entertains diners at the . restaurant through wisecrack banter and . eight original songs as he plays his . astro organ his entire set including the . music singing and banter is about 25 . minutes long and plays on a continuous . loop throughout the day this is one of . those products that definitely adds a . disney spin to your dining experience . next time you're at magic kingdom make a . point to stop into cosmic rays and catch . a performance from sunny eclipse number . five mr. potato head next we're heading . over to disney's hollywood studios were . inside the q of toy story midway mania . it's home to a very impressive mr. potato head audio-animatronic . made his debut in may of 2008 stands . approximately five feet tall and is one . of the most fluid and lifelike . animatronics at the park he actually . marks a few audio-animatronic milestones. mr. potatohead was one of the first . animatronics that actually moved its. lips to form wards and vowels instead of . just opening and closing its mouth he . also has the most recorded dialogue of . any animatronic ever was about twenty . minutes worth where cast members can . choose which piece to use to interact . with guests he's also the first . animatronic to be able to remove a piece . of itself . now if you've recently visited the . attraction you may have realized that . mr. potato head has been missing . well when disney was building the rides. third track back in december of 2015 . they removed him to make way for the . addition the new toy story land that. will be opening in summer of 2018 at the . park will use a brand new entrance into . the attraction and it's rumored that we . can expect to see mr. potato head . entertaining guests once again in the . new cue when the land opens up in just a . few months . number four buff max and melvin now in . number eight we mentioned all the . country bears but never mentioned max. melvin and buff well that's because they. deserve their own spots since they're . showing itself now although the bears . deserve your full attention since . they're the main focus spending the . entire show watching the trio on the . wall is just as entertaining they're all . fully animated throughout the entire. performance and react to everything that . happens on stage whether it's grooving . along to the beat laughing or being in. complete shock and awe during the . presence of teddy bear ax who descends . from the ceiling not even when you're . told the show is over. try and stay back to watch max melvin . and buff finish the show up and it might . even be worth seeing it twice once for . all the bears and then wants to watch . buff max and melvin on the wall . number three carnotaurus for the first . time on the list we'll head over to . animal kingdom we're in dino land usa . you can find the carnotaurus animatronic . on the attraction dinosaur the ride . opened with the park on april 22nd 1998 . and features four carnotaurus . animatronics now these figures are all . huge at the time in 1998 they were some . of the biggest figures ever produced in . a disney park their movements are so . fluid in lifelike that you're convinced . there's a breathing living dinosaur . right in front of you although the ride . vehicle stops at both of those. animatronics the entire attraction is . extremely dark it takes a definition of . a dark ride to a whole new level of . darkness. so the animatronics can be a bit. difficult to see but it's still worth . keeping an eye out for all of them . number two abraham lincoln heading back . to magic kingdom we'll take a peek into . the hall of presidents attraction in . liberty square the attraction has been . around since the park opened in october . of . and is currently made up of a cast of . different animatronics but what are the . most impressive things to witness even . to this day is abraham lincoln rising . from his chair to then give a speech . it's done with such ease and fluidity . not to mention that with the most recent . refurbishment to the attraction his . features look even more lifelike we have . come to dedicate a portion of that field . as lincoln was one of the first advanced . animatronics created by walt disney and . even though he rose from his chair when . he appeared in disneyland in 1965 it's . still just as impressive seeing it today . in 2018 at walt disney world over 55 . years later number one lumiere staying . in magic kingdom will move to . fantasyland. and take a look at the lumiere . animatronic and enchanted tales with . belle now although the subtraction is . primarily directed towards a younger . demographic if you've never experienced . it you're definitely missing out on one . of the most interesting animatronics at . walt disney world . lumiere made his debut with the . attraction in 2012 and utilizes a . projected face along with some of the . most fluid movements seen in any . animatronic due to the small slim size . of the figure it's in a slightly . different manner than the traditional . animatronic usually the mechanisms would . be found inside the figure but for . lumiere aside from his face all of his . mechanisms are on the outside disguised. by the environment around him it's truly . disney magic also in the pre-show madame . wardrobe is worth paying attention to as . well. especially since her mouth actually . forms vowels and words adding that much. more detail to the animation so what's . your favorite animatronic at walt disney . world . either from this list or maybe one that . was mentioned before or hasn't been . mentioned at all leave a comment down . below and start a conversation if you . have any videos from the disney parks . that you'd like to share with us to be . used in future videos follow the link in . the description below thanks so much for . watching click the t p. m. icon on the . screen to subscribe to this channel and . check out some of these other videos . which we're sure you'll like . [applause]. .
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