Traveling With Others Can Sometimes Be Messy

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In this particular video we leave the Bay area and head further south trying to make it to Lake Havasu.... experiencing that traveling in a group can be abit messy at times. This is Pandamonium small RV Living with updates, upgrades, travels and the lifestyle of living in a Motorhome in different places.... off grid with solar power, composting toilet & rain water collection. This is my pandemonium tour across America in my 22' RV I call Panda with 1090 watts of Solar Power. So join me if your open to fun, excitement, traveling, hiking, day to day life & exploring on the road during my trip through the many states and cities .....wish me luck and good fortune on this life long adventure. Maybe I'll see ya on the road somewhere. Good or bad, smooth or bumpy it's time to hit the road..... "Onward Bound!" Wishing everyone Happy Trails and glad to have you along with me on this journey called life. Just a quick ending note I am a transgender and part of the LGBT community.
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Caption: Good morning everyone ah she's here from. pandemonium i had been docked in this . spot the 2015 so yeah i was a while ago . this is actually right up the road is . where i sold my car and then the company . came and picked it up yes my old beetle . that was named sookie . so everybody's had a grocery store . called lucky's we ended up staying here . last night it's a bit loud because it is . right by the freeway they were further . down so i got more of the noise i think . they got noise to you because there's a . lot as you saw a truck just went by . there's a lot of big rigs that are in . this area so we're getting ready to get . on the road and go meet the resources . truck that was mine . yeah i think we're gonna head further . south we didn't stay in the bay area too . long because you know we're on a time . crunch to get to lake havasu i mean i . don't care if i get there right on . november 1st . thank you i don't care if i get there at . november first doesn't really matter to . me i don't cuz the event is three weeks . ma i don't know if i want to be there in . a full three weeks but i'm trying to be . fun . thank you beverly . oh . all right so we're gonna get headed to . where everybody is our destination is . recent er only three miles up the road . it's saying it's going to take me four . minutes well if these trucks never get . moving i'll be a bit deep inside there's . this feeling growing fear the worst . tears anning down my face make it so . crazy in the dark . [music]. screaming. [music]. see. [music]. note to self. always check the parking lots on google . maps this parking lot was not re . friendly whatsoever usually i do check . the market before i go somewhere and . scan to see maybe if there's someone . somewhere else the parks that we're here . at trader joe's and yeah their parking . lot it's kind of tight but i got in so . all is well and we're gonna go inside . and do a little shopping before we get . on the road so yeah i'm just gonna pick . a few things so i'll see you when i get . back. oh my god so many reminders of when i . was here last like the places that i've . been boondocking at it's nice to see . familiar things well while on the road. and look it's my car that i got rid of . well it's like it but mine had a sunroof . on it malsu key well i didn't buy too . much i got petite pumpkin spice cookies . they're short bread cookies with pumpkin . spice and yogurt coating it looks so . good. yummy yummy yummy i also got some panda . cereal that's what i'm getting ready to . have yay panda so then i got some . organic hot cocoa yes some cocoa is good . for the winter season or the coldest . season and some peanut butter cups so . yep . basically it i'm gonna eat me some . cereal then we're gonna get on the road . yummy . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. we are done i'm done eating we're . getting back on the road. scott eyre already left anna wolf that . was close watch out jimmy you're right . that jimmy watch out okay . okay take it he got a hoop how much the . place is wait you but this place is way . too tight good . my camera's crickets are yeah oh yeah . they went that way turn at the light . turn out the light turn at the light now . right. lord it's not madness . yeah this is not very close i don't back . up yet jimmy run into you okay here we . go. geez louise what a hot mess this was a . make hi yay finally we're getting going . i'm not sure where we're headed now . we're going somewhere but there's . carolyn right up there. now. i think everybody's just stopped up here . wow that's the thing about traveling . with people sometimes they can be a . little messy but you know what it's . still fun traveling with other people i . really enjoy it. i know it's not for everybody but it is . for me i enjoy it . alright everybody well we're gonna . continue on so they're right up the road . down this is enough you see him sticking . out. down. well this turn me crazy and you lie . the dive . [music]. screaming love. [music]. [applause]. oh my god now i know why they have hit . me us out here the winds are so strong . they keep on pushing into the side of . like kevin said controlling . i hate driving in strong winds i was . going through new mexico one time and . when i was pulling me right off the road . we're heading on 580 east and we have . about a hundred and fifty four miles to . our destination going to casino that . were taking 580 east over to five and . then given that down in the south and . head down as far as we can it's about . three hours not sure if we're gonna . drive it all in one meet you where all . our dreams come true . [music]. no . [music]. it's uveitis tree . [music]. right well i guess we are making a pit . stop here at a rest area you've been too . far so. nikki stop cookie stop oops my camera . [music]. yeah we found the sun but the wind is . crazy that wind was really strong . well right now we're well i thought were . east and then and then yeah we're gonna . go south this is how far is five from . here it's still a little bit isn't it i . don't know what you know we're 580 i'll . look on my map so i'm not sure exactly . how it happened when i thought we were . on 580 we were actually already on five . i don't know i thought it was like a . hundred miles to find but it wasn't . yep were at a rest area on five all . right it's time to get back on the road . is coming up . so i'm glad we're on five and finally . heading south start to get warm i know . the further south we go the warmer it's. gonna get laughs okay come on people . what did we make nun christmas . i'm like god there's like tons of flies . on the back of jimmy there's gonna be . fly problem out here since . i guess one year cow pastures and stuff . something's going on . what's wrong there's a dump right there . i'm just gonna use it . it didn't say it had one here oh okay . yeah so cool so i'm just gonna back up . okay. [music]. alright there's a dump here so they're . gonna use the dump really quickly before . we get going . thank you so we're just gonna wait here . for him . i guess it's time to get on the road . clear. oh wow the dump is way down there . all right so we have recenter we have a. hundred and thirty nine miles to go real . this window . 139 miles it's saying about 2 hours and . 10 minutes . so yeah on rebound see you down the road . thanks man . it's like feeling true love and feeling . alive just take my hands and let me . guide you i'm showing you things every . day like you provide you just give it . one shot baby you become a slide through . the bigges in the secret you can tell . the way to hi you look better like you . want me to try to free your mind for the . treasure you think it's you feeling . inside of me the bridge up again just . buckle up and try to find yourself a . grip on the trenches baby we're never . gonna look back oh wow we are ninety six . miles from our destination so we're . making pretty good time it's the rolling . hills . yes i mean pretty much the dead grass . but it's still beautiful . and we just passed that except for . monterey. i've been to monterrey before it is . beautiful place right by the ocean or . the coast . and we're not gonna go that way for a . five still heading south . so we made it to another rest area . thanks beth i'm good all right so this . was so we've been about 60 miles because . that's how far scott said the rest area . was we have 80 miles left that's right . because we were at 140 miles away from . our destination. you get fuel soon i do i'm at a little . under a half a tank . so whenever y'all want to stop this boy . okay because that's where i for some . reason hard about do about the same . exact right thing cuz we've been filling . up about the sea ice yeah i mean it's . just as easy for me to fill up a half a . tank then i feel lighter looking at it . right i don't know what's around here . for fuel i see the places said 267 a . while back right the labs and stuff i'm . sure we can i can look on okay i can . look up i'm something share their cycle . either side sometimes casinos and watch . this think they usually have a gas . station sometimes you know this is true. i can i can zoom in and see i'll look . around and see right right . look at all them running out there so . those are ground squirrels not prairie . dogs yeah i don't think prairie dogs run . like that oh well look at that ones like . standing up on its hind legs yeah yeah . yeah very lean . come get closer so i can see i mean it . is a prairie and there's small like dogs. i guess i can cover i can call it a . prairie dog what i yeah i think you're . right it's probably a ground squirrel i . don't know those ones on that mound . though cuz we used to have them in new. mexico when i was growing up and those . well there's two back there on that . mound they really look like prairie dogs . that's pretty good dude yeah sounds like . that and they sit on top of them ya know . and that's what they're doing . it's right there staring at me can you . see it not sure it might be a prairie. dog . it's acting like a prairie dog but i . mean squirrels stand on their hind legs . too but it doesn't have a bushy tail . it's just i'm not sure if prairie dogs . have long tails like that that one is a . squirrel that's definitely a squirrel. yeah squirrel squirrel yeah that's what . it is it's a squirrel. wow. ron squirrel ron there's like tons of . him in that field though . yeah definitely spoils so since we're . here by the rest area i thought i would . definitely let my little pee and poo . she's pulling right now i gotta go clean . it up so i'll see y'all in a minute . could he not clean up joshi tashi well . we're getting back on the road look at . all the semis and we're heading further . down the road i kind of need gas a . little bit but i think i can make it if . not i'll just text them in time i need . to stop for gas i know where the . destination is . i fixed me some lunch but i'm not eating . it i'm gonna eat it while driving . we. alright here we go . all right . [music]. [applause]. you. .

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