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Oh okay it's time for another unboxing . video bosh i'll show you guys to hope . that there it is oh just a bunch of . these little small ones and then a . couple days ago i got this big guy which . showed up my door looking like a hole . smack i just want to say hole snack so i . was like in and like cool you know i. mean let's not waste any time you're on . me zoom back in just so we can get like . a little bit of a hole snack now much . like every unboxing video i have shot . not all the items came but majority of . them came and the ones that are here . will be on my instagram at the nrc so. you guys can go over there check it out . also if you guys haven't seen my last . video i basically flew to the land italy . to surprise my girlfriend on our 25th . birthday so check that out we start with . i wanna start with this guy right here . oh damn that sounds like a whole snack . this one popped up so this is basically . like a tattoo that lasts a little bit . longer than temporary tattoo alright . let's go ahead and give us a shot we get . the free ink bottle so they actually . have ones that are pre-made like actual . temporary tattoos but says in the box . made with natural ingredients not tested . on animals water-resistant it develops . in 24 to 36 hours and it's long-lasting . it says 8 to 18 days now this ache takes . time for your skin to actually absorb it . okay so it comes with a pair of black . gloves this is the ink right here kind . of has like a needle tip pull that off . you can kind of see right there and . that's just i guess help you get better . detail we're gonna go ahead and put it . on my forearm right here we're just . gonna do a star . i mean it's a little stripper eating . this is gonna like mess up right here . let's go ahead and fill this in . [music]. okay so there we have it now apparently . just to leave this it's gonna get hard . and they kind of chip off it didn't . episode of dan for a week which is . actually right here i did my entire back . with this stuff know that i don't have . any sort of allergic reactions to this . but just be careful so you can kind of . see that it's made like a skin on top . that's not the final product i don't . want you guys to think oh it looks so . bad that's actually gonna flake off i'll . show this at 24 hours tomorrow on my . instagram stories you guys can actually. really see what it looks like because . this is about 35 minutes after the hex . item maybe buy it so this item led . strips totally forgot we got this one . these guys are now advertising like . crazy on instagram oh wow this came with . like quite a few things in here oh my . god we have this beastly ass little . modes the actual strip lighting in here . so i'm assuming this is not a long strip . of light so they came in here like you . can see it's lame in that pic this is . probably the plug that it sits suppo . really quick fun fact the dan och . rashidi behind me this is the controller . for that on half as big as the led strip . light it's almost added all the effects . onto this controller this should be . pretty cool okay so here's the strip . light in this bag but here it is on a . wheel oh this is really thin i didn't . mention before i've got the philips hue . lighting and that strip is much thicker . than this now what's great about this is . on the back there's actually adhesive . tape that you could peel off and then . it'll stick well that's frustrating they. don't actually give you a battery with . the controller that loses points with me . now if we look at the controller really . quick you got all the colors that it . could do up here actually quite a few . animations you do this lights let's go . ahead and try this let's go ahead and . install this somewhere then i really . just stuck it on my mirror as you can . see if i'm gonna close the door go in . there to show you guys how bright this . is right now we've it set to red oh . that's really red okay so let's try out . blue but red green literally corner of. the strip right there let's try blue hey . all right eight three okay jump set it . wash your psyche i'm gonna color the . towel line whoa yo red green blue pretty . good the cool thing about that is that . there's only like a quarter of the . actual strip that's the lighting right . there that's pretty cool pretty cool . strip net sight of all that just sounds . frigging this one confuses the hell out . of me it says multi saw no idea what . this is gonna be oh i mean this was the . ear camera but they were calling it a . visual ear spoon that's your worst this . was and we're gonna do this today to . which pretty it freaks you yellow take . that pen that goes inside your ear which . is a camera this is gonna be interesting . let's go ahead and do this button open . this up really comes with a cd so it's . usb but if you fold it down it could . also be used on your phone says you can . use an android phone but but now the . android phones are different they don't . use this we're gonna to do usb this . might be for taking photos you got i . think a dimmer switch for the light so . we take off the cap there's the camera . lens okay so we finally managed to get . this little metal thing in let's go . ahead and plug this into the computer . and see what we can get okay so i've . managed to get this to work it does not . work on macs it has to be a pc you do . not need that software which is great . cuz right when i plugged it in to . actually recording right now this is the . end of here see i'm touching my finger . right now see hi oh my god guys this is . so freaky. you know so scared of my ears gonna be . so freaking nasty you're gonna do dad . okay let's see we got oh my god google . aires yo it is nasty in there oh my god . i think she got some nasty ugly earwax . on there you guys see that what a fight . you might knows can we know so oh gross . there's like hair it's gross . there's only like $30 so this shot right . here looks like a fly ready i've almost . to be oh cool way to get an eyeball shot . is that a cool shot my eye i can't even . see . oh my eyeball yeah here's my eye . yes the intended purpose is to look in. your ears because it has that light but . it's a very unique thing because it's a . macro lens with sort of a ring light . built-in so it allows you to get really . close up to shots right since this . quarter right here probably the best . purchase of this video to be honest with . you this is really cool all right next . item this item right here may be the . most requested item of this entire video. [music]. the next item here this was the secret . wood oh it actually comes in a wood . block there's the logo you open it up no . idea what this side is for right here . for you here. holy stall what this is so sick this is . incredible i'm actually blown away this . got the aurora northern lights one we're . gonna switch lenses to this lease you . guys know how big it is that is so nice . this is really hard to capture oh there . you go . you guys can see like the green in there. it's like snow-covered mountains in . there and they're trying to post a photo . of this on my instagram so you guys can . kind of see this better next side of all . this is the crystal . i don't smoke i don't need this pipe i . know a lot of you guys like bro give me . the pipe it'll go to good use and i . actually thought about doing that wrap . the hell out of this thing it's just got . so friggin small and then there it is . wow this is much smaller than i thought . it was gonna be . it's with the crystal pipe that we got . got it in tiger eyes greasy as hell it's . actually a really nice gemstone i might. give this away to one of you guys if . you're subscriber or if you follow me on . instagram because i know this is gonna . get zero use with me oh my god that's . like a knife look at that right through . a plastic sticker that is very sharp on . this side you have where you would put . whatever you're smoking and on this side . you would inhale it through this end it . is a beautiful gem it looks really cool . in the light yes they have to use it to . smoke you can use it as a gem but and . last but not least we got this guy the . whole snacks so i got a call from my . front desk saying hey dan we got a . package for you this pregnancy pillow on . it i'm not pregnant and this was . supposed to be a body pillow . but be super careful opening this up . with a knife it's like a super . compressed pillow so it's gonna like . expand now oh my god like doubled in . size. it's like legs anyways let's go ahead . and put this to the test and try this on . the couch the body pillow well shoot i . gotta watch my tattoo oh no really not . that comfortable it's too flat but hold . on oh yeah this is nice now i see what . this is a pregnancy pillow so you don't . roll on your stomach and like pop the . baby i was a joke by the way i know you . can't pop a baby maybe you can i don't . know either way i'm gonna learn somebody . in the comments is be real anyways this . is super comfortable and it's like this . no i was feeling wearing like oversized . thong or something sure you're gonna . love this buddy he likes it it passed . the charlie test oh my little baby . that's actually super comfortable i . don't know how to use that my bread my . bread i don't know what you said my bed . just because the sheets would get kind . of mangle and we're like chill on the . couch yeah i would okay so there you . guys have it those were the unboxing . items from the buying every ad i see - i . will be doing another one you guys are . happy to know i will be doing another . one give us video like you enjoyed this . video if i mean a scream at then . obviously make sure you subscribe to . this channel i would have to say that my . favorite product from this whole thing . is probably this is so detailed thank . you so much for watching please . subscribe to this channel and i'll see . you guys in my next video . see you guys later . [music]. [applause]. [music]. .
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