Walt Disney World Goes Dog Friendly First Things for First-Timers | DIS Unplugged | 10/17/17

In this episode, sexual battery charges were dropped against a Disney Cruise Line magician and select Walt Disney World resorts begin testing dog friendly rooms. Plus, we'll have discussions on tips for first timers coming to Walt Disney World and which is better - Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party or Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!
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Hello everyone and welcome to the show . coming up this week charges of sexual . assault have been dropped against a. disney cruise line magician we could say. he made them magically disappear . disney starts testing dog-friendly rooms . at select resorts and the internet loses . its mind we're going to discuss that . coming up and we're also going to talk . about what you should do with . first-timers to walt disney world when . you bring them on vacation with you and . we're going to have a discussion here . and what we think is better mickey's . very merry christmas party or mickey's. not-so-scary halloween party all that . coming up next from the bob marley . studio in orlando florida this is the . diz unplugged . [music]. this is the dissing pluged episode 962 . for the week of october 17th 2017 . the diss unplugged is brought to you by . dreams unlimited travel experts at . helping you plan the perfect disney . vacation visit them on the web at. www. weather. gov/burlington orlando . florida . i'm your host pete warner joined at the . table this week by my good friends mr. rhino clavin hello mr. sean falk hi mr. steve porter hello ms julie martin and . back in the production nook craig hey is . your mic on and yesterday when we were . pre recording so shows rhino couldn't . figure out how to turn his own it turns . out you just turned the volume up so . welcome to the show everyone hope you . are having a good week a couple things. in housekeeping first i want to let you . know that the promotion or the . fundraiser forgive kids the world that . was scheduled to end less friday has in . fact been extended through october 27th. this has been an enormous enormous . success far exceeding their expectations. and they've decided to run it for a . little while longer so you have until . october 27th to have a shot at spending . a night in the dream suite at write this . is a dream sweep yes at send in town . cinderella castle. cinderella castle sweet i think most . people call it well it was more of a . year of million dreams yeah so whatever . it's the suite at the top of the castle . nobody gets to stay there very few . people have ever had that experience you . have an opportunity by going to omae's . comm om a ze calm and just signing up . get you a an entry for free and of. course you can buy more entries to . increase your chances of winning all of . these proceeds go to give kids the world . an amazing organization that we have . been very blessed to partner with . have been we consider among our best . friends in the community and they do . amazing amazing work for children with . life-threatening illnesses and their . families who want to come to walt disney . world so i head over to amazed calm be . as generous as you can and of course if . you are willing to donate $1500 or more . during that promotion and you send a . receipt showing that to podcast at dyson . plug com you can have dinner with some . of the team here in here in orlando so . and we've got i tell you i'm blown away . by how many people have taken us up on . this we've got we've got a few dinners . scheduled already a few more that we . need to schedule so really excited some . people have been incredibly generous. with their donations so we're doing our . part this is not our fundraiser this is . direct from give kids the world we're . just doing our part to try and promote . it get it out there and help them raise . as much money as possible we know from . experience what great work that they do . we want to do all we can to help so help . share the magic and in the process you . might have a chance to have a . once-in-a-lifetime experience. spending the night in cinderella castle . at the magic kingdom also just want to . remind everybody that we produce many . shows throughout the week and if you . want to check them out you head over to . dis unplugged . dot-com you'll find all the shows we do . there but i want to make special mention . that since its october it's a connecting . with walt month and i know craig and . michael balling have worked hard on. these on these episodes is there you . know what's coming up this week coming . up this week is a lot me oh yes i am . coming up this week is a interview about . walt disney during world war one if i . can remember correctly with author david . less jack and we are still waiting on . episode two to be released on tomorrow . and had massive technical problems with . it and i yield i didn't i did not fail . there was some difficulties with it. michael's in china so i'm trying not to . bother him right now so hopefully that . episode will be out by the end of . tonight and it'll be almost as perfect . as when we recorded it for the first . time no okay yes all right there you . have it so anything else for . housekeeping. no really really okay so now i do want . to mention that last week kind of . changed things up a little bit it wasn't . really thought out i just didn't have . any news stories that i was really happy . with so we kind of went to a discussion . format and people really really liked it . so you know i i kind of have i kind of . feel like we cover the news throughout . the week on the daily fix i still want . to do some coverage of the news in this. show but i think you know after the . response we got last week to everything . i want to kind of move things more into . that discussion realm as much as i can . so we're gonna be playing around with . things and like this week it's kind of a . hybrid we have a one news story that . isn't really a discussion news story but . i thought was important to mention we . have another news story that is a good . discussion story and then we have a . topic that caught my attention from one . of the articles that was published on . the did this week so let's go ahead and . get started the first story is charges . against canadian citizen andrew parkson . who performs as a magician under the . name freddy fusion have been dropped by . prosecutors according to the orange . osceola state's attorney's office the . sexual battery case could not be proven . beyond a reasonable doubt paulson was . charged in february of 2016 after a . woman accused him of sexually assaulting . her while she was too inebriated to . provide consent the alleged event took . place in a room shared by the two at the . marriott hotel on augusta national drive . in orlando on february 13 2016 the woman . stated that although the room. shared and they had slept in the same . bed on the previous night she had made . clear to him that their relationship was . strictly friendship after spending the . next day drinking at epcot she became . extremely intoxicated the two returned . to the hotel she fell asleep after . ordering room service and claims that . she awoke to find paulson sexually . assaulting her he was charged with . sexual battery of someone who was . physically helpless to resist and taken . to the orange county jail . hudson denied the charges and claims. that it was consensual he also has . performed as a stage musician at a. number of venues one of those being for. disney cruise line at the time of the . charges disney cruise line suspended . their relationship with him pending the . cases outcome so kind of a timely story . given the are you gonna switch back to . me or i am i wasn't sure if you were . asleep back there no the kind of a . timely story giving a lot of what's in . the news with harvey weinstein and a lot . of people coming forward and i want to . make it clear that the state's attorney . didn't find that there was no merit to . this they said they could not prove the . case beyond a reasonable doubt there's a. big difference and you know i've seen . some comments online that you know what . did she expect she was sleeping in the . same bed with him . blah blah blah blah blah no means no and . she clearly stated the night before as . she said that were just friends right no . means no and now i there's been no . comment from disney as to whether or not . they're gonna reinstate him i'm guessing. probably not hopefully you know i i. tread lightly because the man was not . found guilty so under our system of . justice innocent until proven guilty but . i would imagine that disney would . probably err err on the side of caution . here getting i think it would have been . one thing if he'd gone through a trial . and was found not guilty yeah that . didn't happen here so i don't know . what's gonna have . but sad story it's that story . nonetheless so wanted to talk about that . but i really want to get to this next . story because this one has me baffled . folks has me absolutely positively. baffled at the incredible response . people are having to this announcement . disney announced last week that as . beginning on beginning this past sunday . the 15th select walt disney world resort . hotels would allow guests to bring up to . two of their dogs disney's yacht club . resort disney's port orleans our . riverside the art of animation resort . and the cabins at the fort wilderness. campground are all part of the test and . they're accepting reservations for the. testing phase through october of next . year they are charging an additional fee . and here's the rub folks they're . charging an additional fee of $75 per. day if you're utilizing this service at . the yacht club $50 per day at the other . three resorts there's a pluto's welcome . kit mat with bowls of pet id tag . courtesy plastic disposable bags puppy. pads and dog walking maps . additionally rooms with the dog staying . in the mall receive a pluto theme do not . disturb door hanger to notify hotel . staff that there is a dog in the room . dog must be leashed in public areas . vaccinated well-behaved so i heard this . i was out in california when the story . came out and charles my friend charles . charles bona you know texted me he's . like we can bring abbey . too you know to
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