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It's a busy magic kingdom so we head to animal kingdom lodge and have a chill day.
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"To all who come to this happy place..... Welcome" - Walt Disney
Hey there! We are Stephie & Dave from the UK and we love the sunshine state that is Florida. We loved it so much that from 2008 till 2009 we worked at "The Happiest Place on Earth" that is Walt Disney World ( That is how we met....awwwww......Barf LOL )
Since working for WDW we've had many trips to Florida, connected to so many people from around the world and what better way to create our channel for you to follow and share our Disney/non-Disney adventures together!
What a beautiful day and a magic kingdom . like a step beyond a hundred and one . dalmatians awesome top nabi will see . that here. oh my god problem life compared with a . person hmm so we're here look at this . beautiful halloween festive areas . there's a famous sign today we're . spending approaching hold a neuron we . not my word all day all upset is pretty . busy here he didn't need anyone we want . their time here at magic kingdom as well . it should be good excited for ya but . yeah let's listen to this beautiful . music. ok . even though it's still busy that cross . still looks beautiful there the ducks . situation disregard that tree just shit . if we also need to step for that . definitely gonna be getting a pineapple . would later on definitely on our list of . snacks that we always have right it is . hot today really crowded so we put with . skip magic kingdom for the time being . and we're going to basically just head . over to animal kingdom lodge just chill . and then we've got reservations . available today so we're gonna go back . to magic kingdom later on yet so you . know still plenty of time in below the . time just really busy making outgoing . today . she located beside ya can tell what they . know what not popular with it . i'm not deal with it we got animal . kingdom . we're gonna relax yet to be a children's . show day so you know we like it's like a . place where you want to stay in the . future so you know they're doing and we . will stay there when i win the lottery . or something. of course later we're here at the bus . stop we got bus and then were show you . animal kingdom. ow . sure connect not the only this one time . when i. we just headed to the pool where i tried . the quick service called mera tumhara . but his assume full that's really nice . round it there's the quick service but . instead let's try sort of food . coming from a great hunger . 21 . pretty much everything there . even god falafel falafel bitter . yeah they're trying to the phone so we . got some food stephanie got kids meal i . gotta get chicken salad and then there . was some jalapenos and pickles overall. medium companies involved so i gave her . load to that and then you get about this . is 599 media and a bottle of war . yeah and then steps or these desserts . had to buy this to drop conquered . kingdoms were trying to zebra down and . then step you found me a browning peanut . butter brownie. yeah oh yes i want to meet that oh yeah . and then i almost a third bacon barbecue . burger and we call those economies will . three also advise walter listen man like . the size of the chicken nuggets on kids . you can feel like enough great oh you're . easy easy scotland . and the other one is 949 programs we . don't let me . i don't know . this is it these are delicious . that's that just don't its little thing . that you should feel something . this is what my own you know what what . the worst thing is about this rash . we're actually at the quick-service man . working too much and they started . putting the calorie content in all of. these in these miners 400 calories . around about 490 forces about nine . he's a growing boy really would often in . this burger and that icon anything else . that's what happened . hey you i enjoyed the trip out in the . pool. as well like helpful so i join you . yeah take these off step i thought my . mom that make will be found . here's though many been honest a very . tiny very cool that you always have all . gone. someone's been taking the bananas this. is the pool remain mindful i think the . bar over there in the back receive a . little hot . good-sized poisoned very inviting me to . bring our customers of us the next time . your house over here as well so if you . want to be flexible to you that you're . not for residents . pick one of them up . anonymous they're not still didn't . happen as well it's a relief in animal . kingdom lodge now last relaxation . nice talk . nice that's all you can say . the object just really wanted a time . forever . we're heading back to educating our yeah . very much the same as crap out of it and . then we're going to have internet. courage contain take to the sea is calm . down a bit stuffy i'm gonna get the . camera to you and bring you guys with me . ok everybody felt come on about and we . gonna let you without date a shall we . you should go so much kingdom together . before wanna long actually you don't . know where you're going so i think we . should go on a little at that you . together so we quickly think he's coming . quick baskets outside the turnstiles but . i just say that magic kingdom have the . smell i smell everything glorious . beautiful scarf it just smells like and . then with a mixture of like the rail . burnt smell was well-liked brother and . then some sweet stuff great mixture . everything . and a little bit of sweat it smells . really good . yeah always so much how quiet it is now . look so much quite an hour they were . going to fully enjoy it now so yeah and . makes out in a cop just go away from you . i wasn't come back later on me . yeah oh she's gonna play bellows making . bubbles bubbles have almost almost . i need to get one of those bubble ones . you'd probably wanna do you need a . bubble wand in my life michael . she's got bubbles do it bubbles bubbles . popping all about i'm popping bubbles . that's allow the cast members around . like cinderella's getting some work done . on my castle again about me she's happy . and having her roofing done and also if . you can really maybe look she's got all . of the lights ready for christma wage . which is the 24 to set tampa bay which . means only exactly three months today it . will be christmas see what you're like . that . it is walking over to seven doors mind . trying to see how long the time is but . step we still need to go to matt has . said to us at 1900 part further we have . to go on this ride and then everything . else is complete. so okay there darling do that . yes but i turn this counter go now . anyway that i don't know we are you did . in paris to begin fell apart so there . before part was 10 times of us so we . could do it there we can do that one . easy. some poor person lost their hats for . person. haha has been lost . .
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