Why this Wagyu Sandwich is Worth $85

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SakaMai has brought Japan's most famous sandwich to NYC, the Wagyu Katsu Sando. SakaMai only serves three of these sandwiches each day on a first come, first serve basis. A price tag of $85 for six pieces may seem hefty, but the sandwiches' Wagyu beef is an exclusive, high-fat grade cut of meat. SakaMai's sourced Wagyu has won the Japanese Beef Olympics 10 years in a row! The Wagyu is deep fried and smothered in katsu sauce for a rich, crispy, and tender treat.
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[music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. it's a very exclusive form of a5 wagyu . beef from miyazaki prefecture the wagyu . from miyazaki has won the beef olympics . in japan ten years in a row it has the . highest grade of fat the best marbling . it's very very rich and until recently . it's been very very very difficult to . get here . [music]. [music]. the outside is so crispy and crunchy but . the inside is so tender it's amazing . i've never had a sandwich like this . report has so many flavors textures it's . truly unique so over the last couple of . years the wagyu katsu sando has become . very popular in tokyo it's a very . exclusive lunch as it's a pretty . expensive sandwich as wagyu is always. pretty expensive due to the labor . involved in raising it it is true that . the cows are very well taken care of so . they are allowed to grow nice and fat . get a lot of sort of free-range exercise. but not enough to make the beef tough . the end of that process being that we it . produces a very soft very rich piece of . [music]. you. [music]. .
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