Zpacks Duplex Tent Review (plus some cheaper options!)

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I used the Zpacks Duplex tent for most of my PCT thru-hike so I wanted to let y'all know what I thought about it! I also used the Nemo Hornet 1p for a short stretch, and in this video I cover it and my Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 (Appalachian Trail thru-hike) as possible cheaper alternatives. Thank you for watching!
Zpacks Duplex: http://www.zpacks.com/shelter/duplex.shtml
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Nemo Hornet 2P: http://amzn.to/2yknxSr
Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1: http://amzn.to/2hVIP2B
Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2: https://www.rei.com/product/865393/big-agnes-fly-creek-ul-2-tent
Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2:
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Caption: Hey y'all dixon here as most of you know . i used the c packs duplex during my . thru-hike on pc g so since i've used it . for like two thousand plus miles now i . wanted to go ahead and cover it and let . you know what i think after i get done . reviewing the c packs duplex i'm going . to go over quickly to other tips that i . think make great backpacking tents if . you happen to be on a tighter budget . so let's go ahead and cover the features . of the z-pak duplex first of all it's . made out of dyneema which was previously . known as cuban fiber it comes in four . different colors so this blue olive camo . and spruce green so the camo tent is one . ounce heavier because it has a thicker . laminate on it the spruce green tent is . actually a higher count of dyneema so it . is 2 ounces heavier the spruce green is . also darker than the blue or the olive . but it's not as dark as the camo through . this blue tent if it's you know sunny. you can see a silhouette but you can't . see like somebody naked you know so . you're gonna be shining everything to . everybody so this tent weighs 21 ounces . and if you're surprised at how loud it. is i was - especially for being a two . person backpacking tent one of the . reasons it is so laate is because it . doesn't come with tent poles you end up . using trekking poles now if you're a . person who doesn't use trekking poles or . you would prefer to have your own . designated tent poles you can order them . for this 10 z packs makes several . different sizes of tent but as a solo . hiker the solo plex or the duplex seem . to be the best fit for me . so why did i go with the duplex well for. one i like to buy backpacking tent. knowing you know that i'm gonna have it . for a while so if you're a solo hiker . what if you decide to take a friend with . you you know and you don't want to share . a tent or what if you you know have the . tent for a while and then you get . married or getting a relationship and . you want to take your partner hiking . with you or a friend or whatever you . know it just it's nice to have the . versatility of being able to fit another . person in and two people will fit . comfortably in this tent you can even . still bring gear in and you know put . your pack under your feet or whatever . which is how i sleep anyway it is very . spacious for a two-person tent so seven . and a half feet long and 45 inches wide . the height up to the top is 48 inches . and the entry height under the zipper . here is 36 inches so going with the . duplex instead of the solar plex got me . 9 point 4 extra square feet for only . like 5 and a half more ounces one of my . favorite features of this tent is that . it has two different vestibules and four . doors so you got a door here you got a . door here that i've got rolled up and . same thing on the other side so if you . are hiking with a partner and y'all are . using the duplex you know you don't have . to climb over your hack and partner in . the middle of the night to go to the . bathroom and if your solo hacker like me . and it's cold and desperate times call . for desperate measures you can use one . side of your kitchen and the other side . as your pee pee room not saying that . that's the best practice especially for . an attorney animals around your camp but . i'm just saying that things like that . happen when you're in the woods for six . months another wonderful thing about . having two openings on the tent is that . if you set it up strategically a lot of . times you can catch a nice sunset and . sunrise from the comfort of your tongue . so it takes eight steaks to set up this . tent completely i tended to only use six . because i didn't set up the guylines on . each end of the tip i just didn't feel . like it was necessary but when it's . raining or to have extra headroom or for . you know windy nights it is nice to have . that extra stability a lot of folks told . me you know that they thought it was a . bad idea to take a non freestanding tent . out on the pct well my tip for the 80 . which we'll see you later also was not . completely freestanding but sure you . know this one is less freestanding i . guess you could say because it's set up . with trekking poles but it's very . versatile you know the the dusters . everywhere make it easy to control the . amount of space that you're taking up to . adjust the height of your bathtub and . your wall you know in comparison to the . bathtub i set up in sandy soils i set up . on rock slabs and at no point was i not . able to set up my tent when i wanted to . if i couldn't pound the stake into a . rock slab then i just laid the stake. down and stacked rocks on top of it in . windy conditions and and sandy soles i . was also able to secure the tent by . stacking rocks on the stakes because it . is made out of dyneema which is a . waterproof material this is a single . wall tent now i know that gives a lot of . people concerned about condensation but . the way that it's set up with the 8 inch . bathtub you've actually got a piece of . bug netting that connects all of the . walls of the tent . to the bathtub condensation can roll . down the tenth wall and through the mesh . and not come into the bathtub where . you're sleeping and there are a little . elastic bands on the inside that connect . to the wall to help keep the bathtub . positioned where the condensation can . run down that wall the bathtub floor is . made out of a higher thread count . dyneema so it's not required that you . have an extra ground sheet to protect . the bottom of the tent which also helps . in keeping your whole shelter set up . lightweight another thing that i found . helped with condensation was to sleep . with one of the tent doors open also it . was nice when it was a windy night if . you could position you know figure out . which way the wind was going you could . sleep with one of your doors open have . the closed doors you know pointing into . the wind so the wind just basically . whipped around the door like this and . still allowed you some ventilation on . the inside i can't say that there was . definitely you know increased amount of . condensation because this is a single . walled tent like i said i tried to take . precautions to help with ventilation but . for me i noticed if i sleep near water . or if it's raining i'm gonna have . condensation in any tent . regardless and what was nice about the . duplex was the room inside so i could . try to make sure that my sleeping bag . you know wasn't up against the wall . because this tent is made of dyneema or . cuban fiber it doesn't tend to hold . water as much as other tent materials so . you have less water weight that you're . toting with you if you do get rained on. i have had people ask you know isn't . that cuban fiber . super noisy when it's windy and i mean . honestly when it's a really windy night . i don't sleep that well anyway because . just piece of the wind wakes me up sure . it might be a little you know crunchy or . sounding the duplex also has to mesh . pockets on the inside to store all your . little knickknacks you know sunglasses . cellphone things like that it was nice . to help keep my belongings gathered on . the inside of the tent because i do tend . to just throw everything out so in the . world of backpacking gear not every . piece of equipment is perfect right so . one of the things that i do miss about. other tips that i've used is having a . mesh pocket in the top of the tip . because i tend to when i'm cooking at . night or when i'm writing in my journal . at night instead of wearing my headlamp . i like to be able to stash in a pocket . overhead and let it you know shine down . rather than actually wearing my headlamp . so with this tent i wasn't able to do . that but you know not a big deal because . it's a single wall tint with bug netting . you can't sleep without your rain fly on . right it was nice not having to attach a . separate rain fly especially when it was . raining but you know the trade-off with . that is on a night that you really want . to maybe not cowboy camp but just stay. in your bug netting and be able to enjoy . the stars with this you know you can't . look at the stars straight ahead . you know you might can see some out the. door of your tent if you leave it open . but that was another thing that i did . kind of miss all tents are kind of . quirky in a way and one thing that i . would say when you're setting this tent. up in the rain you want to be careful. you know on the ends over there that . basically your pack doesn't push up . against the bathtub and outside of the . wall to where the rain is just running . off into the mesh and into the bathtub . now a lot of you know that i ended up . having a leak in my tent towards the end . of my journey in washington i noticed . some very tiny pin holes in the wall of . the tent and i didn't have time to . contact see packs or you know deal with . any of that so i just traded a section . hiker for his nemo tent because he was . about to you know be done with his . section hike so he let me borrow his . nemo hornet which we will go over in . just a minute and he took my z packs . duplex and then ended up mailing it to . me after he got back home but i did . contact z packs and i talked with them . and i don't know if the holes were . caused for me cowboy camping on top of . my tent you know instead of having a . ground sheet. i had the thick wall of this bathtub so . you know i would just lay out the tent . and lay on top of it and i don't know . you know with all my gear laying on top . and me tossing and turning you know on . the thinner wall of the duplex if that . call. some you know abrasion and the holes to. form or if also me packing my tent . directly into my pack instead of into . the stuff sack because you know saving . the minut ounces or ounce or less of the . stuff sack for the tent you know i kind . of ditched that

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